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Your teen is failing school. Now what?

Hello faithful blog followers,

I have now moved my blog to my website, www.wildewoodlearning.com.

On the Wildewood website I have posted my newest article on how to help your teen that is failing school. 173 more words


Tis the Season

Post #365

“Tis the Season” said the jolly man in the red suit ringing the bell standing beside the red kettle.

I was working on a felled tree the other day, chain saw in hand, when the neighbor wife stopped by looking for her husband.   366 more words

A Touch Of Humility

By: Deirdre Littlefield

We need to bring humility back to our children. We have been taught to praise everything they do to raise their self-esteem. We have told them how great they are for everyday tasks and have rewarded them in every area from academics to sports to citizenship. 219 more words

Signature Moms

December Thanks #04: Learning

It occurred to me again recently that there’s an order to things where I am concerned. I am a writer because I am a reader. If I didn’t read I wouldn’t be as curious and desirous to express myself in writing. 341 more words


Dear China

Dear China, I miss you. I miss you more than I would have thought.

Thank you for flipping my narrative on its head. Thank you for the craziness and the chaos that you seamlessly fold into the beauty of your country. 212 more words


Yes, You CAN Get a Writing Job!

Hello all! For this week’s post I’ll be discussing something myself and probably many other writers have dealt with: getting a job/being told you couldn’t get a job. 245 more words