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Music Changed Me: Love On Repeat

It feels good to be writing again after all the tragedy of the past few months. Today I’m honored to be featured over at themitchroush.com… 260 more words

Promoting Friends

Numbed by Medicine

Before being officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder I was just a young woman with PMDD and depression (according to my doctor.) I’ve always been anti-drugs, even the pharmaceutical types. 658 more words

Mental Health

Why Yo-Yos Don’t Get Depressed - By Dr. Sandy Seton-Browne

It seems to be a widely accepted axiom that what goes up must come down. Yet the converse does not seem to be true. A much harder question to answer is; “Why do only some things that go down, come up again?”. 1,587 more words

Mental Health

Disability Is Only A Mind Set

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

   — Scott Hamilton, Figure Skater

Special Needs

Teens and Jobs: Reasons For Disclosing Or Not Disclosing A Disability To Your Employer

Ready, Willing, and Able

It is hard enough for anyone to get a job, not to mention someone who has never had a job before. Or worse, a teenager who has never worked before and who has a disability; a double whammy. 286 more words

Special Needs

Why Parent Support Groups Are Needed Even At The College Level

Once our kidlets go off on their own, we sometimes feel lonely and in need of his or her presence. But many parents may feel less valued. 163 more words

Special Needs

Justice for Leelah Alcorn? Is it really?

You’ve probably seen the headlines this week about Leelah Alcorn. The suicide note posted on Tumblr went viral in a matter of hours after **his/her death. 2,207 more words