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The Genius Hour

What is ‘genius hour’?

Genius hour is based on the 20% model that Google uses with their employees. This model is quite simple but very effective… 363 more words


Word: Approbation


Sentence: He’s not unique in his self-approbation. Policy makers in Europe, where employment has barely recovered at all and a number of countries are in fact experiencing Depression-level distress, have even less to boast about.

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Word: Gargantuan


Sentence: One gargantuan project is the city’s plaza program, which has created a series of pedestrianized plazas across the city by converting unused pockets of land or changing traffic patterns.

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Word: Aboulomania


Sentence: However, the all-pervasive indecision that you describe your husband struggling with is recognised as a potentially disabling anxiety condition. It has even been given its own name – ‘

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Word: Ergomania


Sentence: In our clinical practice with patients who are suffering from chronic, medically unexplained musculoskeletal pain, we have long been impressed by their frequent self-reports of a marked overactive life-style, also called “

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Word: Oniomania


Sentence: After leaving the store, I felt the first pinpricks of panic. I wondered whether Go Shop technology could convert someone with mild oniomania (compulsive shopping disorder) into a total shopaholic with serious financial problems.

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“Everything that hard is good for your brain”

“Everything that hard is good for your brain”

Ellen Bialystok distinguished research professor of psychology at York University.

Recently I heard a podcast from American’s most famous female broadcaster, who actually has resigned the moment.

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