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Brabo alayna

Babes, I want to hug every year abroader and tell them their feelings are valid.

I’ve been off sick   these first two and a half months. 170 more words

Round Up

Learning Arabic the Write Way

Have you tried to write for a prolonged amount of time by hand recently? The time-honoured skill of handwriting may be an utterly distant memory. Come to think of it the memory of ruining your manicure, receiving the gift of… 440 more words


We’re sorry אנו מצטערים نحن نأسف

This is the 4th in a series I began yesterday with 3 posts on Facebook, which I’m copying here below:


The verb خربط/يخربط

The verb خربط/يخربط (kharbaT/ikharbeT) is one of those rare verbs that you’ll find that is comprised of a 4 letter root as opposed to the typical 3.  213 more words


مكناس: التجوّل في المدينة

تتناول هذه القائمة كل ما يتعلق بالتجول في المدينة.

المفردات المعنى بالفصحى

Poem - Arabic dreams

Bismillah, alhamdulillah: A poetic response to ‘Why learn Arabic?’ (2004)

Glittering world
Promises you hurl
False and broken
But covered and well spun

Like insects in dizzying pace… 93 more words


Arabic for kids

New  Arabic program for kids from 5+ years old

This course helps kids in learning Arabic language in simple way.

Course content

  1. The Alphabet 
  2. Greetings and introductions 
  3. 46 more words