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Hey World!

I started this blog to fill up my free time before going to bed and give advice to the people out there who are searching for it!   39 more words



Do not ever miss a chance to tell someone you love them.
Especially strangers, cause you might not see them again.

*on the train J Town to J City

Story Over Coffee

Jesus Blogging … Empty

An audio version of Jesus Tweeting with prayer by Anne Rose © 2015


I’m running on empty. On some level, I know this is good, but my brain wants to tell me otherwise. 72 more words


Les 11!


Numbers! So, this was the lesson where you learn numbers, very nice lesson. This will be a short post, this was a very easy lesson. 49 more words




Step through this threshold

Enter a whole new world

Leave behind the doubt and down

Open your mind, release the past

Observe and Focus, Think and Thrive… 9 more words


you.. A teacher? Never

I was 19, I was working with children, had my own place I drove my own car it had been a few months and I enjoyed being single again and properly reconnecting with myself and finding me again. 272 more words


Save My Ass or Save Face But Not Both: Follow Button Undeleted

I don’t know who originally said this but I’ve hung around the program long enough to know this to be applicable in many instances where one needs help, or needs to be honest, or ask for a pardon: You can save your ass or you can save face but not both. 188 more words