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An Artist? Yes, but professional

There was once a time where an artist was that a weird person, who did strange things, especially in seclusion. The incomprehensible one, sometimes drunk, sometimes crazy, but always different, in a way. 471 more words

Para Escritores / For Writers


This blog is designed for Kennesaw State University students participating in ICT2101 Information and Communications Technology to create blog posts that are course related.

Students can create blog posts to share with their class and instructor during the semester.

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The best Ladies Clothes Shop Is Online

Any woman who tries to dress nicely nowadays and retain up with all of the trends in the world of fashion will know how daunting a process it truly is at even the most beneficial of times. 436 more words


Intriguing Marketing Graphic

Simple and minimalist, this graphic leaves viewers wanting to know more.  It makes a strong impression and sends a powerful message without overwhelming.  Accompanied by an informative post, link, or QR code, this post will draw customers to your website or article with ease like a giant “do not push” button.  11 more words

Graphic Design

Hours for 2017




10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


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Welcome to Signing Clinic Foundation

Signing Clinic Foundation

The Signing Clinic is a group made up of experts in the field of Sign Language, both American and Ghanaian. We offer sign language courses and free craft training sessions to children, parents, educators and health professionals to bridge the communication gap in the deaf, down syndrome and autism communities to enable everyone to build practical skills for the future, and to strengthen the communication of the world. 72 more words

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