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ABK Fall 2015

ed note – I’m oh so tardy in posting this article – please don’t let that inhibit any writers from sending articles for the blog.  I promise to do better! 834 more words

Passion: Present and Future

As we finish out last month’s talk on health, I want to talk about something that is sometimes necessary: starting over.  I was thinking about finishing September and getting one step closer to the end of this year and the start of a new one and I was reminded that sometimes you have to keep trying things to see where you fit in throughout your life.  285 more words


Rocket Engine Plumbing 101

I have previously posted about Scott Manley’s informative videos explaining more in depth information about rockets for Kerbel Space Program players. Looking into the physics and more engineering design, these videos are a good watch for anyone wanting to get to know rockets more. 11 more words


French For Beginners: A Practical Guide to Learn the Basics of French in 10 Days | Learn French

French For Beginners: A Practical Guide to Learn the Basics of French in 10 Days Posted on October 1, 2016 by jpm French Pronunciation Tips for Beginners Language Learning: Easy Conversations in French 1-14 Practical tips to improve your French – with Damon and Jo How to French Kiss | Kissing Tips 12 common French gestures Language Learning Easy Conversations in French Audiobook My guide to the Bread etiquette in France French language learning: video 1 French language learning READ FREE EBOOK FRENCH in 10 minutes a day with CD-ROMFull E-Book kolibri Languages apps to learn French «» View on Amazon Add to cart Amazon Price: $9.97 $9.97 (as of October 1, 2016 5:39 pm – Details). 56 more words

Overthinking and letting go - how to manage your thoughts #happiness

The NPR’s Invisibilia podcast on thoughts called The Secret History of Thoughts was truly eye opening and life changing for me. I highly recommend to listen to it if you tend to overthink or obsess or if your inner voice (mind) is out of control. 36 more words


What I learnt from my daughter

Parents are supposed to be the first teachers of a child. And it’s equally true that your kids also are your teachers, not be the first ones though. 1,036 more words