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“When I heed the way of His Word, I’ll hear a word for my way.”

How can a young person live a clean life?
By carefully reading the map of your Word. 41 more words


Surrendering to the connection

It doesn’t matter what connection you have, surrender to it and you’ll be better off. What I mean by surrender is simply, accept what is. Don’t put expectations on it, force it down a path to suit you, deny it or block it. 265 more words


Nite Bite

If you have stress in your life and are having trouble organizing your thoughts, then meditate with me. Close your eyes and breathe through your nostrils and the center of your body. 34 more words


Beginner Crochet Course Flier

This is the flier I designed for the entry level crochet class I’ll be teaching in May! It’s also a good example of my typesetting, photography and general graphic design skills. 52 more words


In Ikenga's Shoes; A Review of Ndubuisi George's Woes of Ikenga

“Ikenga’s self-imposed isolation had made him everything apart from a normal human being. Sometimes, he engaged himself in lengthy conversations and laughter but maintained a worrying silence and irritating behaviour with his black brothers, and when out in the open, he saw every white man or woman as an undercover agent and a potential enemy.”

792 more words

What's the Value of a Desperate Farm Wife?

Sometimes, I feel like I’ve gone back in time.

Not to the Dark Ages or anything.  Just a few years, probably around 1954(ish).  The world was a very different place back then, especially in agriculture but even more especially for women.   1,868 more words