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Learn Tarot with Harry Potter: The Emperor

The card on top is from the most well-known and often used decks in the world of tarot called the Rider-Waite. I’ll be using the images and traditional meanings from this deck to discuss tarot in the… 1,580 more words

Learn Tarot With Harry Potter

Swords - a summary

The Suit of Swords is the topic of this post, to start us off we’ll go over some basic correspondences.

Other names for the suit of Swords include; Knives, Daggers and Blades. 962 more words


What is a Book Witch? - Part 1

I’m only just starting this whole witchcraft journey, but I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading witchy blogs to try to figure out where I fit into this world. 451 more words


Tarot Topic 2: Getting to Know Your Deck

Building a relationship with a new tarot deck takes some time and effort- just like a real relationship. Even if you aren’t new to tarot, a new deck needs to be ‘broken in’ per se. 335 more words

Learning Tarot

Tarot Topic 1: Picking a Deck & Shit

Tarot, much like Astrology & crystals, is a super personal thing to dive into. It is def a time to look inward and think solely about yourself and your goals. 695 more words

Learning Tarot

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

I’m beginning to wonder if the tarot is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s not supposed to be a prognosticator, but rather a way of gaining insights. I don’t expect anything from my foray into card reading — it’s more a way of honoring my deceased brother since the cards were his. 467 more words


Major Arcana in 2020

Consider the messages of various Tarot Archetypes in relation to what is happening in 2020.

The Tarot acts as a tool to better understand how to manage challenges in life and evolve with the lessons offered to us. 121 more words