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To be Rosemarie

To be Rosemarie

Don’t read this, it’s meant
Just for me and not for you
Who stumbled on this poem
Just by accident.

Like Rosemarie… 99 more words

Learn French

Interview with Flore, French teacher

Hi Flore, you’ve been living in New York for 1.5 years, you have a Master in translation in French as a Second Language and you’re preparing another Master in Youth Literature. 528 more words

New York

Online resources to practice the French curriculum with your children

Helena is constantly asking you to review maths with her to get prepared for her Baccalaureat exam? Nicolas just learnt to read and you are looking for fun and educational tools for him to practice? 581 more words


(1/3) Pete

“The Aussie English podcast was born after I started learning French . I fell in love with learning the language and then I started listening to a podcast called ‘Français Authentique’ by Johan . 89 more words

That streak!

Sorry, I’m just really happy with that streak, something I wasn’t sure I could keep up but actually managed to do. The goal is still two months of unbroken daily French so I’ve got a month and a week to go. 106 more words

Parlez-vous français? Non merci!

Have you ever said something in French which provoked the opposite reaction of what you were expecting?

You most probably committed a slight faux pas… 1,377 more words

Le singe est sur la branche?

No comment. Just laugh your head off.

I love Eddie Izzard. Here’s why.

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