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'Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean' textbook review

Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean is Darakwon’s Korean textbook teaching Korean Chinese characters (also called Hanja).

→ Do you need to learn Hanja to be fluent in Korean… 1,084 more words


번역 도전! 고고고~

음식을 알아야 운동이 보인다

Kenali Makanan Efektif Berolahraga *

모르는 단어

  • 영양소 : nutrisi
  • 탄수화물 : karbonhidrat
  • 지방 : lemak
  • 에너지원 : sumber energi
  • 피로감 : rasa lelah (
  • 835 more words

손잡이를 잡고 개리어를 위층으로 끌어올리다. = To grab the handle and lug the suitcase upstairs.
지퍼를 잠그다 = Do up the zip.
지퍼를 열다 = Undo the zip.


Do you need to learn Hanja - Korean Chinese characters

Is it necessary to learn Hanja to be fluent in Korean?


But here is why I am learning Hanja anyway:

The story begins a thousand years BC… 1,063 more words


결국엔: simple Korean poetry


I’ve been doing a terrible job of writing in Korean every day, but this cannot last. I am a writer, and the need within me to write is stronger and stronger each day that I go without properly writing even a short poem, which is why I’ve started writing short poems here and there. 133 more words


Korean slang

Korean slang

This is a common one that can be heard often! It’s slang word that means ‘the best’ or ‘top of top’ or just plain ‘awesome’! 291 more words

Kpop Fan Art, Kdrama Fan Art

Plain Form -는다/다

I just realized that it’s been over a month since my last post. All I can say is that I’ve been busy studying and traveling he. 403 more words

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