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Saudi-led Airstrike Kills 15 Civilians in Taiz

I can’t for the life of me find an English news article on this airstrike, but for now here is the news via Tweets. Not sharing the graphic photos. 149 more words


Finished Fusha Arabic level 2!


Last week my Arabic class in Qasid for level 2 MSA has been finished. Students were told to make a 5 minutes video as their final project so I made this one. 448 more words


Learning Tajweed-- Again

The Internet is awash in web sites for learning tajweed. I am amazed and impressed, but not tempted to use them. I first learned tajweed the old-fashioned way, by sitting at the foot of a master. 274 more words


Arabic Update: What I have been Learning

I decided to make another Arabic video today, so that I can practice what I have been learning these past weeks. I am definitely still working on my accent and my sentences are very brief and childish, but I thought it would be fun to chart my growth as I continue to learn on my own, and, in nearly a month, become immersed in the Arabic language.   14 more words


Finding Common Ground between Arabic and Hindi

As I have been moving along with my NSLI-Y Pre-Program course and my independent Arabic studies, I can’t help noticing the intricate interconnectedness between Arabic and my own language: Hindi. 376 more words


Dua Imam-e-Zamana + Translation

Every day of our lives, we recite the Dua of Imam-e-Zamana. Every day, we ask Allah (SWT) to protect our Imam (AS). From a young age, our children have listened to this dua repeatedly and are able to memorize this dua. 276 more words