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It's not easy being green

In Karmic Astrology the chart is seen as a painting of past lives, the beliefs & experiences you bring into this life. Your natal chart doesn’t dictate what kind of person you are or life you’ll live. 72 more words


Double-Checking the Sun

My aunt taught me how to calculate charts by hand. We had no computer programs back then. Now, most of us rely on astrology software to calculate birth charts, so it’s always a good idea to double-check the chart before you spend time interpreting. 302 more words

Vedic Astrology

Understanding Nodes(Rahu and Ketu) in astrology(Deep insights)

Understanding the Nodes (Rahu and ketu) in astrology

In Indian Vedic Astrology Rahu & Ketu have been considered as planets but they don’t have any physical existence in actual. 1,491 more words

Astrolight Vedic Astrology

Institute of Vedic Astrology IVA Reviews for you

The science of Vaastu and Palmistry is not known to everyone. Therefore, in an attempt to spread knowledge about the real science behind astrology, IVA (Institute of Vedic Astrology) has come up with courses spanning across various disciplines like Vedic Astrology, Vedic Vaastu, Palmistry, Numerology, … 524 more words


Effective Tips Helpful in Learning Astrology Online Course

What is the reason behind this that astrology is not a cake of pie for a common man? Astrology is not for common man this is not a true statement as nothing is impossible in this world. 374 more words


Courses Offered by Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore

India is the land of origin of many things like cultures, teachings, study of plants and many more. It is not only a country in fact it is better to say that India is a treasury of many things. 355 more words