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أتكلم بالعربية :) - I speak Arabic

Nah, I’m just kidding. I just got a bit too excited cus I’ve learnt a couple of words lool

But it’s actually been very intense but also very enjoyable – you don’t feel stressed out when practice and it’s not just me that feels that way. 194 more words


Fluent or not Fluent, that is the سؤال

“Are you fluent in Arabic?”

Trailing only behind “Morocco….? Wait, where?” and “But like, ISIS. Is it really safe there?,” the question of my fluency in Arabic pretty much trumps all else in the list of the FAQs Sarah (and, apparently, most PCVs) gets regarding Morocco. 1,116 more words

Learning all about the Fatha

I put glitter glue on the letters so that there is texture, it is an excellent tool for children to make connections. The tracing helps the hand become the tool of the brain.

Learning Arabic

Arabic Flashcards - Fall in love with the Arabic letters

Here, my son is placing the Arabic flashcards on a mat. He is just manipulating the cards.

Learning Arabic

Days of the week (with video and audio!)

مرحباً MARHABA!

If you have been following on twitter, I have been doing a Word of the day series and I have started with the Days of the Week. 209 more words


The word بلاش

The colloquial word بلاش (balaash) is formed by adding the words بلا (balaa), meaning “without” with شي (shi), meaning “thing”. In terms of how it’s used in colloquial Levantine Arabic, you’ll find that بلاش will be used in three different contexts: 253 more words