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my fault

It’s my fault.
I walked under that open ladder.

It’s my fault.
I broke that mirror in the 7th grade.  I stepped on a crack in the sidewalk, 365 more words

My Name Is Ra.

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Rara is an incredibly creative writer, author, and poet. She spreads love and wisdom with every blog-post. She also models being accountable for her thoughts, words, actions and attitudes. I encourage you to read her most recent poem, and to explore her blog.

He is of Us, as am I

. . . a discouraged child tends to focus increasingly on her anxious desire to fit in and quickly loses sight of the needs of others in the family. 

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Landscapes for learning

The first time I genuinely experienced the power of using the outdoors for learning was on a visit to The Coombes School  in Berkshire, UK.  The school grounds have been developed over 40 years to become what the school now describes as “a living resource for all curriculum areas” and the “largest classroom”. 198 more words


Lessons I've Learned About Parenting From Being A Parent

Parenting.  It’s not an easy job and believe me, it is a job!  It’s work!  And if anyone tells you it’s easy, they either don’t care or they’re full of shit!   551 more words


Top 10 Tools 2016

If you haven’t seen Jane Hart’s top 100 tools for learning, where have you been for the last 9 years? Now in its tenth year, Jane asks people to add their top 10 tools for learning and list the software, tools, and services that people use for learning for themselves and others. 1,142 more words


Learner-Centered Syllabi

At its most basic level, the syllabus is used to communicate information about the course, the instructor, learning objectives, assignments, grading policies, due dates, the university’s academic integrity statement, and, in some cases, an increasingly long list of strongly worded admonitions on what is and isn’t acceptable behavior in the college classroom. 1,185 more words


What a teacher really means...

Yesterday I shared this post on my Facebook about Mr. Geoff Wickens, from Reading, Berkshire. He passed away after a long, difficult fight with cancer. 1,326 more words