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Finished Fusha Arabic level 2!


Last week my Arabic class in Qasid for level 2 MSA has been finished. Students were told to make a 5 minutes video as their final project so I made this one. 448 more words


Learning Tajweed-- Again

The Internet is awash in web sites for learning tajweed. I am amazed and impressed, but not tempted to use them. I first learned tajweed the old-fashioned way, by sitting at the foot of a master. 274 more words


Arabic Update: What I have been Learning

I decided to make another Arabic video today, so that I can practice what I have been learning these past weeks. I am definitely still working on my accent and my sentences are very brief and childish, but I thought it would be fun to chart my growth as I continue to learn on my own, and, in nearly a month, become immersed in the Arabic language.   14 more words


Finding Common Ground between Arabic and Hindi

As I have been moving along with my NSLI-Y Pre-Program course and my independent Arabic studies, I can’t help noticing the intricate interconnectedness between Arabic and my own language: Hindi. 376 more words


Dua Imam-e-Zamana + Translation

Every day of our lives, we recite the Dua of Imam-e-Zamana. Every day, we ask Allah (SWT) to protect our Imam (AS). From a young age, our children have listened to this dua repeatedly and are able to memorize this dua. 276 more words


الشامي, School, and a New Friendship

“Ma ismuka?” I asked my Syrian friend’s little brother, expecting him to answer with his name. He looked at me, confused. I had just made a big Arabic learner faux pas: dialect confusion. 603 more words


Learning Arabic

Learning languages has never been my thing despite my father’s best efforts. My dad has a natural talent for languages and really wanted all three of his kids to speak several languages as well. 207 more words

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