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5 Common Mistakes You Make in a Conversation

Do you show up to work every day, work to the best of your ability and always strive to be better? Great! But that might not be enough. 49 more words

Learning Curve

Learning Curve: Chapter 1

The meeting didn’t need to go over the allotted time but with so many people speaking over each other they needed an extra hour to get through everything on the schedule. 6,549 more words

Learning Curve

Such Great Heights

I used to think that writing a book would somehow be the pinnacle of writing. And for a long time it was. Books escaped me despite my best efforts at beginning them. 527 more words


Tonight Dinner 

This dish was take away from fu chow restaurant but the tofu was an added ingredient by my wife. When you loved certain foods, you will tend to modify certain ingredients into the dish to make even better. 64 more words

Foods Trail

Prove the following equation: Lillian = Malaysian

The story begins with an agonizingly slow day at the bookstore. The only thing there was to do at the cashier was nothing, so my friend and I decided that talking might be better than staring dolefully at the entrance, praying that some Good Samaritan might waltz in and buy something – anything – so that we’d have something to do. 885 more words

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The Rocket Scientist -- Tropes Thursday

“This ain’t rocket science” I catch myself saying quite a bit.

Whether it’s about driving, adulting, cooking, repairing things, etc…

But is it really?

Or does it trivialize the struggles of others? 756 more words

Mental Health


Freelancing is nice, it gives you the flexibility to exercise your time and choose options that are suitable to you.  There is a whole world out there to explore and discover your niche and find something that suits what you want to do. 282 more words