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Note from The Universe 4-29-16

What if suddenly, in a flash of fire and light, you got “it”! And among other things, you suddenly understood, without a doubt, the creative power of your word. 30 more words


Faded signs

Tucked up a side road north of Ohakune this set of buildings show what must have been a busy store, with nope boarded up windows and the main trunk train line running alongside about 20m up the road. 11 more words


13 Days Until I head off to Alaska: Motorcycle Riding as a Spiritual Experience.

For me, motorcycle riding is a spiritual experience. I don’t plan it out, it just naturally happens. In less than two miles of hitting the countryside a feeling of gratitude comes over me. 322 more words

leaning in

Rehearsal shots from week two (click to enlarge).

This really doesn’t tell you anything about the show or the process, other than that we’re doing things. 29 more words

My Poet Dark And Slender

Shades of rusting sheds

Wairarapa has many farm sheds in various states of repair or disrepair depending on the need for them. These sit on a farm on a back road out of Carterton and are part of a number of sheds that string along several hundred metres of roadside.

Front and back…..

Red Shed

Weekend Roundup - Basingstoke and Wokingham, with Bluetooth

So a brief roundup from the weekend. On Saturday I decided to test the new Bluetooth intercom and head out to Basingstoke – A route I know pretty well by car, so if anything goes wrong I can still find my way home. 197 more words