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MEC 5K in Calgary, Alberta - Race Rundown

It was overcast and extremely rainy in Calgary last Saturday morning.

Even though I was soaked almost from the very beginning, the running path that the course followed was really quite beautiful.   467 more words


tighter than an otter's pocket

My calves! My calves! Getting down the stairs after first waking up this morning was tricky!  My calf muscles are so tight!!  Not really painful, but tight and I can definitely feel them when I walk.   46 more words


learning to run - week 8, day 1

Today I ran for 28 minutes (3.2 kilometers). 28 freakin’ minutes. All of them in a row. Without stopping.  It seems hard for me to believe. 461 more words


transitioning to outside (or week 7, day 2)

I did my week 7, day 2 run around my neighbourhood on Saturday as opposed to on the treadmill and it was definitely more difficult than treadmill running.   636 more words


Who is Andrea?

Who am I? I have so many layers,it is not even funny. The answer to this poignant question  depends on what day it is!The core of me is consistently kind, optimistic, funny and generous! 372 more words

Andrea Olatunji

learning to run - week 7, day 1

On tap for today, a 25 minute run, which at a 4.3mph pace is 2.9kms.  I may push it to 26 minutes, just so I can make it a 3km run. 376 more words


let me catch you up quick...

Sadly, I chickened out on the run in Vegas last weekend. My sister did it, and she said it was tough.  I think I am sad I chickened out, but at the same time, it may have been too lofty a goal to have set for myself so early in my training.   338 more words