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Humans are smart, you're a human, right?

The ability to learn and adapt quickly and consciously is kind of the human super power…

It all starts with a thought:

……………..I want to be able to do.. 140 more words

This year's Giving Tree was a fruitful harvest

When the Giving Tree was erected on Nov. 8, there were 362 tags dangling from the green, leafy limbs. Inscribed on each small piece of paper were the holiday wishes of boys and girls at elementary schools across Kittitas County. 299 more words

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Need a study break? Join us at P.A.S.S.!

Studies show that students consistently rate stress as the most significant factor negatively impacting their academic performance. But the P.A.S.S. (Peak Academic Success and Satisfaction) Program… 234 more words


15 Slides to Office Ninja

Found this nice #OfficeNinja presentation from Happy Marketer!

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Tipping point

I couldn’t stick to it consistently for more than 6 days. -_-

But between binge drinking parties with family and a jam-packed engagement ceremony, I think I’ll cut myself some slack. 248 more words

The Importance of Learning

Learning and perseverance come hand in hand and the more time you spend actively pursuing a passion, it will pay off.
A leading thought that pushes me to learn more is this: 486 more words