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DWB - Driving While Blind

I left my sight behind at 55 MPH.

One minute I was driving along, chasing down a potential training contract. The next – nothing. Lights out. 2,221 more words

Learning To Cope

Trying to Transition from Tax Recipient to Tax Payer

When I first accepted my limited vision, I’d still been certain I could find work in my field. I was a seasoned training professional with over twenty years’ experience in all aspects of the profession. 3,006 more words

Learning To Cope

Learning 2 C

For better or worse, I am an extremely blunt communicator. For those who are familiar with the DISC communication assessment, I am a casebook Dominant. Unnecessary chit chat, euphemisms, or soft tones all strike me as either insulting condescension or irritating wastes of my time. 3,220 more words

Learning To Cope

Reclaiming My Time after Losing My Mind

The brain tumor I experienced is called Meningioma. I just had to Google that – I think the fact that I can’t properly pronounce the word keeps me from remembering what it is. 2,991 more words

Learning To Cope

Just because I try to stay positive, it doesn't mean that I'm all better...

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.

I’m on Humira now, and have been for about 4 months. I feel better. I don’t wake up with back pain every morning, and I can’t remember the last time I had a flare in my hip joints. 427 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Feelings after miscarriage. 

“Theres no heartbeat” she says as she puts her equipment down. She doesn’t really look you in the eye perhaps you wasn’t looking at her when she said it i can’t even remember. 1,785 more words

Anxiety while playing multiplayer games

Yeaaaah, I’ve started to feel my anxiety trigger when I play multiplayer games now. Especially when it comes to PVP type scenarios.
I’ve posted on here a lot as of late about how I’m venturing into the whole Rainbow Six Siege World while I know some things like Tachanka is our lord and saviour, I know which operators I am almost competent with, really starting to feel super comfortable with Thatcher, I really like his AR33 assault rifle. 497 more words