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My Teacher is a Watering Can: Metaphors and Autonomous Learning

Presented at the 48th annual meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL), Aston University, Birmingham, UK on September 4th, 2015


In order to make sense of abstract thought, humans have developed a rich facility for metaphor. 1,257 more words


EFL Listening lesson: what one class learned (and taught me) about learner autonomy

This is a story about listening. About about how, in an effort to encourage learner autonomy, I helped some students start to overcome their fears of tackling authentic listening texts. 1,319 more words

Learner Autonomy

How to use the internet to improve your listening skills

Are your students struggling with authentic listening activities?

Below is a brief guide I wrote to help my EFL students overcome both confidence issues and poor strategic choices when doing independent listening at home ( 763 more words


TEFL Interviews 23: Hayo Reinders on the Future of Language Learning

Welcome back to the TEFLology Podcast – a podcast all about teaching English as a foreign language and related matters!

Today we’re delighted to bring you an interview with Prof. 118 more words


Developing Learner Autonomy through a Selection of Practical Reading and Writing Activities

As students acclimate to university life, they often are encouraged by teachers to take their education into their own hands by becoming responsible for their own learning, what teachers refer to as ‘being an autonomous learner.’  While most teachers try to balance stick-and-carrot motivation, from the student perspective it usually boils down to either having more tasks to complete for explicit credit (viewed as a stick) or to the broad, and most likely ignored, realm of ‘self-study’ (a dangling carrot).  162 more words

Encouraging autonomy in teen classes

You might not need to encourage your students to take control of their learning. I do. My teens aren’t used to working independently or undertaking tasks without the teacher directing proceedings. 835 more words


Learner-centred teaching from A1: An Olympic Crossword


Since we’re in the midst of the Olympics, yesterday one of my colleagues handed me a crossword with names of Olympic sports and other associated vocab. 348 more words