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Tempt the Temper

A to Z Challenge

   I’m not sure why I have a temper as quick as I do.  It doesn’t take much to piss me off but it does take a lot for me to react because of it.   943 more words

A-Z Challenge

Being Patient 

Being a writer has taught me patience, a virtue that I’ve been sorely lacking my entire life.

I’ve always been a driven person getting results through hard work and determination. 513 more words



Companies are never perfect. Not even big huge corporations like IBM, Google, Coca-Cola or any other you may imagine. You might think that by being big they would work perfectly fine? 21 more words

What We Are Learning

My Child Makes Me Want to Scream: Learning Patience.

We all lose our patience, regardless of if we’re a parent, a spouse, or a friend. Why? Well, because we’re human; and have emotions. But if you are a parent, there’s a whole other level of patience required when handling your children. 547 more words

Farrells U.S. Martial Arts

My Emmaus Road: What To Do In the Waiting

by Tara Johnson

“A watched pot never boils.” 

The old adage has rolled around in my brain for the past few months as I’ve waited for something to happen…something I know God is leading me to do and I just need the go-ahead from people bigger than myself. 970 more words

Walking With God

Making Butter Teaches Patience

We moved. It was shocking to go from suburbia to country living. Learning to live in a time and place that seemed like a foreign country, we had to depend on the land and the goodwill of others to survive. 477 more words


Synchronicity Works!

I have often been asked how I come up with the blog topics I write on since they are so varied. The answer is quite simple really – I wait for the spirit to move me (no pun intended). 446 more words