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Stack the learning deck

Embrace new skills and roles to build a “full-stack” L&D function

Posted by Mary Slaughter on July 21, 2016.

So much has changed in organizational learning and development (L&D) over the last 15+ years that it barely resembles the function of old. 986 more words

Talent & Learning

Student Insights: How to Get the Most Out of Your Time at Touro

We asked recent MPH alum Mey Saephan some questions about her time here at Touro — What did you find helpful? What did you find not helpful? 378 more words

Study Strategies

How to invest in learning content for your organisation?

Speaking to fellow talent development colleagues at a recent event, I probed them on their organisation’s approach to learning content. Not blended learning (that’s primarily about the method and media). 807 more words

Build Or Buy Strategy

Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters

The Outlier Dictionary is an upcoming etymology dictionary for learning Chinese characters.

It was launched as a Kickstarter in collaboration with Pleco  (through which it will also be released). 50 more words

Hacking Chinese

Hacking Chinese is a blog about the challenges of learning Chinese.

The author, Olle Linge, has been writing extensively on the topic for years, while himself learning the language, and as he went on to get a degree in TCFS. 71 more words

SPACED REPETITION – Efficient Memorization & What It's Good For (article)

This article gives a well-rounded overview of the theory behind the use of spaced repetition software (SRS).

Recommended reading for anyone who has not heard about spaced repetition. 34 more words

#ATD2016 My Post-Conference Insights

I attended the Association for Talent Development International Conference and Exposition (ATDICE) in Denver 23– 25 May 2016.  On the day after the conference I made a short video to share key insights I gained from some of the sessions I attended. 1,224 more words

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