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Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you know me, you know that I love chocolate. And if I turn it down, there must be something wrong. Naturally, I love baking, and there’s nothing better than spending a full day in the kitchen covered in flour and creating little dollops of heaven. 896 more words



How to Move in the VIEW SCENE

here the keyboard shortcuts to translate, rotate and zoom in your scene:



You wanted her to learn but you did not teach. She read but did not interpret the same way as you, you don’t have to teach her to overhaul her way of thinking but to grow it as if her brain has another branch and you take some leaves from hers. 56 more words

Three Tips to Help You Travel More

A few months ago I asked the world of social media, “If you could do ANYTHING right now, what would you do?” I got an overwhelming response of people wishing they could travel. 1,741 more words


The Depth of a Field

Depth of field. We’ve all heard of it, but only a select few know what it means. And an even smaller group knows how to control it. 251 more words


God's Word as Food

​God’s Word as Food

When it comes to renewing your mind, think of God’s word as food. Just as your body needs physical food to prosper, so your spirit man needs God’s word to prosper. 371 more words