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Touch the book

Each and every day we need to touch the book, write the poem – or even just one word on the end, draw our child while she eats her cereal, sing in the shower and make up our own song, dance while we wait for the lift. 396 more words

Learning Out Loud

Morning Pages with a twist

Edit 21/08/19 – After 3 days of writing 1000 words of stream of consciousness, creative non-fiction or fiction, I’ve decided it was a huuuuge mistake. I have written 9 pages of negativity! 469 more words

Learning Out Loud

Rubbish Superpowers

The ability to miss the bin or laundry hamper but get the piece of garbage or dirty clothes in the tiny gap between the wall and the hamper/bin. 315 more words

Learning Out Loud

Would you speak to a child like that?

This beautiful idea comes courtesy of a writer I follow on social media whose name has completely escaped me. They recommended we creatives pin up a photo of ourselves as children where we can see it as we write, paint, sculpt, make and do. 62 more words

Learning Out Loud

Resisting the stats.

Shit went down this week. David Campbell announced that his son was Princess Di in a previous life. Lizzie revealed her Revenge Body. And Instagram got rid of the… 321 more words

Learning Out Loud

Fiction = Truth

Every memoir is a work of fiction, every work of fiction is steeped in truth.

I’ve heard the above sentiment so many times on my writer’s journey so as I write the outlines for the short stories I am planning to write in July, I vehemently steer clear of anything even vaguely autobiographical.

370 more words
Learning Out Loud

On looking back

There’s a saying that goes something like “don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” Or how about “You can’t drive forward by looking in the rear view mirror.” I was cruising… 438 more words

Learning Out Loud