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Anxiety - Copying & Understanding It

Hello RoaMers,

Anxiety – is often defined as ‘a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.’

There is no reason needed to be anxious. 657 more words


Learning To Cope With Courage.

I was walking in the park

And I saw a little boy.  

His hair was a mess.

His face was full of joy.

He was talking to himself… 105 more words


Letting the numbness fade and seeing past the pain. #23aday is #23toomany

I wanted to make a post today as a follow up to my previous one. My last post was a bit more on the loss side. 468 more words


It is an unexpectedly warm day today. A light breeze brings in the promise of spring on its heels, and everyone around me is abuzz with energy and excitement at the prospect of longer days and t-shirt weather. 276 more words


Where to begin? Back to the basics.

That’s the hard part. Where do you tell a story that you’re not sure how it began? I think the basics will do.

I’m 28 years old, currently married to the man of my dreams, former military, and trying to conquer my past while also giving other women, and men, a voice. 299 more words

Curtain Call~

I am battling you doubt.

I am pressing myself to not allow your hold on my thoughts. It is coming with a price this time. I wonder how many pieces I have left to give, before what’s been left behind losses it’s value. 144 more words

Book Review: The Fragile World By: Paula Treick DeBoard

Before I begin today I just wanted to say I was off the grid somewhat for the past week due to Thanksgiving and needing a break from life. 506 more words