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While I was in Seoul in September, I took part in the Asian Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI Asia). I was joined there by members of the… 472 more words


Learning analytics in Korea

I was invited to speak at e-Learning Korea 2016 in Seoul on 21-22 September. My presentation focused on the visions of the future work that I had carried out as part of the… 304 more words


use Meerkat-ED to do social network analysis and discourse analysis

Meerkat-ED is a software designed by Dr. Reihaneh Rabbany 

Meerkat-ED can be used to analyze two kinds of networks: participants’ interaction network and the network of terms they have used in their interactions. 448 more words

Learning Analytics

use interactive Shiny app to demonstrate your research analysis result

Shiny app is created by R studio. It can be used in creative ways to demonstrate your research results if you use R to analyze your data. 196 more words

Learning Analytics

use KBDex in online collaborative learning research

A Japanese research & software team developed an analytical software called KBDeX, to visualize network structures of discourse based on two-mode words*discourse units. This software is basically a discourse analysis tool, based on the relation between words and discourse units. 638 more words

Learning Analytics

Towards Analytics Literacy

In his post, Analytics Literacy is a Major Limiter of Ed Tech Growth, Michael Feldstein argues that there is a lack of basic literacy in the Ed Tech and Learning and Development communities.   553 more words

Learning Analytics

Big Data & Analytics

Big data is used when describing large data which needs to be analyzed particularly by computers since the data is too big. Analytics refers to studying past historical data, researching potential trends, finding patterns in order to use them to make improvements or changes. 297 more words

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