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Isn't This Fun?

I once participated in an egg toss with my son Eliot, at a company picnic. Our egg, despite being dropped on the grass several times, miraculously survived the game intact. 786 more words


The Toilet Block

Come on ….. take a look inside to see how the fabulous toilet block is coming along.

But please leave your muddy boots at the door… 209 more words

Learning Curve

Do you want to see a chicken laying an egg?

Then click on the video to see one of our hens laying an egg

Please note the fabulous rollaway action of our new nest box set-up.


Home-made Prosciutto

Back last autumn/winter I started making some prosciutto from a leg of our British Lop pigs – see here for a brief mention. It isn’t too hard to make. 397 more words


Putting the bees to bed for the winter

A few weeks ago I put my bees to bed for the winter. Every week  (more or less – well OK less) for four weeks I had treated them with HiveClean and feed them ambrosia syrup. 237 more words

Learning Curve

Learning from Others' Mistakes...

“If you’re smart you’ll learn from your mistakes. If you’re a genius you’ll learn from other people’s mistakes.”

Brazilian saying (apparently).


Skeins on A Plane: The Ending...

Hi all! It’s been an age, I know, but I am very much alive and (finally) well, by which I really mean “alive and knitting away,” because: priorities. 741 more words