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October 2017 Transits

At current Transits:

We have:

SATURN: Transitting from Scorpio to Sagittarius

MARS: From Leo to Virgo


VENUS: In Virgo

Jupiter: Is still in Virgo will transit to Libra… 37 more words

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Sleep on your books!

Swimming around in the #hellenisticastrological world all day…sitting next to this wizard ✨🔮 absorbing all the ancient texts & talking about the vibezzz of music & shape & time ~ & how that’s all a basis for astrological understanding. #loveit#letmeatit #iamit 🗝💖 #hellenisticastrology 💙


Idea behind Astro Namah

Idea behind Astro Namah.

It all began with an idea.


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Free astrology podcast

In this free ‘Soul Doctor’ podcast I chat with the amazing Rebecca Dettman about all things astrological. My section starts just under 15 minutes in. Her other podcasts are pretty amazing as well … covering topics like twin flames, shamanism and psychic healing … so if you’ve got a spare hour (I like to walk while I listen), give them a go! 40 more words

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Astrology and Chronic Illness: Using Solar and Lunar Transits to Maximize your Physical Energy and Quality of Life

In 1993, I came down with ME/CFS, a neruo-inflammatory disease which affects every organ in the body and creates debilitating pain, fatigue and numerous other symptoms.   2,418 more words

5 Reasons Learning Astrology Will Improve Your Life

1. You Will Know How Others Perceive You!

When studying astrology, you become very aware of the ways in which you relate to the tendencies of your sign. 750 more words