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The Project

‘[W]e shall express our darker purpose’

A field. Cambridge. 10pm. October 2016.

The night is cold, and a harsh wind is scraping over the open earth, forcing its way between flimsy seats arrayed in the dark. 197 more words


The Manic Storm

The writer of this piece, Tabitha Lee, would prefer not to give the game away…all we will say is that this thrilling modern adaptation of a well-known play covers the descent of a patriarch into madness. 2,018 more words


Lear Natrosound NS-U1 IEM Review

Nathan has reviewed the Lear on Headfonia.  Sounds like the SQ is interesting with an emphasis on bass.  So you bassheads out there might want to check this one out at your next meet.   41 more words


Flower Meditation

I can get a little silly and overly worked up. My mind likes to think of a million different things each and every day, from what I will be wearing to what is the meaning of life. 221 more words

**Cute Bytes**

The Fullness

This month we’ve been prompted to notice where we are spread too thin and use opportunities to simplify and re-balance. Maybe you’ve noticed the incentive to clear out old limiting beliefs. 89 more words

Astrological Tidbits


A Monkey Puzzle Tree is difficult to climb . . . even for a monkey.

Kew Gardens

Plant one?

Today’s Assignment:


Poetry Foundation

_____… 48 more words


Gallery visit: Conceptual Art in Britain, Tate Britain, 10/02/16

I am incredibly thankful to John Umney for pointing me towards Merry Kelly’s Post Partum Document (PPD).  Since reading about her work and then seeing it at… 990 more words

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