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Take-A-Step Thursday #9 - Je De Floop Flee

I may not be able to carry a musical note to save my life but I’m sure no one could have such a terrible ear for languages as Joey did in this F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode (which by the way cracks me up hard EACH time I watch it!) 873 more words


A very interesting French-language experience in Anglophone regions of Canada (#270)

This post is for Anglophone Canadians who are seeking ways to speak more French in Anglophone regions in Canada.

For those of you who are learning French, or who are trying to integrate a bit more of our country’s Francophone culture into your own life, this post might help to offer new avenues to expand your horizons, meet people and improve your French speaking and listening skills. 1,936 more words


Weekend Pronoms

Pendant la weekend, j’ai regardé  Unfriended à la cinéma avec Tyson. Il a voulu voir cette filme. avant la film nous mangé aux Nando’s. Mon amis Yane, Josh et Fernanda est allé voir le filme. 17 more words



Task: replace the names with pronouns.

J’ai vu Eddy pendant le weekend 

Je l’ai vu pendant le weekend

J’ai parlé à Elton ce matin

Je lui ai parlé ce matin… 12 more words

Learn French

Deconstruct a French Word: Que Dalle

que dalle | “kuh daahl” | nothing; nada; zilch

Que dalle is a good way to sound like you’ve been kicking around France for a while. 122 more words


Learn French (6) - J', ecris, lettre, livre, robes, rouges

J’ecris – I write ( Je become J’ when the next word begin with vowel word)

ecrire – to write

ecris – write/am writing

J’ecris un lettre – I write a letter… 22 more words

Learn French

learn french (5) - les, nous, hommes, sommes, sont, riches, calmes

le homme es riche – the man are rich

les hommes sont riches – the men are rich

nous sommes calmes – we are calm… 14 more words

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