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Learning Japanese, there are many frustrating times when trying to read it. Then when I read English I think, “I can’t believe I am doing this right now.” I know I wasn’t born with the ability to read English, but I must have learned it. 317 more words



Today, I’m a bit late with my First Friday Photo post.  We were cleaning house and moving furniture.  All sorts of my least favorite, but necessary,  activities… 311 more words


Sir Ken Robinson: "Changing Education Paradigms"

This is a perennial favorite of mine. You can watch the actual speech by Sir Ken Robinson, but I love the version by RSA Animate, which, I believe, brings out yet another dimension:


What happens when a machine does the grading in a MOOC class

The Coursera class I am taking uses an “auto grader” to grade homework. It seems reasonable to put a computer to good use, given the (presumably) large number of students enrolled in the class, and given that it is, in fact, a computer class. 380 more words


Accounts on Fl

I have one account on fl, one is enough for me and I feel that I can be myself on it. I had a different account but closed it for some really good reasons and for some stupid ones. 554 more words


#learningAL CPD Day

This year’s CPD was themed around the Activate Learning Philosophy and Curriculum Transformation.

The morning began with Cheryl’s outline of the Activate Learning Philosophy in relation to the brain, motivation and emotions. 285 more words


6 Facts about the Fourth of July You May Not Know

Fireworks, picnics, parades, American flags, BBQ, grilled steaks, hot dogs, apple pie, peach cobbler, crawfish (I’m from Louisiana y’all), patriotic songs, and the parties! That can only mean one thing. 1,030 more words