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On My Mind

It’s so rare we get to do a “redo” and my role as a substitute teacher doesn’t mean I get a “redo” but it does give me time for “rethinks” or as bloggers call it “reflections!” On my mind as I’ve subbed in the various classrooms (3s, kinders and 1sts) these past few weeks: 480 more words

On Philosophy and Teachers

No two teachers are alike. Even if they are from the same race and culture and graduated from the same university, don’t expect them to embrace the same educational philosophies and to develop the same set of beliefs and values. 821 more words


Fibonacci fun at Scourie!

Thank you so much to Sian Curley at Scourie Primary for sharing these photos from their Fibonacci Day yesterday!

They had lots of fun introducing the sequence, then exploring what happened when they squared the numbers in the sequence and looking for examples of the Fibonacci pattern in nature as you can see. 82 more words

Harry Potter Magic in the classroom

A few years ago, I saw a video about this magical school that opened in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2007:  Ron Clark Academy. In addition to having all of the… 686 more words



On Saturday we were given a treat of visiting SAN FRANCISCOOOOO, and what a day it was.We drove past the Golden Gate Bridge and sight seeing there was a wwooww!!!We had an opportunity of exploring the town and having lunch at the restaurants of our choice,tasting and enjoying different menus.What is visiting San Francisco without shopping around town especially in China Town where we bought few items for families and friends and climbing the… 238 more words

Learning And Teaching


We started the 2nd week with a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where we met Jennifer who is working at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Education Program. 395 more words

Learning And Teaching

The 2017-18 EDU, ELT/ELL and EDTECH Conference Calendar for Canım Türkiyem…Ver 1.0

Sevgili Hocalarim,

I really wanted to get this one out by the first of the month (last month!) – but kept hoping that a few others would be confirmed. 751 more words