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It takes a village to raise a book

The difference between a bad writer and a good writer is that a good writer knows he needs help. Publishers used to have people on staff to provide that help. 505 more words


Happy 1st Birthday to Petite Patissiere!

Hello everyone! PetitePatissiere.com turns one today! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging on this site for one year already! So much has happened since I started this journey. 342 more words


Our Nation's Untapped Treasure!

As the demographics of our nation change, increasing the numbers of poverty students within our schools, we must look deeply at the structures of how we educate students.  588 more words

Processed food for thought

I’ve been on a bit of a health kick recently and have reduced a lot of sugar and salt in my diet. I’ve never been a big eater of processed food; my experience as a butcher showed me how additives, excess and filler could be used to stretch the reach of resources. 471 more words


For a Brooklyn Woman with ALS, Social Security is Elusive

Hi, friends. There are, like, eight other posts that I’ve been drafting, but this is a way more pressing matter. It is a call to action and a call for help. 2,017 more words


Teaching and Learning

One of the people I admire a great deal who I know of only through his online presence is Alan Knox. A quote of his was posted on Facebook recently and he said the following: 167 more words


Thing 91 - Endings and Beginnings

It seems to me that when one reaches a certain age (stage) in life that there are more “endings” to experience than beginnings.  Some are momentous, others less so. 602 more words