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Word: Impecunious


Sentence: The foragers and farmers and fishermen of the old Chez Panisse fantasy still figure, but now as an unseen impecunious peasant horde combing beaches and redwoods for the chanterelles and Santa Barbara spot prawns that genius chefs transform into visionary distillations of a mythical Northern California experience that no successful entrepreneur would waste time living.

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Learning English

Picking apart EA words

Have you heard this rhyme?

When two vowels go walking the first one does the talking, it says its name.

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English As A Foreign Language

Nouns: Countable vs. Uncountable

Countable nouns are usually preceded by an article like the, a, or an.

There’s a chair in the corner.
The report is on my computer. 164 more words

Business English

Future-Proof Jobs

US Navy photo by John F. Williams

Over recent weeks I’ve seen a couple of[1] articles about the jobs that it will be most difficult to… 585 more words

Structuring Your Email

Business emails generally have six major parts: greeting, opening statement, body, closing statement, close, and signature.


A formal greeting looks like this:

Dear + title + last name (family name/surname) 595 more words

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