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Scorpio in a relationship with each sign

SCORPIO – This sign brings up both fascination and fear, so what should you expect in a relationship with a Scorpio? Find out according to your Sun sign below. 2,601 more words

Moon sextile Saturn: Patience

It’s been said it’s the mother of all virtues and the hardest of all, patience. And also that all good things come to those who wait. 137 more words

Sun conjunct Venus: Harmony

Sun with Venus lights up all thing pleasant: flowers, beauty, art, music. And needless to say, love.

It’s easy to say today is also Sun opposite Mars day and that will mean discord, but I believe just as easy to say it just adds spice to the harmony, like the reds in the picture. 16 more words

Jupiter conjunct North Node in Virgo: Spiritual practice

Jupiter in Virgo invites you to uplift your spirit with a concentrated effort. Jupiter together with the North Node in Virgo says, go forward with a method, refine it, follow it, make it part of your daily routine. 118 more words

Neptune sextile Pluto: transform your world

When Neptune’s ability to see that which cannot be seen, and is sometimes impossible to even imagine, meets with the awe-inspiring trans-formative power of Pluto, all bets are off. 78 more words

Moon square Saturn: Feeling rejected

Moon – Saturn aspects are ‘good for Saturn, bad for Moon’ so to speak. What this means, emotionally the person is very vulnerable, fearing rejection but wanting to hide it at all cost. 247 more words