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Snowmen 雪だるま

A “while back”1 there was a famous animated movie that ask the wintery question “Do you want to build a snowman?”. Of course, the answer is a resounding2, “Yes!” 242 more words

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The Super Bowl スーパーボウル

Some of the best known holidays in America are Easter, The Fourth of July Thanksgiving and Christmas. But there is one more holiday, although it is an unofficial1 one, which is in many ways more popular than all the others. 336 more words

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Germans in the UK

Germans in the UK is a series in which some of my German friends and contacts tell us about their experience of living and working in the UK. 930 more words

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Feeding The Birds 鳥の餌付け

If you are looking for a hobby this winter perhaps you could try feeding the birds. This is a popular hobby in America and Europe and it especially good for the birds during the long cold months of winter. 212 more words

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I was partnered with another student to observe a couple of classes today.

The first class only had 2 students. The teacher worked with them on superlatives (words like best, most, worst, least, etc). 252 more words


An Arm and a Leg

“It cost me an arm and a leg” means that it cost a lot of money. Other idioms that use arms and legs, include “break a leg”, which means good luck — especially in show business, “pull my leg” which means to fool someone (e.g Are you pulling my leg?) and pull my finger, used by uncles towards little nephews and nieces. 27 more words

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