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Hypothesis Testing for Standardized Test Results

One of the most¬†worrisome parts about Big Data in schools is the unethical targeting of teachers based on single data points — often misused. ¬†It’s therefore imperative that specialists, well-versed in statistics, are present for data based conversations. 370 more words



Ben Williamson

In a new article published in Information, Communication & Society I aim to make some sense of how machine learning algorithms and new forms of ‘brain-inspired’ computing are being imagined for use in education. 730 more words

LAK 2016 - Supporting Learning and Achievement

Our final sessions for LAK began with a session on Supporting Learning and Achievement, starting with a discussion on how we can help learners frame their learning experiences to achieve greater success. 599 more words

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LAK 2016 - Learning Design

We start the next session with a presentation from some Australian researchers, on their OLT-funded project on how (tertiary) teachers can use learning analytics, ie given all of the data that we can collect, what would be meaningful for teachers, and when would they want to use it. 704 more words

Learning And Teaching

Intimate analytics

Ben Williamson

In April 2016 the Education Endowment Foundation launched the Families of Schools Database, a searchable database that allows any school in England to be compared with statistically-similar institutions. 1,616 more words

Learning @ Scale 2016

I am in Edinburgh at the moment, along with others from the CSER team, attending the Learning @ Scale conference, followed by the… 338 more words

Computer Science

Plan Ceibal

The main reason for my visit to Uruguay was to attend the First International Workshop on New Metrics for Evaluation: Towards Innovation in Learning. This event was organised by the Centre for Research at the Ceibal Foundation in collaboration with INEEd, the ICT4V centre and the education division of the Inter-American Development Bank. 412 more words