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What are French accents? é,à,û,ï,ç

If you have started learning french then you must have come across these signs on the letters é,à,û,ï,ç, you must be wondering what these are all about. 612 more words

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Basic French for Travellers

Since I received requests, I started a new channel on Youtube to teach you guys everything I know in every language, specially French! So, please, subscribe to the channel and share the video with everyone you know who would love to start learnning french. 24 more words


Formulas for French Verb Conjugations-1.

Please find below the formulas which I have made for remembering the verb conjugations in french language.

Verbs divided into four categories:

  1. Verbs whose infinitive ends in “-er” , par example donner, chanter, parler etc.
  2. 567 more words
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Let’s read Les Misérables-11

Première partie: Fantine. Livre premier: Un juste.
Chapitre –IV Les oeuvres  semblable aux paroles.

Quand il voyait tout le monde crier bien fort et s’indigner bien vite : – Oh ! 748 more words

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Five misconceptions about learning the French language

Many new French learners have many misconceptions regarding learning the French language. Most of the new learners think learning French is very difficult. The idea of learning pronunciation, French grammar and written French, mostly scares a new French learner. 493 more words

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How adults can learn French quickly?

French is known as the language of love. It is one of the most popular foreign languages which has attracted many new language learners’ attentions. Every year lakhs of people… 478 more words

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