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Tense review with the Rolling Stones

In an attempt to claw back some credibility after ‘the script’ lesson, I bring you a tense review based on an article on the Rolling Stones.   530 more words


Lizzie's Language Learning Contract (v2.April 2016)

Capitalising on post-IATEFL momentum and motivation, I’ve decided it’s time to renew my language learning goals – and practice what I preach! I’m always telling learners, ‘it doesn’t matter if you’re busy, even ten minutes a day is better than nothing’ and encouraging them to maintain motivation. 627 more words

Learner Autonomy

The Language Learner's Role

Last week I spoke about the different roles a teacher can undertake when teaching languages. This week I will be talking about the role of the learner and how they can contribute to their own learning process and learner autonomy. 423 more words


Decentralised Teaching & Teachers' Stories: Interview with Paul Walsh- Part 2

The TEFL show presents part 2 of our recent interview with Paul Walsh of Teachers as Workers fame. In this episode, Paul discusses two of his other projects. 133 more words


Learning Success

To know what rain feels like, one has to actually go out, let the water drops touch one’s skin. That is water. That is rain. 182 more words


Leeds Beckett Multimedia and Independent Learning module session 2: The Learner Autonomy Maze

Yesterday (7.2.16) I did my second session for the Leeds Beckett M.A. ELT’s Multimedia and Independent Learning. This time, it was an online session, conducted using Adobe Connect software, and its title was “The Learner Autonomy Maze”. 1,118 more words

Leeds Met Delta / M.A. ELT

Binomials, dictagloss and expanding range

So, a good friend of mine, Kat, has started her DELTA, so I dug out some of my books and started flicking through them and had the idea that Binomials might be quite a useful thing to help my students make their informal writing seem a little more natural and give it that extra sparkle it needs. 633 more words