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Embrace Imperfect Produce

The storm that tore across Leelanau and Grand Traverse counties last month uprooted trees and damaged homes. But it also beat up a lot of locally grown produce, leaving it unable to meet our “perfect produce” standards. 753 more words

Tricia Phelps

Prepared Environment

Our classrooms follow the “prepared environment” philosophy of Dr. Montessori, so that children can freely follow their natural industry and drive to learn, guided by AMI-certified teachers. 114 more words

For Parents

THE PURPOSE OF EDUCATION - just a thought or several

The purpose of education, so someone once said, is to turn mirrors into windows. Those windows are permanent fixtures in everybody’s life. As I see it, the job of a teacher, who, if you remember I prefer to call a facilitator, is to clean those windows and show what is on the other side while adding their own knowledge and experiences from life. 2,171 more words

Beginnings with AI

As part of their documentary series “Time for School,” the PBS NewsHour reported that “while the number of children out of school has been cut almost in half, there are still 57 million worldwide who have never set foot in a classroom. 623 more words

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