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Photoshoot where I spent half the time leaning over the balcony of a skyscraper ...

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Crafty Duchess: Painting & misc. fixes

Here we are again with Part 2 of “Saving Prier”.

This time we’ll do some minor repairs and fix the paintjob-mess we created while removing the stickiness. 514 more words


Hello World!

Hi! My name is Chiggy Schiller. This is an online journal to jot down my life in general as well as sharing my journey in learning fashion. 14 more words



The office is remarkably quiet at the moment – no doubt because most families that have disposable income or plan ahead have sodded off for Easter. 258 more words


Learning German, free and fun

I started to learn German about three years ago.  I was not sure I would like it. I wanted to learn a new language as a personas challenge, as the fulfillment of a childhood dream, and most important as a way to exercise my mind. 167 more words