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Settings and What That Might Involve

I awoke this morning to the sound of thunder and the heavy pounding of rain outside. We have had a flood watch in this area since yesterday. 375 more words

Laws You May Not Know Exist in Jordan

I know I haven’t been living in Jordan long, but my first impression of the country is that it is not the stereotype of a strict Muslim country. 1,392 more words


And...action! Three ways to photograph your dog in action.

I loooove action photos of my dogs. They are active dogs, and action photos show their true nature.

But when I started out, I found it really hard to capture them in action. 259 more words


Monday in a Picture - ​Grow Your Own Food: The Harvest 

Last week, the farm-to-table experience took on new meaning. I was watering my garden when I noticed that some of the crops were ready to harvest. 205 more words


What this blog is about!!

Hey all! :)

I have been teaching for around 6 years and I see students struggle close to exam time trying to figure out what to learn. 126 more words


Learn How To Defeat Your Competitors In Sales Using NLP

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This is Weird

So, this is my first blog post.

I guess this is kind of a personal outlet for me. I’m too unorganised for an actual diary (trust me, I’ve tried) so I figured I’d try this in the hopes that I can spill out whatever is going on in my brain and try to make some sense out of it. 342 more words