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Word of the Week - Annaffiare

Spring time reminds us of birth and growth.

It’s always a fresh breath of air when we see the flowers in bloom, the bright leafy greens pop out on trees, and the evenings start to become longer. 69 more words

Italian Culture

Italian Classes In Southampton : Why Do People Join Them?

Italy is some 1,900 kilometers away from the city of Southampton in England. It is that far.
Why then, are more and more Southampton residents trying to learn the Italian language? 930 more words


5 Italian Expressions

I have always loved learning languages.

So much so that I dove into the triple-major degree at University of French, Italian, and Spanish.

What’s exciting about learning a foreign language, isn’t so much the grammar or syntax of sentence structure, but how language reflects a culture. 715 more words

Italian Culture

Learn Italian Cognates—More of Our Italian/English Best Friends!

Anyone who has studied Italian for even a short time has probably noticed how many Italian words are very similar to English. This is because both languages have words with origins that date back to the Latin language spoken by the Romans. 395 more words

Italian Conversation

Un museo di Parigi apre le sue porte ai nudisti

Vai mai in giro per una galleria d’arte e pensi: “sarebbe molto meglio se fosse nudo?”
Do you ever walk around an art gallery and think, “this would be so much better if was nude?” 598 more words

A vs. In - Italian Grammar

When I first started learning Italian, which, let’s be honest, I’m pretty bad at, I was talking with a dude I knew who had lived in Italy for a bit. 455 more words