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Ark of endangered species on the brink in Yemen

From The New Arab on March 4th:

The zoo in Taiz is desperately trying to save 281 animals. It’s currently home to several rare and endangered species: 223 more words


DIY Arabic Alphabet Flashcards

Recently, I made flashcards of the Arabic alphabet for my daughter. I used white liquid glue, so when it was dry, it was clear and 3D. 251 more words


Pro-Houthi Rally in Yemen's Capital Sana'a

People gathered in Sana’a for a rally in unity and support of their country against the Saudi-led coalition.

One speaker talks about their perseverance and steadfastness during the two years of aggression led by Saudi Arabia and America, the humanitarian crisis ignored by the world, and how the US wants to use Yemen to control the Mandeb Strait, Socotra islands, and port city of Mokha. 205 more words


Learning Arabic Online!

I have been extremely busy in the past few weeks, but I decided that I needed to spend more time doing things that I honestly cared about, and that would be important to my life. 214 more words


How to Read Arabic: Fast and Free

At first sight, the Arabic Naskh script appears daunting, with swirling lines and hovering dots that go from right to left. To add to that, there are 28 letters, and each letter has three different forms, depending on where it is located in a word. 408 more words

Shraddha Joshi

Language barriers in relationships

Is it possible to love someone and be involved in a long-term relationship with them if you don’t speak the same language?

If you truly love them, wouldn’t you at least try to learn their language or teach them yours, so you can better understand one another? 317 more words

Arabic Language

Brabo alayna

Babes, I want to hug every year abroader and tell them their feelings are valid.

I’ve been off sick   these first two and a half months. 170 more words

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