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Corvus Corax

~Edward Lear, 1835~

Raven (corvus corax) 6 more words


Happy (belated) Birthday Shakespeare!

It’s no secret that I’m a Shakespeare devotee and this has been going around Facebook among my fellow Shakespearean practitioners so I thought I’d torture myself by trying to pick favorites even though it is kind of impossible to do so. 466 more words


Your Friday Art Cat is Poetic

A bundle of grace and fur, a cat makes the purrfect subject for many a poem. I’ve often been interested how writers depict cats of all sizes. 231 more words


Long live the King!

This medical morning, for the King, started in a Vojda Space Cab. It surged through a private subterranean concourse, along a 500 km track, nonstop to Brussels. 198 more words



It was a grey morning. The King’s jet landed, without pomp, on the wet tarmac. To demonstrate the urgency of the matter at hand, he held court in the hangar. 218 more words


Learning by reading

There is so much reading can do for us.
It can make us happy, it can make us sad, it can make us laugh, it can make us cry. 182 more words



Washed in oils of honeysuckle and thyme, the crypt ushered her in with antiseptic strength. She asked after the King’s body. None of the responses congealed in her hearing. 187 more words