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Blog Post #3: Learning Strategies Reaction

In the previous blog post, I talk about choosing a learning strategy and implementing it into my daily schedule while documenting the effectiveness, and reality of its usefulness. 715 more words


Blog #3 - Learning Strategies Reaction

How successful were you at implementing the strategy or technique? What helped or impeded your success?

I was able to use the Pomodoro technique 6 times in the past 3 weeks. 398 more words

Learning Strategy

SuperLearner- Phương pháp học siêu tốc

Thấu hiểu được điều gì tham gia vào quá trình học
A. Đây chính là kẻ thù của bạn và nó được gọi là Đường Cong Lãng Quên( the Forgetting Curve) và nó chính là một trong những nhân tố ra đổ lỗi cho những gì chúng ta quên hay những gì chúng ta không thể nhắc lại sau đó 939 more words

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Blog Post #2: Learning Strategy or Procrastination Experiment

“Oh my god! I just failed the math quiz!!!” These are the words you’d hear me cry out when handed back an evaluation. My eyes would search across the paper filled with red markings to only see the final grade as it stares back at me with disapproval. 1,485 more words


Blog #2 - A New Learning Strategy

Summarize your chosen strategy and explain why you picked it.

I chose to implement the Pomodoro technique into my study habits. This technique involves the use of a timer, to break down time into intervals of work and break. 806 more words

Learning Strategy

L&D Spotlight On... JD Dillon

“Building connections between people, not content.”

In February I asked a number of my colleagues in the learning and development field to sum up their careers using exactly six words. 465 more words