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Meet Kathy

Kathy can often be found running with our crew on Saturday mornings either at the Rachel’s Runners track or at our local parkrun event. In the beginning, she was a reluctant runner, but after an initial bit of arm twisting, Kathy discovered a love of running and inspired her family to join her on her journey. 869 more words


Rachel's Runners Welcome Runlab

In 2014 I came across something called ‘Runlab’ at the Sydney City2Surf Expo. I was very interested in finding out more and as the year went on I became involved in helping establish a ‘Runlab MYRUNGROUP’ in my local area. 587 more words


Week 5, Session 1: Back to Work!

After a week of letting our bodies recover, it was back to work with all groups taking on greater loads for their work-outs.  Even though we had to work harder, we were rewarded with a beautiful spring-like morning.  175 more words

Nordic Walking

Katya Holloway: Water belts on the run — Cool or uncool?

Everyone knows fanny packs are uncool. Even the name is vulgar.

Utter the “F” word in the U.K. or Australia and let’s just say, you may as well have let out a belch while sipping tea with the Queen. 508 more words

Sun Run

Katya Holloway: There's something about Manning

I traded my runners for ski boots last weekend to spend two solid days on some sun-drenched slopes.

No, not the North Shore mountains, which have more puddles than snow, but a tucked-away resort that may often be unfairly overlooked: Manning Park. 185 more words

Sun Run

Katya Holloway: Back on the road to good health

I am recovering from an evil, no EE-VIL (said with Dracula-like maliciousness) flu bug.

It all started with my five-year-old, who woke up screaming one night and proceeded to paint our white carpets orange. 163 more words

Sun Run

Meet Leanne

Leanne joined Rachel’s Runners in the later part of 2014. She quickly found her running groove and joined us every week during Field 3. A woman of my own heart – one full of determination! 360 more words