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When Teachers Become the Learners

As our world rapidly changes, the tools and resources we have access to dramatically impacts our opportunities for learning.  However, for educators to truly embrace the power of technology and create powerful learning experiences for their students, they have to experience this for themselves. 571 more words

Katie Martin


My days are not quiet. During the day I hear the sound of constant chatter as children move around the classroom doing their various activities or chatting to their friends. 166 more words

Free Writing

National Numeracy Modules

Don’t forget the National Numeracy and Mathematics Hub have regular modules to watch live or recorded on Glow TV! Have a look at the latest on fractions, decimal fractions and percentages on Tuesday 2nd February at 4:00 or use the schedule below to find past and upcoming modules that might interest you: 20 more words

Project on an Ancestral Country

During the Inquiry on themselves, my students discovered where their ancestors came from. They explored their ancestral countries by using the Google App, looked through the atlas to see the shape of the country, and touched the country and its neighbours on an old-fashioned globe. 221 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Caught in the Middle

I was reading a book about giraffes with my son and it sparked more questions about how they live and how their babies are born.  I didn’t have the answers so he said, “Let’s look it up!”  I grabbed my phone and we watched video after video about giraffes and their calves that helped answer his question and prompted more.   1,020 more words

Katie Martin

Using the Alphabet

The 6 and 7 year olds in my class use the alphabet in expected ways when writing. I am teaching them how to plan their writing and they are writing their ideas down in a graphic organiser. 61 more words


What is political philosophy, what is it for, and how the hell do we do it?

Over the past weeks I’ve been doing three things bearing on the questions above. First, I’ve been explaining to my new colleagues, in a university without a philosophy department, what on earth it is that I do. 329 more words

Learning And Teaching