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Arabic 101: Lesson 5

I survived ‘Survival Arabic’.  You heard me right.  Darryl and I made it through.  It wasn’t always easy but I learned so much in 12 weeks.  209 more words

Arabic 101: Lesson 4

My last post about Arabic class was not so positive. Well I am happy to say, it got better.  I decided to take it serious and it is paying off.  278 more words

Arabic 101: Lesson 3- Honestly Teachers Make the Worst Students

It has been 5 weeks since I began taking Arabic course and every week I have to drag myself to go.

Most of the time it’s because I’m lazy but I also run an after school activity where I am cooking healthy snacks with a group of 17 excited first-third grade girls on Wednesday which is one of the days I attend class. 297 more words

Arabic 101: Lesson 2

Ahlan Wa Sahlan- Welcome, Hello

If you ever want to know what it’s like to be an esl student, become one. ≈Me

I’ve never been a very empathetic person but this class is causing a change in me when it comes to my class of first graders.  259 more words

Arabic 101: lesson 1

Anyone who has known me for several years will not be surprised by this post so here it is.  Even all the way in the Middle East, I have found a way to enroll in school.   466 more words

#arabicoftheday 012 : view

#arabicoftheday : view = مَنظَر

هذا المَنظَرُ سمةٌ خاصةٌ مِن تُركيا، و هو المنظرُ من نافذةِ الفندقِ الذي ننزلُ فيهِ.

This view is a special trait of turkey, this is the view from the window of the hotel where we stay at.


Beginning Arabic at Middlebury's Intensive Summer Language School

A month ago I completed Middlebury’s Arabic Language School, an 8-week intensive summer program on the campus of Mills College in Oakland, California. Before deciding to attend MLS, I’d spent a lot of time researching: Is it smart to do the program as a beginner or should I wait until my second year of Arabic? 1,118 more words