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"Parlez-vous français?"

A little piece of advice a friend told me before I started – “just remember, you’ll never learn a whole language in seven weeks.” Boy was he right. 470 more words

That Grammar Troll life

I just heard someone say “Chevrolet”…and pronounced the “t”. I cringed, rolled my eyes and corrected them in my head. Yes, I am a grammar troll. 588 more words

Now learning French is even easier

French is a language that is quite sought after by many all across the globe. It is a lingual that is in fact learnt by more than 55% people at a time across the world. 373 more words

French Dialogue

Today, we learnt in class the correct punctuation and tense to use for a French dialogue in a story. The text below is my attempt to write a small dialogue in French. 62 more words

Learn French

Une Petit Histoire

Un jour, Rosa la fée volait pour voir ses amis. Soudainement elle est tombée et fauché son aile!

<< Aidez-moi! >>  dit-elle. Personne n’a répondu. 66 more words


Different Ways Of Saying "Yes" In French

You probably know that “Oui” means yes in French, but there are many other variations…


This basically means “Yes I do” or “Yes I am,” etc. 292 more words

Learn French

Learn French with Interlink

A new section of Interlink is “Learn French.”

This is where you can learn some vocabulary, cool facts and much more about the French language! 19 more words

Learn French