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You Can Lean on Me, Pisa

I know I visited Pisa several months ago, but when you take as many photos as I do, it can take a while to organize them all! 210 more words


leaning on

those of the fences

and where it took

and held of the feel

and how it drain

and those of the main

and how it seeks… 46 more words



she’d never been adept
at hanging lefthand curves;
hitting the apex just so,
leaning tight into the turn.
she’d fall out too soon,
or overshoot, rattling… 52 more words


Chubby Geek Learns to Dance-#2

Storytelling Project   “Chubby Geek Learns to Dance”

Episode 2.

Today, I am going to evaluate some dance teacher.

Because my mission for life is to create a culture of dancing at workplaces :) 194 more words


The Everlasting Arms

I think Christianity has little value in the here and now if people cannot see a high degree of interdependence among believers. Our faith, put into practice, is a story of strangers made into blood family holding on to one another, experiencing dear life. 586 more words

Breaking Bad Categories: Part 3

The Breakdown

I was reminded soon enough of what it might cost me.

I had recently read the story of Admiral Jim Stockdale, and “the Stockdale Paradox” in Collin’s book.   1,272 more words


Breaking Bad Categories: Part 2

The Symptom

This article is not a five step process to achieving balance. There are no steps. What this is is an opportunity. 1,035 more words