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Converting Converts into Strong Christians

(This article is part of the series “Building GenNext.” You can read the previous post by clicking here.)

Water rolled down her cheeks as she was lifted from the cool water. 929 more words


Shades and forms - lesson #1

The first thing I wanted to learn is how to draw basic shapes and shadows. This is my result. I’ll provide you the link to this tutorial soon.


So... you're doing a 365 huh?

Let me share with you my impressions of a 365 project so far.

Let’s face it, as I write this post, I realize that it’s only the beginning of May, so I’m not technically even half way there, and by NO means an expert on this subject, hence I’m sharing… 858 more words

Sunday Morning Coffee

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely seen this window… a time or two… ok, maybe a tad more… But with that stunning light, how can one resist? 425 more words

In My Bag...

While I do have a great collection, it’s important to know that I have accumulated these babies over the last decade. I use each and everyone of these regularly. 904 more words

Zooms, Primes and Wide Angles oh my!

Oh boy, the choices out there on the market for lenses. It’s quite overwhelming really. While I will admit that I own a few myself, I must say that I researched the heck out of them before taking the financial plunge. 284 more words


Understanding the basics of the exposure triangle-

There are 3 elements involved in exposure (hence, triangle)

• Aperture (the amount of light that passes through the lens)

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