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Word of the day: Vita (Life/Waist)


Vita (vi-ta) Feminine singular noun

La vita – The life/waist

Le vite – The lives/waists

Pantaloni a vita alta – High waist Trousers

Non c’è vita su Marte… 142 more words


Reading Italian Menus: Il Secondo

When I first traveled to Italy as a college student, I had difficulty at first when I tried to read and order at an Italian restaurant. 460 more words

Conversational Italian

Word of the day: Elefante (Elephant)


Elefante (E-le-fan-te) Masculine singular noun

L’elefante – The elephant

Gli elefanti – The elephants

Gli elefanti sono grandi mammiferi – Elephants are big mammals. 118 more words


BIMBI BIS - Story time for kids starting on June 12th

Happy to announce our new program: “BIMBI BIS“, a story time in Italian for kids 1st-6th grade. A  volunteer, native Italian speaker, will meet parents and kids at 2.30PM every second Sunday of the month at Biblioteca Italiana Seattle for 20-30min reading time of favole italiane. 100 more words


Word of the day: Dove (Where)


Dove (do-ve) Adverb of place

Dove – Where

Dov’è la mia borsa? – Where’s my bag?

Dove hai detto che andavi? – Where did you say you were going? 97 more words


The many ways to say "hello" and "goodbye" in Italian

For our first few weeks on the Conversational Italian! Facebook group, we have been talking about the many different ways to say “hello” and “goodbye” in Italian, and in which situation to use which greeting. 425 more words

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