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Módulo 6. Respuesta al caso práctico

Pese a que has aceptado el reto de lograr usuarios del tipo “completionist”, personalmente das una importancia similar a los otros tres tipos de usuarios “optimizer”, “listener” y “only registered”. 2,200 more words


Scratching the surface: Moodle analytics in Rstudio Part 1 #moodle #elearning #analytics #rstudio

At some point I always come back to the question of how do we understand use of the VLE/LMS, which I’ve theorised a lot. As part of an interest to learn about Data Science I’ve signed up to Sliderule ( 1,094 more words

Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics: Benefits and Challenges for Higher Education

By Community host Professor Dr. Dirk Ifenthaler, University of Mannheim

Learning analytics uses dynamic information about learners and learning environments, assessing, eliciting and analysing it for real-time modelling, prediction and optimisation of learning processes, learning environments and educational decision-making. 1,318 more words

The Academic Eye

Growing Focus on Measuring Learning - 2015 Horizon Report

This year’s Horizon Report suggests that over the next three to five years one of the key trends in accelerating technology adoption in HE will be a growing focus on measuring learning. 387 more words

Learning Analytics

Institutional "Fit" and Educational Technology

One of the skills I’ve come to appreciate in leaders of online and hybrid education is the ability to evaluate not just the value of the ever-increasing range of new technologies, instructional methods, and business models on offer, but also how well these different opportunities will align with the unique organizational design, processes and culture of our colleges and universities. 898 more words

Digital Higher Ed

Digital education policy: big data, visualization and real-time analytics

Ben Williamson

Digital technologies facilitate the generation, calculation and circulation of the data required to govern education. Seemingly objective statistical data are now being integrated into much educational policymaking, with schools and classrooms configured as ‘data platforms’ linked to vast global data collection programmes, and the ‘reality’ of education rearticulated in numerical practices that are enacted by new software developments, data companies, and data analysis instruments. 2,364 more words

Developing Work Out Loud Habits and Measuring Up

I seem to have fallen out of the blogging habit recently. That’s not to say that I’ve not been learning or doing other stuff; I have. 1,109 more words

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