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Food for thought...

“The present time has one advantage over every other – it is our own.”

Charles Caleb Colton

Food For Thought...

Word of the Day May 5, 2018

Happy Cinco de mayo!


(dŏs′ē-ā′, dô′sē-ā′)


A collection of papers giving detailed information about a particular person or subject.

CITE: http://www.thefreedictionary.com 17 more words


Word of the Day April 21, 2018

Late posting, due to a family emergency.


v. -tled, -tling,
n. v.i.

1. to talk in a childish or simple-minded way; chatter or babble; prate. 23 more words

Life As We Know It

Just Wait

If there’s one big lesson I’ve been having to learn in this life, it’s the lesson of being patient. Sometimes, I just want to get things done now! 395 more words


Hope in the Waiting

So many people seem to be waiting.

  • A good friend is waiting in ICU with her seriously ill husband
  • My son is waiting for complete healing and a blood clot to dissolve…
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Staying In Hope

Word of the day April 14, 2018




involved with others in reprehensible or illegal activity

CITE: http://www.thefreedictionary.com

Life As We Know It