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Even though French has been part of my life for almost 6 years already I can’t believe that I never came across the french word for ‘memory’. 17 more words


Learning one language per year? My experience in achieving fluency in French

For those of us who would like to learn or study several languages, learning and focusing on one language per year may be the most practical and most effective option – unless, of course, it is your aim to reach complete fluency – which may be very challenging to achieve within 12 months, depending on various circumstances. 524 more words

Applied Linguistics

Tips for reading books in another language.

You want to understand more and gather more vocabulary in the language you’re learning?  But you don’t know how. Well, what I recommend is picking up a book in that language and buckling down because it may take awhile but, I have some tips that will not only help you understand more of the book but also further your language. 290 more words


1.4 French: Comparatives & Superlatives

Comparatives: a comparison

When writing a sentence using comparatives ; for example, You have to keep in mind that you are comparing two objects. By using plus, moins, or aussi you are  270 more words

Learn French

1.3 French: Let's add more

Adjectives & Questions: Adjectives usually come after the noun in French, but some adjectives (BANGS) come before the noun. Questions are the most useful things while learning a language. 108 more words

Learn French

1.2 French: Building Blocks

In order to have a conversation you always need some vocab. In this post there will be verbs and words that are commonly used while talking. 269 more words

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