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Pondering A Change in Lifestyle

The Third Month

Well, I had two good weeks, then the third week I gained one pound!!! Then the fourth week, not only did I not track what I ate (again), I also this time did not go to the weekly WW meeting. 642 more words

Healthy Living

Friday Musings

Reading: J R WARD The Shadows… every once in frequent while I like to indulge my naughty but nice reading persona and the brotherhood always gives me that. 381 more words

Learning Curve

not my Eureka but I'll take it!

Hello! Fitting quest week continues. Before I went on a long ramble about tape measures, I left my recent dress fitting mishap unresolved, with two potential ways forward. 242 more words

Learning Curve

Spotlight: Learning Curve, by Melissa Kendall

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Madame Eve may have helped them find one another. But meshing their two worlds together isn’t easy.

When Dean is nominated for an Emmy, he is so excited he invites Sally to be is date for the evening. 361 more words

Contemporary Romance

The Second Month

Friday, March 11 ~ Thursday, April 7, 2016

This was a very interesting period of 4 weeks. I vacationed in Niagara Falls and had 3 parties or outings in addition to my regular life. 434 more words

Weight Loss

The Organized Weight Loss Program

 At this point, I just want to take the opportunity here to write an opinion post regarding “organized weight loss programs” before I go ahead and publish the next 6 weeks of Journal entries. 653 more words

Weight Loss

Results of the First Month

Well, it certainly HAS been a learning curve.

One thing I learned right off the bat is that I have been eating way too large of portions, too much pre-packaged food or convenience food, too much Chinese take-out, too much fast food period, and too many times a day, without enough intake of fruits and vegetables or water. 173 more words

Weight Loss