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I am too much
And somehow never enough
My only purpose seems to be taking care of others and containing myself.
They say lean on me, but when I do I only fall to the ground. 184 more words

5 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me (so far)

I’ve only been doing this mom thing for 200 days, to be exact. It has been filled with many emotions, joyous moments, challenges, blessings and so much more. 537 more words

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A 58-story skyscraper in San Francisco can be seen sinking from space

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Engineers in San Francisco have tunneled underground to try and understand the sinking of the 58-story Millennium Tower. Now comes an analysis from space. 586 more words


leaning into history...

This old structure is East of Portland, Oregon near the town of The Dalles. The area is exposed to harsh winds and all the varieties of moisture the Pacific NW has to offer. 19 more words



We fold laundry when it’s clean. We fold napkins on the table.  We fold paper to fit in envelopes or to make shapes in origami. There are a multitude of things we fold. 466 more words


Italian Icons - The Leaning Tower of Pisa

There are many great land marks that the modern world has to offer. Many of which are man made structures that over time have come to symbolize one form of culture or another. 30 more words

Donald Trump Leaning Toward Extreme Militant John Bolton (White Freemason, Zionist) As Secretary Of State

WASHINGTON ― President-elect Donald Trump is leaning toward naming as secretary of state John Bolton, a bellicose enemy of Russia and Iran who is among the most hawkish members of the Republican foreign policy community, according to two sources familiar with Trump’s thinking. 808 more words

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