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Mars sign - how does he act in a relationship?

Everyone has Mars in their chart, but it’s especially important in a man’s chart because it’s THE planet of masculinity and drive. It shows how he acts, how strong he is, how sexual he is, and how he uses his energy. 1,700 more words


Sun trine Jupiter: Faith

Just when you thought all is lost, the clouds disappear and golden light streams through.

Having faith it’s going to work out is hard at times, and that’s when the Sun-Jupiter factor kicks in. 92 more words


Jupiter square Saturn: I never meant to cause you any sorrow"

I can’t better these words from Prince song. but I feel they say something about the Jupiter – Saturn energy, where optimism and joy meets with sadness. 215 more words


Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries:Free love

Venus is love, Uranus is breaking free, Aries is in a hurry. So is it free love like in the 60’s or is it free  64 more words


Natal Moon in Virgo

Your moon sign shows your emotional nature and the type of energy you find most comforting. Depending on how your moon sign interacts with the rest of your chart, you may not express this side of yourself to the outer world. 666 more words


Retrograde Mars - coming or going?

MARS – like everything in astrology symbolizes many things, but in the end comes down to one thing: energy. Mars describes energy, neither good nor bad. 2,720 more words


Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces: What do you believe in?

This guardian angel walks right behind these two kids who are on the precipice of a probably fatal fall. I remember this from my childhood – my grandparents had it in their house, in an elaborate frame made from all kinds of seashells. 294 more words