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Daily Shorts - A Solution?

I think I have it all sussed out. For the past couple days, I have been lucky not to run into anyone I wanted to avoid. 127 more words


THE LEARNING CURVE: Munster Fall To Saracens' Supremacy

Sometimes the better team wins. Simple as.

When you’re simply outclassed in a match, there isn’t a whole lot you can say. Luckily for Munster, there’s a greater picture than just Sarries – there’s a future and more imminently, there’s a Pro12 title waiting to be contended for. 1,035 more words

Bill Nye. Regular Guy.


Every time I read or hear something Bill Nye says, I have an instant flashback to this 1990s video of him wearing jogging shorts and a cape, hands on hips, valiantly announcing: “This looks like a job for SPEED WALKER!!!” (You’ll have to click over to youtube to watch. 386 more words


EP9 - Data Scientists rocking the house

Hello people,

We must agree. Having a role model really helps to navigate through the hardships. Yeah the latter is not always round the corner; but we got his/her way of thinking rooted deep inside us. 291 more words


EP8 - Data Scientist | The Why & The How

Hello People,

After some time on this blog and reading reviews and related documents. I think it seems legit to assess what I have been up to and if my thought as a Data Scientist are getting clearer. 612 more words


When the rain is over...

Life had never being easy, the designed algorithms of our life tends to always have challenges ahead in every road ahead, it was like a test of faith in us. 352 more words


When All Avenues Are Exhausted

This week has been a roller coaster. To put it mildly.

I’ve hinted about a project I’ve been slowly gestating. One that combines all my passions: postcards, poetry, art, community building. 770 more words