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Day 6: Anything is Possible

The high school students I taught at Qhakaza were often discouraged. Many had written, and failed, their grade 12 external exam. They had previously attended schools where teachers were continously on strike, or were not interested in teaching them. 195 more words

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Day 5: At Home

My first weeks of teaching at Qhakaza in Johannesburg were invigorating – and yet tiring. I felt the same emotions when I began teaching inToronto: happy to be back working with children but exhausted at the end of the day. 256 more words

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Day 4: Embracing My Calling

It did not take long for me to embrace the experience I had been led to. I adapted to my environment and learned to use the tools available to me: the blackboard, a box of chalk and the photocopying machine. 306 more words

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Day 3: Captured Interest

I remember clearly teaching my first lesson as a qualified teacher.

The community school (Qhakaza  Secondary School) was housed in a coverted factory building that had been coverted into classrooms. 310 more words

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Day 2: First Teaching Job

My first teaching job came unexpectedly.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I decided to stay at university and do my Honours in Education. I remember receiving the call that changed my decision to study full time while helping my parents build cupboards in my bedroom. 312 more words

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Mental Agility

Watch Session 1 of Module 4: Mental Agility on Glow TV Watch Again now, by logging into Glow and following this link:


The upcoming sessions begin with the next tomorrow at 4:00 – have a look at the schedule here: 70 more words

Grateful for Note

The first few weeks of the school year have been stressful as I get used to teaching a combined class, work on a curriculum that is unfamilier to me, and plan out my lessons. 190 more words