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Q.F.T.D 16

Morning Folks!

Here’s wishing you a truly excellent day, where ever you are in this world of ours!

Life is an experiment, absolutely – the world doesn’t owe us anything, we do however owe it to ourselves to sample life, and the more sampling we do, the richer our life becomes!

Have a great day!


We, all, have dreams...

You, everybody and I have some dreams; after that, what happens to us?
Most of us get frustrated when things do not meet their ends. 269 more words


Data Tools: Case Study on Hadoop's effectiveness

Case Study: Open source Cloud Computing Tools: A case study with a weather application

Focus on: Hadoop V0.20, which has a Platform as a Service cloud solution, which have parallel processing capabilities… 518 more words


Fault lies within us

Why do we have to blame others for our mistakes, can’t we accept that we all have faults?

World Around Us

Learning curve #AtoZChallenge – Peculiar ‘Pen fellows’ – Quirks only a writer can understand

Learning curve

Life is one big learning curve. We never stop adapting, gaining knowledge or developing the way we do things. We accept that, and yet, we can’t help but cringe when we look back at our earlier work and catalogue all the mistakes we made. 183 more words


*Announcer Voice* GOOOOOOOAAAAAAL!

(I can almost guarantee that I know what voice you read the title in…)

Ready to begin the journey into goal setting, tracking, and achievement? I’ve been itching to, and as a way to hold myself accountable, I’ll be blogging my progress as I go. 808 more words

Learn From My Experience

I'll remember you (2)

I’ll remember you

when Christmas peeps into my living room

and finds me curled in my favorite couch

I’ll remember you

When choirs of singers… 75 more words