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Vulnerably un-fine is just fine

Recently, I decided that I wanted to start volunteering to teach a weekly English class. My friend Jeremiah volunteers full time for an NGO here that operates an English language learning center. 737 more words

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September - Debate it!

Should children attend summer schools or take a break all summer?

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Practicing English


This is my first post in English. Maybe you will laugh reading this post because of my bad English but I don’t care. Because I want to can speak English well and I am practicing English now. 230 more words

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Get along

More example sentences:

  • I don’t get along with Sebastian, we have nothing in common!
  • The reason you don’t get along is because you have different values.
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Other Language Speakers, Learning English - Resources

Many of the people who visit my websites are actually native speakers of the language I am learning, who are themselves learning English. With this in mind, I wish to list the resources that I use, when guiding people on… 625 more words

Learning English

It's not that complicated

This photo has been making the rounds on social media. Recently, there was a potential gas shortage due to a gas pipeline leak. This sign was posted at a gas station. 26 more words

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The Queen’s English – Elegant English

The term ‘the Queen’s English’ dates back to 1592, in the time of Queen Elizabeth I. Using the Queen’s English is no longer the prerogative of royalty of any class, group, region or country although it used to be so. 134 more words

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