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Why Are Korean Towels Smaller?

I guess there are lots of other cultural differences you could talk about, but this one, I never would have really thought about it.

I didn’t pay attention to the size of towels when I went to Korea. 217 more words


Parts of the Body in Korean Writing Worksheet (Free PDF Printout / Download)

Learning Korean (or any 2nd language) can be difficult and one important way of improving your level is by practicing your writing. Today we have a nice set of 18 practice words focusing on different parts of the body. 153 more words


Korean Counters & Useful Phrases When Buying Food

In this post we’re going to take a look at Korean counters and some phrases that you might need to know when you buy groceries at the Korean market. 233 more words


Now or Never

It’s now or never.

지금이 아니면 안된다.

– saying | 속담

Whatever that thing is that you keep waiting to do because you’re not sure you’ll succeed, or you’re afraid of what will happen if you fail – just do it.

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예뻐요 🌌

안녕하세요 여러븐! Hi Everyone!

Our word for today is “예뻐요” which means pretty in korean.

If you want to use this word in a sentence, you may refer to the examples I have prepared for you… ☺ … 79 more words

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Update: "Learn Korean" 

안녕하세요 여러븐! Hi everyone!

오늘은, (As for today,) I’m going to start new series here in our “Learn Korean” corner…for us to expand our vocabulary but I’m still going to continue the lessons…For my blog to be organised I have separated 2 categories for my learn korean corner and those 2 are the following: 53 more words

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Begin Anywhere

Begin anywhere.

아무데나 시작해라.

– John Cage 존 케이지

I’ve been gone for about a month in order to focus on the beginning of my last year in undergrad, but I’m back!

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