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SUN IN VIRGO Aug 23 - Sep 22, 2016: HARVEST

VIRGO – usually ready to help, but often misunderstood, Virgos stand alone, not attached, but only because they belong to noone and everyone in the deep sense of being connected to all and eager to be of service. 88 more words

Full Moon in Aquarius - Leo:What do you need to let go of?

Why should you care that today is Full Moon again? It happens every month, what’s the big deal? And it is a lunar eclipse, so what? 401 more words

Sun trine Uranus: Insight

During troubled times, insight is something that we all need. Today, the Sun is in Leo, and in a easy, helpful aspect with Uranus, the awakener and often also referred to as the planet of genius. 163 more words

Venus - stand for love

Today when the planet of love, Venus, has only discordant aspects, an opposition to the dreamy Neptune and 2 squares for Mars the fighter and Saturn the rules, “I Stand For Love” is still asking us to believe in the power of love. 47 more words

Mundane Astrology Class - Starting September 10th

If you are interested in learning mundane astrology and being able to make basic forecasts of national and global significance, I invite you to enroll in this one-of-a-kind… 1,317 more words

Political Astrology

Sun in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius: Integrity

Trying to figure out what integrity means, and then what symbolizes it astrologically was not an easy task for me. I hold integrity high on my list of values, but to define it, I looked to a few online dictionaries. 322 more words


LEO, the sign that symbolizes royalty, by extension brings something regal to relationships.

Venus and Mars are the main players in the stage of relationships, as well as the astrological 7th and 5th houses. 610 more words