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You learn something new everyday..

The remainder of the world was unable to grasp the total picture of the situation there. You are able to observe this type in most homes around the world. 47 more words

OXO Swivel Peeler

It is hard to image how the traditional kitchen peeler could be substantially improved. Remarkably, the OXO Peeler accomplishes this. Easier to use, vastly more comfortable for long stretches, sharper, and more productive. 44 more words


Pie Iron

A neighbor introduced me to pie irons a couple years ago, and I was hooked. Now I don’t go camping without them. Pie irons, or hobo pie makers as some call them, are hinged cast iron or aluminum boxes about the size of a sandwich, with a long handle so you can hold it over a campfire. 288 more words


A Geek in Japan and A Geek in Korea

In the futuristic cities of Asia a geeky subculture is bubbling up. They are breeding manga, K-Pop music, small robots, anime, martial arts, soap operas, high-speed bullet trains, weird food rituals, tattoos, cosplay, video games olympics, incubators, and more — all propelled by the intensely urban life of billions of young people. 957 more words


The joy of snapshots and an imperfect life

Some of my all time favourite photos are bad photos. Messy background, really poor light, blurry…But I love them anyway because I love the content. 295 more words


A Little Relationship Advice

When you’re asking for advice about a relationship topic, just about everyone else has something to say. Everyone’s been through at least one relationship and everyone’s had at least one good one and one bad one, whether we’re talking about family relationships or romantic relationships. 405 more words


The Eachine E010 drone is a fun and cheap way to learn how to fly

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

First looks: The Eachine E010 drone is a fun and cheap way to learn how to fly

I’d played around with drones before, so I thought I’d do alright with the Eachine E010 mini quadcopter drone. 535 more words