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I Really CAN be a Trooper

Today I had a shot in my knee. I didn’t even flinch and watched the entire process. Lots of exposure watching and getting chemo..called desensitization. I found out today that because of Medicare regulations, it is necessary to start with shots before any knee replacement.

Now for the Mexico story.

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10 Little Things Successful People Do Differently

In striving to achieve your success, you are not alone.

Somewhere, somebody achieved what you would like to achieve, and you can learn from them. 36 more words

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13 Underappreciated Traits You Absolutely Need to Succeed

Whatever success means to you.

13 Underappreciated Traits You Absolutely Need to Succeed will help you to achieve your success faster.

Don’t ignore this interesting advice

Be happy. Here and now

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The Why of the Making

Candles have always been interesting to me; growing up all of my aunts and grandmothers had them in their home and it was always really special when they would pull out these candles and light them up. 726 more words


Onshore Wind Industry Learning Fast

In recent decades, wind turbines have become a familiar sight in many countries. Onshore wind projects around the world now consistently deliver electricity for USD 0.04 per kilowatt‑hour (kWh), with some projects achieving as low as USD 0.03/kWh. 509 more words


Bat Snapshots 13: Learning Curve IV

Tim woke up to the feeling of Bruce’s chest rising and falling softly as he slept on. Blinking himself awake, Tim felt a puddle of his drool on on Bruce’s shirt and tried to pat it dry before he woke up. 2,374 more words

Bat Snapshots

Bat Snapshots 12: Learning Curve III

Bruce stared up at the screen as he considered all of his options. He knew from his meeting with Leslie less than an hour ago that he had missed something important to do with Tim and his father and he needed to fix things soon or he would risk losing his son forever. 5,064 more words

Bat Snapshots