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Faire Leurs Devoirs Ensemble

This might not go over that well with everyone. We’ve worked hard as parents to set up the after school routine of having them empty their backpacks, get their homework done and be ready for the next day but as a French Immersion Mom or Dad that is eager to learn the language themselves, what better opportunity than during homework time with your child. 168 more words

French Immersion

The Very Least

As anyone who has visited a country whose language they don’t speak can attest, getting around can be very difficult, even with a guide nearby. As a person who lives in a popular tourist destination, I see the struggles of foreign visitors every day. 336 more words

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Back to School, C'est Amusant!

Now, the kids are all settled back into school expanding their knowledge of French, so why shouldn’t you? Yes, I know we’ve all teased our kids at one point about joining them in their classrooms to find out what they are learning, but I’m talking about French class for adults. 432 more words

French Immersion

Learning the Language

Learning a new language is part of my bucket list (which also includes adventures.)  German is not an easy language to learn and pick up but there are plenty of opprotunities to practice here…and boy, do I practice!!! 115 more words

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Il mio giorno oggi

Ciao tutti! Benvenuto a mia pagina. Oggi, mi svegliatto alle cinque della mattina. Quando aspettato, mi alzatto da letto e ho preparato andare al lavorare. Ho un interno nuovo chi iniziatto la prima giorno oggi. 94 more words

Why World Languages Learning Is So Essential to 21st Century Education

By Glenda De Hoyos, Spanish Teacher

We are educating students to develop skills that can help them work in future professions that might not even exist right now. 609 more words

The Langley School

APPly Yourself

When you’re a full-time student and you have a job (like me), or you just have too much on your plate, it can be difficult to devote any amount of time to learning a new language. 902 more words

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