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Gifted and Talented

When at school I was often frustrated by the ease with which some people took to sports.  I lack any skill in this area and PE was my most hated class of the week.   934 more words


Mousai : tricycle ride

tricycle ride

at an average of 7 percent of a body’s mass
physics , gravity, there must be weight

yet you defied and suspended the laws of science… 109 more words


Make it rain

Connor is a very curious child. And while most parents dread the well known ‘why’ phase that all children go through, I join in with him. 377 more words


A New Language

Last month, I decided to learn a new language. I chose Italian. I never studied it at school (I did French and Irish) and I knew only a handful of Italian words before I started learning. 145 more words


leaning towards

what is the saying

and who exactly made it chic to say

being of the earth

and spinning  all words

and what it wired

and how it seemed  better than ever before… 44 more words


Leaning...and Standing

I heard a soundbite over the radio from one of the presidential candidates that I found quite curious. In short, he said “I lean conservative. I… 513 more words


The Leaning Tower of....Elm?

Looking so askew,

The result of a big storm?

It’s persevering.

(Upon my return from my trip, I went for my usual walk and noticed this tree.   17 more words