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Assessment Capable Learners in the primary classroom

In this guest post Kirsten Anne shares some great advice on encouraging self-assessment in the primary classroom. 

I am a primary school teacher and currently work in a year 3 classroom.  1,324 more words


Make the Most of Your Classroom Situation

Leveraging Mixed Abilities to Reinforce Learning

Here in Indonesia—and in many other parts of the world too, I am sure—a major challenge that faces almost all teachers in almost all schools is the mixed ability class. 2,284 more words


Minecraft vs. Learner Autonomy

Minecraft is a ‘sandbox’ game that emphasises resource gathering and creativity. It was published by Mojang in 2011 and is available on most platforms.

When I was a little kid, my mum loved that I loved Lego. 694 more words

Lessons From Gaming

Were given significant input before speaking

“I give the students instructions for the activity, they know what to do, but they end up using L1 or not speaking at all”. “I can’t get my students to speak, unless it’s a very controlled activity”. 445 more words

Young Learners

Secondary Learning Objectives, Part III

Why Secondary Learning Objectives Might Be More Important than Primary Learning Objectives

Lately, I have been writing about Secondary Learning Objectives. In my last post… 1,097 more words


Secondary Learning Objectives, Part II

What I Teach When I’m Teaching English

I have just written about Secondary Learning Objectives. That post was a fairly general introduction to the concept. 1,733 more words


Understanding from Context

There are many different ways to think about our goals as teachers, what it is we hope to achieve with our students. We can talk about learning objectives for each lesson; we can talk about curriculum targets; we can talk about grades; we can even talk about the non-academic goals we have for developing our students’ as members of society. 1,622 more words