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How @Twitter Handles #Learning

This is an article about learning and development at Twitter. It focuses on the experience of Melissa Daimler, Twitter’s Head of Learning and Organizational Development. Melissa discusses some of the learning intitiatives being implemented at Twitter. 52 more words

Learning Design

Crafting an Online Learning Strategy

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been involved in a number of conversations with a variety of organizations about overall learning strategies, and the role that online learning should play in a more comprehensive strategy. 1,244 more words


Are there abandoned learners in your organisation?

Learning in spite of a lack of support and encouragement?

My recent invitation to Towards Maturity’s benchmarking study 2015 motivated me to revisit their report from last year and see where we (as learning and development community) are at in terms of performance, skills of our Learning and Development teams and how well we influence our learners. 1,084 more words


Learning Strategy for Developers

Of all the industries, software industry is the most innovative one. This puts enormous pressure on the developers to keep on learning and updating themselves. Developers have to learn fast and unlearn very fast. 225 more words

Coaching and mentoring as a learning transfer strategy in LIVES

By Mamusha Lemma

Training is often criticized for not making a significant impact on improving performance. Many training managers are increasingly concerned about how to ensure the transfer of learned skills and knowledge from a training context to the work environment.  559 more words


HOPE Reflection H2 - Honor Access to Content

H2 – Honor student access to content material. Teacher candidates use multiple instructional strategies, including the principles of second language acquisition, to address student academic language ability levels and cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 536 more words

H - Honor Student Diversity, Development And Their Right To Learn

P2 - Differentiated Instruction

P2 – Practice differentiated instruction. This means that teachers use a variety of instructional strategies or personalized instruction to help students acquire knowledge. Teachers will create opportunities for students to learn the same standards in different forms or with small modifications to fit the students’ needs. 611 more words

P - Practice Effective Teaching