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Remedies to Stay Healthy and live longer

It is very important and is in the best interest of every person to stay fit and healthy, here we are giving you some excellent tips to stay fit and get well from the diseases as per Vedic Hindu Astrology.  354 more words


Remedial measure as per Vedic Astrology to remove troubles and problems

Today we are going to tell you a remedy related to the clove written in the scriptures. If clove measures are done properly then your life can change. 264 more words


Information about planets

Caste of Planets :

Jupiter and Venus are “Brahmin”

Sun and mars are “Kshtriyas”

Moon and Mercury are “commercial”(Vaishya)

Saturn is “Shudra”

Planetary Cabinet: 

Sun and Moon are “Royal” 186 more words


How to select your carrier path as per Astrology

After finishing formal school, students and parents often get confused on the selection of further stream of study which helps them to get into the best profession as per there capabilities. 376 more words


Astrological tips & concepts to get money easy & with fewer efforts.

Money and wealth is the most important requirement of persons life and astrology have many measures under the system of astro science, by which the desire of money is fulfilled and there is no shortage of money again in life. 653 more words


Sex of planets


Male : sun , mars , jupiter

Female : Venus and moon

Neutral : Saturn and Mercury


Sex of the planets can be used to determine sex of child ( child is seen from 5th house , Jupiter is the karaka for child) 53 more words