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Easy as 123!

안녕하세요 여러븐! Hi everyone!

big news! I’m back at blogging again! Exams are going to be over and I hope you guys look forward to my next post ☺ 156 more words


두  개의  다른  소식



신발  공장  직원  두 사람이  아프리카에  신발을  팔기  위해  시장  조사를  하러  갔습니다.  그런데  아프리카에   가  보니  사람들  모두가   맨발로  살고  있었습니다.   두  사람은   주변의  몇몇   나라를    더  조사하고  각자  보고서를   작성해   한국에  있는  본사에   전했습니다.


서운함이 왜 생기는 걸까?




I talked about this article with a teacher from CafeTalk. She asked me to summarise the article and then to say what each paragraph was specifically about. 71 more words


Useful Phrases When You Are In A Restaurant In Korea

One of the best things you can do in Korea is eating out. And although the staff might know some English, it’s good to know some Korean. 421 more words


A Free Korean Learning Resource

오렌만이에요!  Honestly speaking, I haven’t done a lot of studying in the last month apart from just conversing in Korean on HelloTalk or just trying to get some listening practice and train my ears. 205 more words

Korean Language

Useful Phrases When Taking A Taxi In Korea

Today we’re going to learn some useful phrases that you should know when taking a taxi in Korea :)

How do you know whether a taxi is taken or not? 306 more words