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McClusky's Theory of Margin

Let’s see what we can do to help Eeyore since his head is so full of facts! The well-loved character from the book Winnie the Poo by AA Milne has trouble seeing the bright side of things and needs to improve his self-motivation to make better grades in the Management 101 course he is taking at a local community college. 394 more words

Instructional Design

learning objectives assignment

• Bеgіn to think аbout learning objectives that would guide уour practicum hours, as well as the activities уou will undertake to achieve those objectives. Refer to the DNP Essentials and your specialty competencies to inform your development of the learning objectives. 376 more words

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The Second Phase of ADDIE

During the second week of our Instructional Design & Technology Capstone course, we are required to develop a design document using the ADDIE framework.  Admittedly, the task was intimidating not only because of the amount of information required but also because of a tendency to reveal gaps and assumptions in your needs analysis.  199 more words



ENGL 5376: Online Publishing taught me how identify and implement accessibility standards into digital environments. I have demonstrated my knowledge by creating a web accessibility portfolio for Freshbenies. 246 more words

Learning Objectives

Setting Learning Objectives - The Basics

Where to begin….

To start with it is important to know the difference between an aim and objective.


An Aim is the overall goal or purpose of the lesson. 444 more words

Learning Objectives

WCAG 2.0

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 was used to assess the accessibility of Freshbenies’ official website throughout my accessibility portfolio. WCAG 2.0, shown in the image below is tested according to Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA success criteria. 96 more words

Learning Objectives

Working Alone Inhibits Learning

Working alone can be very stressful which is why Doers need support while they are acquiring new skills or taking in new information. A number of things can go wrong if those undergoing training fail to support each other through the process of learning—here are just a few samples of what can happen. 351 more words