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How does a Writer View the Open Road?

At a certain point, I feel that a writer has to make a decision on how they view life: Do they see the journey as a lonely one where they have to forgo family and friends to find their voice? 55 more words

Shift Word Choice in the favour of Emotion...Infographic...


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Why not shifting our word choice in favor of emotion? The Story Reading Ape knows why and has delivered a helpful infographic.

Publishing: That's Not How It Works #rantaliciousness

It began on Face Book… No, wait. It began with anticipation, with having had positive experiences reading a particular author’s works. It began with seeing the posts about a new one, the reported word counts and the countdowns, the fans a’buzzing. 716 more words


3 Must Have Apps for Authors

When I first started writing stories, poetry, and (attempts) at novels (I’m still actively attempting btw), I thought the act of creation all came from the hand of God or a lightning strike from the muse, but honestly, what I’ve realized is that whenever an author talks like this he or she is mostly full of shit. 1,190 more words

Joseph Lapin

How Photography Makes Me a Better Writer

Since about 2010, I’ve been working on writing a version of a story that shows what it’s like to grow up with a family member who has a mental illness. 1,064 more words


Seeing Signs in San Diego, California

I’m beginning a new chapter in my journey, and my setting has changed; my wife and I are now living in San Diego, California. When I was a kid living in Massachusetts, there were two places that I always dreamed about living: San Diego and anywhere in Florida. 870 more words

Joseph Lapin

Are You Enjoying The Journey?

My niece has just got into drama school. After a long spell when she was not acting, she turned up at the audition feeling rusty and nervous. 366 more words