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"Learning Arabic in Amman" by Chloe Briney

As is likely very obvious, one of my goals in coming to Jordan was to improve my Arabic. It’s been interesting living here and experiencing the challenges that I both foresaw and didn’t see coming in terms of using the language. 701 more words


Injuries and Parliament

At the end of this week, our Qasid teachers had a party for us. They rented out a soccer field at a local school and we had a field day. 413 more words

Learning Arabic

"Under The Stars" by Val Yang

I believe that after ten years, twenty years, or even more, I will still remember that night when I laid down in the desert looking at the stars in the dark blue sky. 542 more words

Area & Arabic Language Studies

"My Friend Mjdoleen" by Val Yang

Arabic songs about love and heartbreak playing at full volume in the car, miles of mountains and deserts disappearing behind us while we drove to As-Salt. 630 more words

Area & Arabic Language Studies

The adjective فاضي

The adjective فاضي (faaDy) can have various meanings depending on the context. It’s also a verb that is used both in Levantine Arabic as well as Modern Standard Arabic. 287 more words


As The Moon Appears

Yesterday was a test day at Madrasah. We had Quran test and Islamic. We had to perform ablution and then recite the duas after ablution and recite the dua of leaving a gathering. 166 more words

Journal Entries Of Blue Spirit Muslimah

Surviving the Storm

Well, we took our midterm today and I survived….mostly. After our test, some friends and I went to Rainbow Street in order to wind down and, of curse, get food. 718 more words

Learning Arabic