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The Tyranny of Louis' Shoes

It’s great to see three women party leaders together on television, all of them on the left and offering a forceful challenge to Austerity. With her clear-cut Keynesian arguments and persuasively stated conviction that Britain needs to be a fairer place, Nicola Sturgeon has become the acknowledged star of the election debates. 943 more words
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Shameless Theft: A Message For Our Labour Supporting Friends

The above comes from a Facebook post by Plaid Cymru’s leader, Leanne Wood, and we unashamedly steal it for the Scottish section of the General Election as well; Scotland’s situation is in certain respects similar to that of Wales and Labour’s writ is also painfully familiar. 397 more words


Opposition leaders' debate, 16/04/2015

The BBC gave us a 90-minute opposition leaders’ debate on Thursday 16th April, hosted by David Dimbleby. The two coalition party leaders, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, were not included in the line-up (Cameron didn’t want to be included; Clegg wanted to but wasn’t invited as the Lib Dems are also in government). 4,022 more words

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Predicting The Seats: Wales

We move to Wales next which remains a strong Labour heartland. Labour hold the most seats in this country with 26, whilst the Conservatives lag far behind on 8. 1,636 more words