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the bumper stickers

the bumper stickers on your car make me regret the day i learned to read. tuesday quote


What did I learn?

When we set improvement goals and set measurable objectives to meet those goals, we can learn and grow from both missed and met objectives. If our goal is perfection, we will inevitably fail and that failure offers us nothing in terms of learning and change; it only makes us vulnerable to shame. 196 more words


Summer homework

I don’t know about you but, even if it isn’t true at all, I always have the feeling that I have more time in the summer. 1,165 more words

Random Thoughts And Notes

Learn Spanish: Rosetta Stone Spanish (Spain) - Level 1 Review | Learn Spanish

“Deeply flawed, in concept and practice.” I’m a linguist by training, with a focus in how people learn languages. The concept behind Rosetta Stone is based on the observation that children can induce the grammar of their mother tongue from examples in which the specific functions of linguistic… “Learning Spanish” I’m going to Spain next Spring and I need a lot of help in developing Spanish conversational skills. 37 more words

Learn Spanish In 7 Days!: The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of the Spanish Language In No Time Review | Learn Spanish

“A great start for those commited” Spanish is my native language yet I have many friends who would like to learn Spanish even if just some of it. 138 more words

The House of Sorrow and Joy

I went
Into the house
Of Sorrow while on the
Journey of life. Sorrow met me

“Can I
Share a little
Secret with you?” she asked. 104 more words


Book Club & Bible Study

Studying the Bible can seem daunting and overwhelming and amazing and invigorating. Yet despite becoming a believer at a young age, I still feel like I don’t really know how to do it let alone where to start. 345 more words