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Further Thoughts on the Four Function Diagram

I am now returning, having received a moment ago a timely reminder from Victor Berrjod, to the discussion on the above diagram, and what it can show us of use to the learners of language. 1,752 more words

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Initial Thoughts on the Four Functions Diagram

I would like to give you today some initial thoughts on the diagram, and to do that I’m going back to a simplified form of the diagram without the flows included as yet. 1,657 more words

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Chinese from scratch - a 1260 hour work Programme optimising your result.

Reader Jarad Mayers wrote the following very good question:

I want to learn Mandarin. I am not sure how to go about it. This is the very first language I am attempting to learn.

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Someone has had trouble remembering enough words with their Goldlist

Someone (sic) wrote to me recently suggesting that the Goldlist was not for them as they had tried to do a distillation and only remembered 2 of 25 words. 1,027 more words

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Some of my Japanese mnemonics

I don’t hold with using mnemonics usually in language learning, but with Japanese there is so much going on at once in a word – the various readings, the shape of the kanji, etc, that sometimes odd wordgames and things like that can help. 377 more words

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Grammar and the Goldlist

I am often asked (or, for hypersticklers, ‘it is often being asked unto me’) “Is the Goldlist only for vocabulary or is it also for… 1,285 more words

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