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An Explanation of Mercantilism for Struggling Learners

As I’ve mentioned ad nauseum on this blog, I work at a business-themed high school in Lower Manhattan. Mercantilism, a key concept to any high school social studies curriculum, is especially important in this institution. 126 more words

English Language Arts

A St. Patrick's Day Addendum

While revising my pronouns unit in preparation for teaching it this spring, I determined that my current group of English Language Arts students would benefit from this  142 more words

English Language Arts

Exploring exponents

Today, my year 5 maths group heads off with me, chatting happily along the way.  We have been asked to explore exponents.  The children are in a different space to where they usually learn, the mix of children is different and so is the teacher! 386 more words


I am delivering training for teaching staff and learning support which explores making best use of LSA’s. The 45 minute session examines:

>The perception of an LSA’s role and responsibility. 61 more words



One of the trickiest types of situation I have experienced as a teacher is what happens when someone loses face. There are all sorts of occasions when this can happen including, say 187 more words


Learning Without Labels

Have you given much thought to the labels which infiltrate the education system?   “Gifted” children recieve their label and go on to enjoy academic activities which will help them thrive in a system which otherwise may not adequately challenge them. 829 more words


What to do?

Over the years, teaching colleagues, students’ parents and my own family and friends have often asked what the ‘best’ way is to promote this or… 215 more words