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Janma Rashi

How it is dermined :

The Sign in which Moon is placed in birth chart is known as moon sign or janma rashi.


Moon is mind , hence it is very important in predictive Astrology. 99 more words


Effects of the planets on the organs and diseases

As per Vedic Astrology, every planet is related to some organs of the body. In the horoscope, if the condition of the planet and the transit is unfavorable, then the person may have to go through the physical problems related to that planet. 820 more words


Simple Astrological Measures For Early Marriage Possibilities

There are many such yogas in the horoscope that due to which any man or woman can be deprived from the joy of marriage, many times these interruptions also come due to external obstacles. 629 more words


Direction of Planet and Signs

Direction of Planet: 

Sun -“East”
Moon -“North-west”
Mars – “South”
Mercury – “North”
Jupiter -” North-east”
Venus – “South-East”
Saturn -“West”
Rahu – “South West”                              Ketu – “North West” 130 more words


Remedies to Stay Healthy and live longer

It is very important and is in the best interest of every person to stay fit and healthy, here we are giving you some excellent tips to stay fit and get well from the diseases as per Vedic Hindu Astrology.  354 more words


Remedial measure as per Vedic Astrology to remove troubles and problems

Today we are going to tell you a remedy related to the clove written in the scriptures. If clove measures are done properly then your life can change. 264 more words