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Arabic and Hair Care

Today was our first full day of class! It was really exciting to be able to meet my new professor and see more of what we are going to be doing. 360 more words

Learning Arabic

"Food Adventure in Amman: More Than Just Falafels" by Val Yang

After being told how amazing falafel was, I came to Amman with the expectation of eating a lot of falafels. However, only in four days, I realized that Jordanian food was way more than just falafels. 536 more words

Area & Arabic Language Studies

Discovering Rabat

Sheep. They are one of the first things I noticed after we finally get free of the chaos that is the Casablanca airport parking lot and head along the highway towards Morocco. 715 more words


Arabic is Over 😪

It’s been over for over a week now and I miss it so much

I miss waking up early in the morning for lessons

And the good times with the IJ squad❤ 139 more words


Introducing Mika Chmielewski - Fall 2015 Morocco Blog Abroad Correspondent

When I started taking Arabic fall term of my freshman year of college, I never expected it would land me here, finalizing my packing list for the semester I will spend in Rabat. 622 more words


Bismillah, in two weeks I begin learning Arabic!

Salam alaikoum!

Good news! I’m so excited because classes start up again in two weeks (on 24 August), and I will begin learning Arabic insha’Allah. :) 127 more words

أتكلم بالعربية :) - I speak Arabic

Nah, I’m just kidding. I just got a bit too excited cus I’ve learnt a couple of words lool

But it’s actually been very intense but also very enjoyable – you don’t feel stressed out when practice and it’s not just me that feels that way. 194 more words