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Public and Media Reactions to Budget Cuts

Below is a series of articles and relevant information pertaining to the budget cuts and its ramifications. Please click on the pictures to see the full articles. 80 more words


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Are you looking for more resources about sustainability? Listed below are the places I’ve found the most helpful when looking for information about environmental topics. 160 more words

By Juliet Moo

The following bar chart shows the total yearly amount of Arizona’s education cuts from Fiscal Year 2008 to Fiscal Year 2015. Although the budget cuts on education are still affecting many people in Arizona, it is noticeable that legislatures are trying to reduce cuts on education since FY 2011.



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Alissa Brouwer

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Open Book Blog Hop - Who would play me?

Do you like to read? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the MMB Open Book Blog Hop each Wednesday and they will tell all.

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Useful Town Government Links

Topsham’s town website is an important source of information about our local government. The links below information for people who are interested in participating actively in town government. 20 more words

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Slides from TPL Public Meeting

The link to the slide presentation made by Director Susan Preece and the Board can be found here. Note: slide 8 shows TPL’s current share of the municipal budget. 17 more words

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