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Tips for visiting France

Bonjour, everyone!

Hopefully you have been so inspired by my blog that you have a newfound dream to someday visit France. If so, great! If not, you should probably look again at some of these pictures that I’ve taken this year: 1,892 more words

Celebrities Speaking French: Bradley Cooper

Yes! Because it’s my day off work and so far all I’ve done is eat breakfast in bed and watch this interview — which for the record, is a very good way to start your day. 211 more words


Deconstruct a French Word: Ébloui(e)

Ébloui(e) | “eh-blue-eey” |  adj.: dazzled; blinded; inspired with awe

Ébloui(e) is the past participle of the verb éblouir, which ranges in meaning from the literal “to blind” to the more poetic “to fascinate” and “to carry away; overwhelm.” 100 more words


The French word of the day: "Pause déjeuner"

I bet our “pause déjeuner “(lunch break) is far longer than yours. Don’t be surprised to read this on shops’ doors, even the busiest and most touristic streets of town. 94 more words


The French word of the day: Parrain

In our family, a Godfather rules with a positive and jolly attitude. Meet Mr Attila’s parrain, my precious brother Jules.

Jules is my second brother (we are 5 siblings in the fam), and no matter how old he is, he will always be my little bro. 88 more words


French DIY

.. or rather, discussing DIY in French. And Swedish reflexive pronouns.  Some people might think those are rather niche interests… but we Eurochatters are proud of our geeky lingo hobbies! 24 more words