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Should I learn Italian?

While in the States it hasn’t become an educational staple to learn another language, a lot of Italians do know English very well. As a result, many folks may ask themselves if they need to learn Italian before traveling to Italy. 223 more words


Word of the Week Wednesday- 'Excuse me'

Hi there!

Hope your week is going well!  This week I want to touch on a word that you can use while you are in Italy and that you probably will end up using when travelling around this beautiful country!   391 more words

Learn Italian


Hello and welcome to my website! If you are interested in learning Italian or if you need my Italian language services I hope you will stay and explore.


Word of the Week Wednesday- Imparare

Bentornato!  Welcome back!

I hope you are having a fabulous hump day! …Hmmm… That kind of sounds wrong doesn’t it?

Comunque!  This week I want to share a few words that I think are really fun if you are an English speaker, but to be honest, they don’t fit into any fun story from my week.   427 more words

Learn Italian

"Ciao Mondo!" - A new webradio for Italian Language Students

We at Kappa Language School are always trying to find new ways to spread the word about our language and culture. Although the best way to learn Italian is indubitably to… 75 more words

Italian Language

Word of the Week Wednesday- Complimenti

Buonasera tutti!

I’m getting a head start on my Word of the Week post since I have the evening free and need an excuse other than ‘wearing heels all day hurt my feet too much’ to stay in.   754 more words

Learn Italian

Word of the Week Wednesday September 23, 2015


So, even though I just started this blog, I do plan on doing a weekly post on learning Italian.  I have been posting my ‘Word of the Week’ on twitter as well, but having a platform for more of an explanation is probably much more helpful!   271 more words

Learn Italian