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Learning A Second Language is a Piece of Cake (for some)

New research helps explain why learning a second language is easier for some adults than others. Language learning success or failure has to do with differences in the strength of connections between certain areas of the brain, according to the study published Jan. 362 more words

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Perche mi piace la mia l'insegnante di italiano

Questa e una storia piccola. Perche mi piace il mio l’insegnante di italiano? Lei si chiama Claudia e mi piace perche:

  1. Quando parliamo, lei parla lentamente, e io ho capito quando lei parla.
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An Open Door to Understanding- Guest posting over at All People

I’m really thankful for the opportunity to share over at EFCA’s blog “All People“. The blog has some really great thoughts on multi-cultural ministry in the USA context, and is a useful tool-box, especially if you’re interested in broadening your ideas on how the church can respond in a Christ-like manner to the immigrants in our midst. 230 more words

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Benefits of Being Bilingual

Many of us come from homes where our first language is Spanish because our parents only spoke Spanish when we were children. As time passes by, we begin focusing on our studies and don’t feel the need to study Spanish, since we already can speak it. 349 more words

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Seven Surprising Reasons Why You (And Your Kids) Should Learn Another Language

We all know that speaking multiple languages can improve your chances of employment, enhance your travel experiences, and help you impress dates. But there are other, somewhat startling benefits of second-language acquisition that are probably less well-known. 855 more words


The Power of "Un"-Learning

Understanding does not always come in the way we expect. Usually, the concept of learning step by step, line upon line, and precept by precept is correct, but there are times when this does not hold true. 731 more words


Can the learning of a second language interfere in the learning process of my child's first language?

Several parents have expressed concerns about their children learning a second language. They think that learning a second language at a very young age can affect their children learning skills and get a poor first language acquisition. 377 more words