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Pet Safety: The best time to walk your dog in summer

Summer safety for walking your dog.

As a Leaping Bunny cruelty free hair care brand, we are committed to NO ANIMAL TESTING AND NO ANIMAL CRUELTY… 700 more words


Leaping bunny!

Yes we are happy to announce we are and will always be cruelty free! We just reconfirmed out account with Leaping Bunny.  So excited to be a part of natural skin care world and commit to being cruelty free.

Blessed Be!

Natural Skin Care

PON Giveaway Announced

We are announcing our giveaway hosted by @leapingbunnyprogram! Head over and enter this giveaway that ends on 8/31/2017.  One lucky winner will win a set of our products.

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The new guard

My shelves and beauty bag are looking decidedly empty, so it’s time to repopulate. Enter Jane Iredale, via Adore Beauty.

I’ve been ordering my makeup from Adore Beauty for about a year now and I love being able to browse at my leisure, with no pressure from sales assistants (despite their good intentions!) and time constraints. 618 more words

Cruelty Free

Pai Skincare

*First off these things were sent to me through my work I did not buy them but all opinions on them are my own. I have not been asked to write my thoughts on them* 591 more words


Superdrug B's Make-Up Brush Wipes

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find the task of cleaning your make-up brushes the absolute worst. Yeah yeah, we ALL know we should do it on a regular basis and yes we know leaving them caked in make-up is disgusting…but it’s still something most of us dread doing. 330 more words


My Cruelty-Free Make Up Bag

Today I want to talk about something a bit different to usual. Recently I started looking into cruelty-free make up. For some reason, despite being an animal lover it is something that I was completely ignorant of; I suppose I assumed that in 2017 we weren’t still rubbing chemicals into bunnies eyes but I was… 761 more words