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الأرقام السويسرية الفرنسية

عندما نتعلم اللغة الفرنسية فنحن نبدأ بعد تعلم الأبجدية و الكلمات و الأفعال الرئيسية بتعلم الأرقام و خاصة من الصفر 0 إلى المائة 100، و لأننا نتحدث بالعربية سنلاحظ ذلك الفرق الغريب في كيفية نطق و كتابة الأرقام في اللغة الفرنسية من أول العدد سبعين 70 إلى العدد تسعة وتسعين 99، و يزداد ذلك الأمر غرابة في البلدان التي تتحدث الإنجليزية English و ليست الفرنسية Français كلغة ثانية. 56 more words


Tips on learning French faster

I’ve been living in France for a year full time, and before that I was here on and off over two years,  I began trying to learn French around September 2016. 1,145 more words


Language Learning

language surrounds us everyday of our lives. it is impossible to live without it. personally, i love languages and trying to learn them. i love that, with some effort, anyone in the world could understand anyone else. 317 more words


Why learn French?

Why learn French?

Find some answers below (but there are a lot more, do not hesitate to add them by commenting this post). 479 more words

5th Language

Learn French at Home (Skype)

★★I’m a professional online & classroom French teacher★★

I specialise in creating engaging and interactive lessons, which motivate you to SPEAK A LOT! ….

► Even if you are a beginner !◀ 317 more words


Stay on top and even improve your French this summer, yes it is possible!

As you may be looking forward more free time to spend with your family and friends this summer, you may also wonder how to unwind without forgetting too much of the French you have learnt… 367 more words


Our tips to help your kids stay on top with French language arts during the summer

Summer vacations are about to start, meaning 2 months to enjoy travels, quality time with family and friends, ant to make unforgettable memories. But can they have so much fun without forgetting how to speak French? 564 more words