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Today may be just another Monday to most of you, getting ready to go to work, or vacation or maybe just tending to chores and responsibilities. 162 more words

The Life And Times Of An Insignificant Being

Why am' I writing this?

All my life I have always had a passion for writing. There was always something that held me back from sharing my passion lack of confidence, lack of schooling, and disbelief that I truly had real talent. 545 more words

Challenges Of Everyday Life

Life Revolves

Sherry Esvelt once said, “We live life in decades.  We do something ten years and then we start a new interest.”  So, life must be a revolving door through which we go. 470 more words

The relationship of Mental Illness and Self.

Like any relationship, the one between mental illness and ‘self’ has its ups and downs, it has its own balance or sometimes an imbalance, but it takes work. 572 more words


PROJECT: NO FEAR - Confessions.

In elementary school I was always the new kid. I skipped going to kindergarten on the recommendation of several school officials. I got bullied even. In middle school things weren’t all that different but, I had made some good friends. 613 more words


MCSO recognizes three students

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office is recognizing three students with the Rising Star Award.  They recognized Spencer High School student Jaco Whitely Friday afternoon. 98 more words


Reflections- The Core of Who I Am

Everyday, at various times and locations, regardless of circumstance or surroundings, I have a moment. Sometimes it’s a profound moment of clarity, sometimes it’s the exact opposite leaving me giggling quietly to myself. 270 more words

Growing Up In Your Thirties