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Get Over Yourself

The sooner you get over yourself and get under God, the sooner you see changes in your life.

I am a schedule freak. I like to know what’s happening. 168 more words


A Beginner’s Guide to Chick Flicks

By Jade O’Halloran

The chick flick depiction of women

The average protagonist in the modern chick flick can be commonly defined in three words: rich, shallow, confused. 645 more words


Woke Up Too Late - What Does It Mean?

For me it makes sense, clear sense.

Without going into too much detail I’ve had a unique upbringing. It’s probably too soon in my blog to go into too much depth about me and my life but I will explain in a sort of code – Ellis Code. 326 more words


how much?

How much are you willing to pay for your education? Every human being has a right to proper education.  Education cost money, but it’s ironic that to earn an education you have to earn money first to pay for your education, what is the means to have money, first you have to have education.  523 more words