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Why French kids are more well-behaved, polite, and autonomous than American kids

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Pamela Druckerman’s Bringing Up Bébé: One American Woman Discovers The Wisdom Of French Parenting recounts her experiences raising a child in Paris, where she found French kids to be way more well behaved, polite, autonomous, and willing to eat food that isn’t beige and shaped like dinosaurs than their American counterparts. 1,061 more words


5 talks worth listening to...

5 TED talks to help you learn about health, athletes, nutrition, mindset and other qualities related to health and fitness.

Fridays with Norwegian #7.

Because I have so much going on this weekend (I started fadderweek this monday – it’s like the week before actually starting studying  at university), so I have no time to make those circle-ish pictures with words. 93 more words


Praksa u Evropskoj komisiji u Briselu, kako i kada

Kako vam se čini ideja da radite za neku od EU instutucija, u Briselu, u multikulturalnom i multilingvalnom okruženju i još budete plaćeni za to? 532 more words


2 Things I've Learned From This School

Learning is everywhere. We learn something from our mistakes, and we also learn something from what have we experience, as I quoted.

Two Things I’ve Learned From This School: 140 more words


Door Ease Lube Stick

Door Ease is a stick of wax for unsticking drawers. I inherited an old stick of it when I moved into a house. The previous owners left it behind. 60 more words


#344 Anxious Hufflepuff & The Creepy Singer

YouTube personality Sarah Sterling is 26 and was obsessed with Harry Potter (and Disney) since day one. At a convention she met a singer who captivated her. 224 more words