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Basic Korean (ROUTLEDGE)

Today I want to write about one of my first Korean textbooks. Basic Korean by Andrew Sangpil Byon. I bought it before I knew that Gmarket and Korean publishers existed. 458 more words


How To Say It In Korean?: I'm Nervous

Want to know how to say, “I’m nervous.” in Korean? If yes, then please check this out.

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Summer heat

Today is already the middle of the summer, but for Ireland, it’s the last month of it. Surprisingly Ireland decided to spoil us and provide us with some summer heat. 139 more words


Study Log: I've Finished College Korean~

Hey everyone! So I’ve finished my first Korean textbook, College Korean. It’s actually my first language textbook that I’ve ever finished honestly. The fact that I did it completely on my own though self-study makes me really happy. 290 more words

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Korean Slang: 땡땡이/농땡이

땡땡이 as cute as it sounds as a slang expression, is a term used to refer to the action of skipping school or work to play and muck around instead. 161 more words


How I'm Studying Korean, Japanese and Chinese

I always try to be as organized as possible when I’m studying foreign languages. I started learning Korean a bit over three years ago- I think-; I picked up Japanese again last year and started learning Chinese about a month ago. 471 more words

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March- July 2016 Book Haul

Hi! I’m back -sort of-. I have been on a non-stop lazy mode the last two months (more like moping). Maybe because my new friends are leaving in August and I decided to stay longer in Korea. 478 more words

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