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Five misconceptions about learning the French language

Many new French learners have many misconceptions regarding learning the French language. Most of the new learners think learning French is very difficult. The idea of learning pronunciation, French grammar and written French, mostly scares a new French learner. 493 more words

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How adults can learn French quickly?

French is known as the language of love. It is one of the most popular foreign languages which has attracted many new language learners’ attentions. Every year lakhs of people… 478 more words

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5 French phrases that you can learn now

It’s a very common scene where travellers at the very last moment wish to learn French. There definitely does not exist any crash course that will allow you to master French in an hour. 400 more words

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How to learn French language in 3 months?

French is considered to be a language which can be easily mastered by a non-native French speaker. Most of the new French learners find it often hard to learn every aspect of the language but is not that difficult. 477 more words

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Five tips to learn French efficiently

Want to learn French efficiently? Here are few tips that can make your French learning easy, and efficient:

  • Practice talking in French

Nothing beats than practicing to talk in French. 310 more words

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How did Glenn learn new French words so easily?

Today, we want to tell you a story, it’s the story of Glenn. You may think “ok, but who is this guy?” Well, he is an doctor based in New York State, who is learning French with DreamFrench for more than a year. 816 more words

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French Tongue Twisters

  1. Si mon tonton tond ton tonton, ton tonton sera tondu.
  2. Je suis ce que je suis, et si je suis ce que je suis, qu’est-ce que je suis ?
  3. 83 more words
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