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User Experience in Learning

Over the last 18 months, working – for the first time – with experts in user experience (UX), I’ve come to truly appreciate the need to put the learner (our own end-user) at the heart of what we do in L&D.   2,201 more words

Learning Management Systems

Deep Learning: A Strategy for Contextual Studies for Creative Practice

In the field of teaching contextual studies to creative student-practitioners, there is oftentimes an ambivalent or ambiguous, sometimes even fractured, relationship between students’ studio work and their contextual studies work. 426 more words

Contextual Studies

Driving a simplicity agenda in L&D

Over the last 14 months, as part of a team creating a new generation learning management system, I’ve come to truly appreciate the need for L&D to strive relentlessly to offer learners simplicity when it comes to their learning.  1,168 more words

Learning Design

Ten cooperative learning strategies for preschool children

Cooperative learning strategy (also known as collaborative learning strategy) is based on the Social Constructivist theory whereby learning happens with the guidance of or through collaboration with others. 450 more words

My Classroom

How to use Labels for Learning & Development Approaches

There are a range of labels or overarching terms in use in Learning and Development (L&D) to describe different modalities or approaches to learning e.g. eLearning, mobile learning, social learning. 809 more words

Learning Strategy

Learning Strategies for learning a new language - Vocabulary memorization

Words formulate a clause, phrase and sentence. It is the smallest component of a sentence. When we learn a new language, most of the times we get overwhelmed with the vocabulary words that should be memorized. 412 more words

Learning Strategy