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3. Nakshatra on Birth Chart

Take a look at Birth chart (Sky). For easy understanding we have taken Lagna as Aries for this chart. See how the Nakshatra are aligned. 61 more words

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2. The 27 Nakshatra

Take a look at 27 constellation within the 12 signs – 

They are as follows:

  1. Ashwini  (In Aries)
  2. Bharani   (In Aries)
  3. Krittika (In Aries and Tauras)
  4. 100 more words
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Nakshatra 1: What are Nakshatras ?

We are aware of 12 Zodiac Signs. Group of stars together form a Constellation.

Each Constellation is called as a Nakshatra. There are 27 constellation or Nakshatra. 92 more words

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October 2017 Transits

At current Transits:

We have:

SATURN: Transitting from Scorpio to Sagittarius

MARS: From Leo to Virgo


VENUS: In Virgo

Jupiter: Is still in Virgo will transit to Libra… 37 more words

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Sleep on your books!

Swimming around in the #hellenisticastrological world all day…sitting next to this wizard ✨🔮 absorbing all the ancient texts & talking about the vibezzz of music & shape & time ~ & how that’s all a basis for astrological understanding. #loveit#letmeatit #iamit 🗝💖 #hellenisticastrology 💙


Idea behind Astro Namah

Idea behind Astro Namah.

It all began with an idea.


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