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Rain, rain go away... wait, don't. Leave when you're ready to.

First off I hate when I last so long without writing, it just highlights my lack of commitment. But that not what I wanted to share. 891 more words


Friday Fitness | iOS Brain Games! |Fitness for Your Brain

As you know, it is important to keep a sharp mind for an author.  We have to use our brains constantly.  So, I like to keep mine active with BRAIN GAMES!   115 more words

Random Throughts

OBU: Week One

OBU Welcome Week…I have never experienced anything quite like it. I mean, I woke up on Saturday in Arkansas and before I knew it, my car was being shaken and my horn honked by dozens of college students! 509 more words


The road (or roller-coaster) to success

Diaz started working with us at Back to Basics Tuition in October 2014. As if being 15 isn’t hard enough already, Diaz was starting to suffer at school. 523 more words


Ready or not

And suddenly I understood:
No matter how worthy I was; this will never be enough for someone who isn’t ready for what I was ready for. 444 more words


Collaboration with other students

I was not very confident with learning After Effects to complete my animation for Little Thrills. An animation student sat down with me and helped me make something that i probably wouldn’t have been able to do on my own! 35 more words


Packaging/tshirt/tag fun

I made a little box for my affirmation cards to go in. This was actually quite fun. I designed the die cut from scratch and then put colour and designs on it. 47 more words