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Anxiety - Copying & Understanding It

Hello RoaMers,

Anxiety – is often defined as ‘a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.’

There is no reason needed to be anxious. 660 more words


Learning To Cope With Courage.

I was walking in the park

And I saw a little boy.  

His hair was a mess.

His face was full of joy.

He was talking to himself… 105 more words


How To: Stand Up for Yourself

Here are some steps I’ve realized I need to take in order to make a habit out of standing up for myself. I hope they may help you too if you’re trying to make a change and especially if you find yourself in situations similar to mine. 896 more words


Noticing that I seem to attract a lot of domineering men. Not sure why it’s taken me from my second boyfriend to now to realize it, but there it is. 264 more words


How do I know when my ADHD medication is really working?

I can walk past the free donuts in the break room without eating all 3.



Small Signs of Progress

Writing this blog is definitely step one in self improvement for me. I get what needs to be my focus out onto a virtual piece of paper and am somewhat more free of it. 474 more words