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Friday Night Takeaway/aka our monthly book review. Towards Dialogic Teaching by Robin Alexander (AUGUST 2017)

The book in 10 sentences:

Robin Alexander’s premise is that talk is under-rated and under utlised in UK schools. As teachers we often fall into the trap of saying: “now we’ve spoken about it, let’s write it down”; therefore placing a higher emphasis on the written word. 246 more words


“Stop, collaborate and listen”

On the 20th and 21st July, Sam Nolan and the ESLTIS gang brought together the third annual ESTLIS conference in Sheffield. It was great to arrive and see some familiar faces as we all sat down over two days to absorb and take part in discussion around collaborative learning. 976 more words

3 Characteristics of Authentic Leadership that Inspires Innovation

Although it is impossible to think that one could or should have all the answers, too many of us often feel inadequate when we don’t. It is hard to get away from the idea that the teacher, principal, superintendent or whoever is “in charge” should be the expert and have all the answers. 1,384 more words

Learning And Teaching

Can we talk about... how blogging can help Learning and Teaching

So this is the first blog of the L&T group at St Richard Reynolds Catholic College, Twickenham.  We are an outstanding “new” school – established in 2013, who want to see if applying L&T research can deliver excellent L&T in one year. 149 more words


Stevenson Scholarship in Granada: “An Amazing Opportunity”

As promised, following on from Alex’s post about his experiences at Stirling and plans for the future, here is the article Jeanne Nozahic has sent us about her time in Granada. 772 more words

University Of Stirling

5 Lessons Learned to Create Successful Teams

The best of each of us is amplified when we work on teams that are structured to support effective teamwork but what makes these effective teams work can feel somewhat elusive at times. 2,166 more words

Learning And Teaching

Forever Beginning

Admittedly, I have never loved poetry.  I think a big part of this is that I thought that I always had to analyze it the “right way.” I was always taught to determine what the author’s message was as if there was only one answer,  which is why… 953 more words

Learning And Teaching