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ASTROLOGY TIP: A Clue for Reading Charts

In the last days of WWII, a British couple named Anthony and Elva Pratt conceived of a new board game designed as a murder mystery. It was published a few years later in England as “Cluedo,” and in North America as “Clue.” The game asked players to deduce the three main components of a murder: whodunnit, what weapon did they do it with, and in which room of the old mansion where the action takes place did they do it? 308 more words

Sun enters Leo: let the games begin!

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When you think of Leo, think of the lion: majestic, regal, the king or queen of their realm! In astrology, Leo is a fixed fire sign, and that gives anyone who was born with the Sun or many other planets in Leo a very regal air. 306 more words

Full Moon in Capricorn themes for each sign

If you need help finding out your Ascendant or other things in your chart, post a reply below, or send me a message!

Full Moon July 19 in 27 degrees Capricorn / Cancer will see things coming to a resolution or culmination of some sort, depending on where the Moon and the Sun fall in your personal birth chart. 1,561 more words

Uranus quincunx Mars: Sudden good action

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Uranus quincunx Mars in the skies or natally can create a lot of tension, especially if it touches planets or points in your personal birth chart. 320 more words

Venus enters Leo: love magnified

Looking for excitement in love? With Venus entering Leo today, look no further!

Venus symbolizes love, how you love, how you see yourself in a relationship as a lover if a woman, and for men, this is what your lady love will embody, ideally: An exciting, fascinating, fabulous, glamorous woman who loves to have fun, to go out, and to be on display with all the bells and whistles you can wish for. 153 more words

Sun square Moon, conjunct Mercury, trine Mars: Talk it out

With Sun/Mercury conjunction in Cancer, but square Libra, emotions run high, but will they have a safe outlet?

By its very nature, Cancer is emotional, but finding how to express it during a square to the much less emotional Libran side can be a problem,  although the Moon symbolizes emotions, too. 80 more words

Uranus square Mars, trine Pluto -let peace win!

Things could get tricky with the explosive Uranus in Aries square the strong, passionate Mars in Scorpio. Conflicts, fights, arguments, explosions are in the cards. 120 more words