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Stream: Leapling - Hey Sister

Many fantastic cocktails made by the fine bands in Exploding in Sound Records have been served this year. 2 Inch Astronaut, akin to an LSD spiked fruit punch.  135 more words


Leapling – Suspended Animation

Very promising pre-release from Exploding In Sound all-stars.

Listen: Leapling - 'Alabaster Snow'

Image: Anna Sian

You know a few weeks ago how we were kind of late for Valentine’s Day and we ended up playing a load of tunes about it a few weeks after it happened? 136 more words


Spell a Day - Feb 29th 2016

Thanks to Quotes Giant for this image.

Thank you Julius Caesar for the concept of Leap Year. You have royally screwed over so many poor children born on this day. 272 more words

Spell A Day

Birthday Madness

Yesterday was my 28th/7th birthday! We usually do something extra special every four years, since that’s when I get a “real” birthday. What a concept! I didn’t know any other kids growing up that had to distinguish between “real” birthdays and “not real” birthdays. 155 more words


A small step for Augustus, a leap of a year for mankind

You might have been the one out of every 1461 people on the planet to celebrate their brithday yesterday. Go Leapling, I say!

But if you were born before twelve o’clock, there are people who are agitating to lump you with the February 28th babies and if you were born after mid-day then you are a March 1st baby according to the same bunch. 218 more words


Every Four Years

February 29 may be just another date on the calendar, but for a lot of people it has a huge meaning; it’s finally their actual birthday! 440 more words