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The Virtual Running group is now live!

The Virtual Running Community Facebook group went live on 27 April 2017 and 24 hours later I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm to have this online resource and an extra layer of support. 149 more words

Virtual Running

A Rookie's Guide to the Rupert 8K Road Race and 8 reasons to participate!

First and foremost, let’s get something straight – the term “race” can be very intimidating for anyone who isn’t super competitive, experienced or confident in the activity at hand. 1,489 more words


Eat for Race day & Recovery – marathon training and endurance walking (Part 3)

Race day is fast approaching if you’re running in the Milan, Brighton or London marathons and after weeks of training it’s time to consolidate everything you’ve practised ready for racing. 751 more words


Week 7, wow time flies

Wow, week 7. Almost there.

Just 6 more to have our 10K. For some of you this is the first time, maybe you never imagine doing this in REAL life. 917 more words


I Am Not A Runner

For years, this has been the dialogue between myself, and running.

I don’t do it.

All my memories of  running (like being forced to run in gym class for example) were those of unpleasant sloggs along the side of the road, sore legs, short staggered breath and a constant, burning desire to quit, IMMEDIATELY. 511 more words

Week 4. Rest is good for running

Hello, good day.

Yesterday we enjoyed a gorgeous day, blue sky, the sun, snow, nice temperature, a happy Family Day. We did a recovery run at our clinic. 1,033 more words