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The lesbian TTC learning curve

The trial and error when its comes to TTC can be daunting.
After blogs, Youtube videos, understanding TTC lingo and numerous forum posts, we still have a steep learning curve. 468 more words


The power of the now is that it is untainted, fresh, new and never before seen or experienced bringing with it an adventure loaded with mystery and each precious moment is given out freely no two alike to billions of people all over the world in different situations and scenarios. 484 more words

Pearls Series Of Books

Excel, the wonders you're made of

When a song reminds you of the past, or a photo you see brings back memories – and by that I’m referring to the not-so-pleasant memories, it sucks. 290 more words

Four Hives

Last time I posted about the bees I was hopeful that I was maybe going to be able to go from having one viable hive to three as I had found some sealed Queen cells in the one good hive – see… 287 more words

Learning Curve

A Disagreement with Yarn

I had the most difficult time picking up the Sweet November Shawl  this week.

Granted, I did take it everywhere with me in case there was any waiting involved, but it remained in my messenger bag and I felt horribly guilty. 234 more words


Learning Curves are for Pussies but Concealed Rhetoric is for Cowards.

Furthermore, jonny boy, Nassim Nicholas Taleb refers to the Bell Curve as “Great Intellectual Fraud.”

Wat is de Griekse crisis?

Vanaf vandaag houd ik op deze blog mijn learning curve bij van de Griekse crisis. Dat wil zeggen: ik ga mij als leek verdiepen in het onderwerp en deel mijn vorderingen hier. 528 more words