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Tony Thompson Learning Support

Efficient, Flexible, Personal Learning Support For Higher Education Students In Hampshire & Isle of Wight

What I Can Offer:
  • I have many years experience in Learning Support, on courses ranging from Physiotherapy to Electronic Engineering and Economics.
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Learning Support

Take Up Time

Never underestimate the importance of giving time to students to work through new learning and concepts. Our education systems have a treadmill quality, if you’re not moving forward you’re not moving, but this is a fallacy. 244 more words

Learning Support

Look at ability, not disability

Back in the 1980’s when I first began attending school; the usual practice was for a child with a disability to go to a “special school”. 857 more words

Through my eyes ...

Do classroom teachers know that they are valued?

Do they know how awesome they are and that they are doing amazing things to move children’s thinking every day? 140 more words


The freeway for life ..

I read a blog post this morning that got me thinking. Thinking about the process of learning. The process of thinking. And the process of school. 179 more words


Self-esteem - what ability grouping achieves ...

My son goes to a school that  groups children by ability for their second language learning and maths number. Although he is a child who has historically taken longer to learn , he has found himself in the “extension groups” for both of these subjects the term .  177 more words