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It's Been a Long Time

A few days ago, I was scrolling through the apps in my phone and I remembered I hadn’t written anything in a while. Imagine my surprise when I realized my last post was actually from last year! 597 more words

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Random Korean: Vocab #1

안녕하세요 여러븐! Hi everyone!

As you can notice, the title says Vocab #1 it only means that in this post, we will be talking about words that you will use in constructing korean sentences and I have 30 words on the list. 140 more words


다이어리: I came back!!

안녕하세요 여러븐! Hi everyone!

Finally after 6 months, I came back!!!

I am truly sorry if I haven’t posted for a while… Things aren’t going well with school 😤 well, the catch is I finally came back!! 116 more words

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어케: slang for 어떻게

While perusing comments on Korean sites this week, I kept noticing this word, 어케, popping up. Based on the context in which it was used each time, I felt comfortable assuming it was 줄임말 (a shortened form) for 어떻게. 122 more words


musings regarding my recent Korean output

So I know a lot of language learners are obsessed with perfection almost to the point of irritation. no nobody gives a shit about how your handwriting improved for the katakana or the hanguel or whatever from writing it over and over or copying long ass passages of god knows what… perhaps you should put your time to better use. 964 more words


Membuat Kalimat Panjang dalam Bahasa Korea itu Tidak Sulit!

Halo semua, apa kabar? Sudah terlalu lama saya hiatus, sekarang jadinya sedikit kagok waktu nulis. Hahaha. Okedeh, langsung aja. Jadi hari ini, saya ingin berbagi cerita yang mungkin bisa membantu mengurangi stress teman – teman yang sedang belajar bahasa Korea. 1,252 more words




It’s the second 단어짱! post. What’s that, you ask? Sometimes when I encounter interesting vocabulary words in shows and reading materials, I find it difficult to find their meanings – this new series aims to introduce random, interesting vocab to other self-taught students. 168 more words

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