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Benefits of Using Fully Manual mode

Why Manual Mode

well there is alot of talking about using fully manual mode, that pros consider manual mode and stuff. Its true that manual mode is the best mode if you want to control everything, and do not want to relay on camera’s judgement. 389 more words

Learning Potography

Basics of Photography

As for starters First you need a Dslr or mirror-less Camera. We will be using term Dslr frequently afterward to refer to a camera. 429 more words

Photography Learning Summary & Final Reflections

If you look at my Flickr account, I don’t believe you can really trace a progression of “worse” to “better” photos. Part of this is because I deleted the not so good photos – I realize now that, in future learning, I need to keep those bad examples to show students because they are just as much of a learning queue as seeing the good examples. 1,051 more words


New Article Published on DPS

Hi everyone *waves* boy the change back to normal hours for the end of Daylight Savings has been kicking my ass big time!  I have been SO TIRED this week, and now the sun is setting at 6pm and I can’t cope! 116 more words


Composition - the only 'rule' you should obey!

As photographers we should always be wary of ‘rules’ when associated with our creativity. We already have so many to remember after all. Like the ‘rule of thirds’, ‘negative space’, ‘rule of odds’  and ‘leading lines’ and so forth. 327 more words