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Essential Korean words to express how you are feeling

기분이 좋아요 – gi-bun-i-jo-a-yo – I’m happy

화났어요 – hwa-na-sseo-yo – I’m angry

지루해요 – ji-ru-hae-yo – I’m bored

슬퍼요 – seul-peo-yo – I’m sad… 28 more words


Chinese, Japanese & Korean : Which is hardest?

People frequently send me messages asking me ‘I want to learn an Asian language but I’m worried it’s too hard. Which language is the hardest?” or more specifically “Out of Chinese, Japanese and Korean, which language is the hardest? 1,040 more words


6 Useful Business Korean Phrases

Have a meeting with a Korean client and don’t know what to do? Here’s 5 useful Business Korean phrases to impress him or her.

1) 안녕하십니까? 149 more words



Hi Guys!

If you have opened my current page which is [ obviouslygwyn.wordpress.com ] then you might have seen that I’ve put some menus up there. 150 more words


10 Fun Textbook-Free Ways To Become Fluent In Korean

I studied French for three years in elementary school, Latin for four years in high school, and Italian for two years in college. However, I am… 891 more words

Fun &Flirty Korean Lessons

Tips for Learning Korean : Beginner Level

Everyone has their own method for learning a language. My method will not necessarily be the same as yours nor will the things that worked amazingly for me necessarily work amazingly for you but on my Facebook, Twitter and basically every other form of social media I have, I have had so many requests to talk about how I started learning Korean that I must, at last, give in. 1,187 more words