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This is the point where you'll be good in French

So, are you wondering what it takes to be good in French?

You’re not alone.

I received this question in the Duolingo French Facebook group: 94 more words

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Bonjourrr, les amis !

Do you want to feel more confident not just knowing what verbs to use in French but using them in all the tenses so that you can feel confident when you speak with the natives? 117 more words

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Why Rolla french Learning Class Dubai is important

French is the universal dialect of move, engineering, the visual expressions, theater, design and haute food. It’s talked by more than 200 million individuals, making it the ninth most talked dialect on the planet. 679 more words

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There's a surprise waiting for you in the Versailles gardens

So, have you ever been in an immersion retreat, only you and your teacher or your coach?

Did you ever have 100% of their attention for yourself, for 7 days in a row? 103 more words

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Bonjourrr, les entrepreneurs !

Are you dreaming to make conversation in French when you go to Paris?

Even if you make mistakes, conversation is the way you can master the French language. 87 more words

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How to make conversation about Toulouse Lautrec this weekend

So, would you like to go in a French immersion retreat? But you don’t have the time (or the budget) to cross the pond and stay there for 7 days? 112 more words

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Q&A Français SUNDAY

Bon dimanche, les amis !

Do you want to master the secrets of the French conversation, so that you can make conversation even if you are a beginner, and impress your friends and clients with your confidence? 91 more words

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