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Word of the Week - Candela

It’s that time of year where we put out candles to light up the dark afternoons.

A candle makes any atmosphere cozy and/or romantic.

Candle in Italian is  122 more words


Guide to the Italian Present Progressive- Guida al Presente Progressivo Italiano

I’m not great at grammar, I like it but it’s rather confusing. It’s just keeping track of so many names, like present progressive or past, there are so many names!!! 562 more words


Word of the Week - Zucchero

Sugar, sugar, sugar.

The Christmas season is usually filled with lots of sweets. Christmas cookies and baked goods can be found in the bakery shop windows, at every dinner party you go to, and at home to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings. 189 more words


Word of the Week - Farina

This week’s word is farina and expressions with farina.

Farina is flour.

As the Thanksgiving bustle has come to an end and we move into the Christmas season, there will be lots of baking going on, at least in my home. 267 more words


È questo l'ultimo Black Friday?

Questa potrebbe essere una stagione di shopping festivo per alcuni dei rivenditori americani.
This could be a make-or-break holiday shopping season for some of America’s retailers. 1,232 more words

Word of the Week - Pieno come un uovo

Happy Thanksgiving!

Given that today many Americans will gather around the table together and eat and eat and eat until they possibly can’t eat anymore, today’s expression is: 120 more words