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My Driver, Miss Daisy

Our son with the learner’s permit needs to log another 35 hours before he turns 16. So, he drove me to school this morning. Twenty-three minutes. 92 more words

Cherishing 15

The other night, just as my husband and I were settling peacefully into bed, our son ran into the room, climbed over me…


…and burrowed under the blankets between us. 71 more words

Auto Insurance with a Learners Permit Can Prove To Be Convenient Too

Learnt driving recently and still waiting for your driver’s license? But you need car insurance too for driving legally. So the question has arisen, ‘can i get car insurance with a learners permit?’ the answer is something that lots of people in a similar situation would follow eagerly. 539 more words

Auto Insurance

Baby Driver

So, this happened…

A few weeks ago I took Kyle to take his learner’s permit test. We waited at the DMV for almost an hour until we were called, and when our number finally came up… Kyle failed the eye test. 223 more words


Can you trust a 16 year old?

On March 14, students across the nation are planning a walkout to honor the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting.  The recent surge of student voice has gotten me thinking about how much responsibility and trust we give, or don’t give, to teenagers.  722 more words

Teaching Responsibility

Freshmen Behind the Wheel


Behind the wheel, everything feels different. You try to appear calm and collected, but on the inside you are freaking out. 426 more words


Becoming a New Driver

Although driving is exciting and a ticket to freedom, it can be extremely stressful. As a new driver, it is important to be 100% focused and use good judgment. 215 more words

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