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More Rails Apps

I’m pressing forward through the Rails curriculum and plan to finish it this week. This has involved working through a lot of documentation and making a few apps to focus on specific aspects of developing in Rails. 130 more words


A Gossip Website

In order to practice my understanding of authentication in Rails, I built a gossip website.See the final product on Heroku or my code on GitHub… 49 more words


Lesson Learned: Model First

I’ve completed the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial and started my own web application this week. Check out my latest deploy on Heroku or the… 107 more words


Portfolio Website with jQuery  and Bootstrap

Here’s a working draft of a portfolio website for a graphic designer, or check out the code on GitHub. Though I’ve been spending most of my time with Rails, I spent some time at the end of the day creating a website with AJAX through JQuery. 49 more words


Progress with Ruby on Rails

My recent focus has been on learning more features on Rails and I am about 2/3 of the way through Michael Hartl’s  Ruby on Rails Tutorial book.  78 more words


Mini App Collection with Sinatra

As my Heroku account fills up, I set out on a side project to combine my smaller projects into a single simple portfolio. Check out the… 74 more words


Table of Operator Order

*Quick but important post

Below is a list of the order that one should follow when looking at Python’s Operators. The list goes from the first to last precedence… 82 more words