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Student Driver

Remember putting your child on the school bus for the first day of kindergarten and crying because it was so scary to send them out into the cruel world alone and unprotected? 761 more words

April Print, Girls Soccer

This was cool to write because even though it’s not my strong suit, it was fun to try out writing a sports story. Pictures were provided so my editor in chief said not to get any. 720 more words


Driven to Succeed

I don’t think of myself as particularly brave, but there is one exception. Just about every day, I put aside my fears, strap myself into a two-ton metal cage, unflinchingly stare death in the eye, and hurdle myself at inhuman speeds down the road, putting my life and well-being at the mercy of the reflexes, judgment, and ability to remain focused and conscious of the thousands of other drivers who cross my path. 1,138 more words


Accomplishing Something That Should Have Been Done 5 Years Ago

It has taken me a while to be able to write this post. I didn’t think it would, simply because what I have done is such a tiny thing in terms of normality, but alas, it has. 679 more words


Oh, It Finally Snowed . . .

(And Luke smells like a wet manure dog.)  Ugh.  Hold your breath!   I made the kids take the dogs out in the snow and just romp around.   609 more words


Shut Up and Drive

I’ll be thirty-six years old at the end of June of this year, and despite being issued a learner’s permit twice before, I’ve never obtained a license to drive. 250 more words