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Life Hurts and Titles Are Hard

Much like all children, at one point in my life I was fearless. The idea of pain and consequences were foreign to me, so I was completely unaware of the fallout any given decision may bring. 767 more words

Becoming A Responsible Adult


Having faith can be trying sometimes especially in a world where things are thrown at you every day. Although we are genetically structured to endure, some people get weak after a while and their mental health or even their physical bodies are affected by life’s problem. 2,027 more words


Music Changed Me: Love On Repeat

It feels good to be writing again after all the tragedy of the past few months. Today I’m honored to be featured over at themitchroush.com… 260 more words

Promoting Friends

Why Yo-Yos Don’t Get Depressed - By Dr. Sandy Seton-Browne

It seems to be a widely accepted axiom that what goes up must come down. Yet the converse does not seem to be true. A much harder question to answer is; “Why do only some things that go down, come up again?”. 1,587 more words

Mental Health

Justice for Leelah Alcorn? Is it really?

You’ve probably seen the headlines this week about Leelah Alcorn. The suicide note posted on Tumblr went viral in a matter of hours after **his/her death. 2,207 more words


fucking numbers

Numbers, man, numb

I would say the thing thing I like the most about myself are the most obscure combination of sorts.

I am vulgar… 282 more words

The third year

Where exactly has this year gone?

Feels like yesterday we were getting ready for Jennifer’s operations, or getting ready to take the kids back home to Perth…. 852 more words

Cerebral Palsy