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So I'm A Terrible Parent--What's Your Excuse? How Societal Norms Prevent Parent's From Connecting With Each Other

This morning in my inbox, I was greeted with an email from an acquaintance who alluded to the fact that perhaps through social media my kidlet might need some positive influences which should come in the form of another teenager. 735 more words

Raising Teenagers


My friend, Toni, passed away on Friday. On July 23rd she was admitted for a planned cholecystectomy (gallbladder surgery). She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bile Duct cancer. 492 more words

Learning To Cope

Working from home

Quiet moment observations from home:

  • It’s raining acorns on the porch roof. It sounds like dime size hail, steadily trickling to the shakes. Snap, crackle, pop.
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Learning To Cope


Gratitude – in random order:

  1. My job. Although at times I feel as if my life expectancy drops with each big deadline, I am ever so grateful to be employed in a field I love and working with people I respect.
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Learning To Cope

So weary...

Although life has been different for me for the past year, since my divorce, that has not insulated me from the sorrows of everyday life. There was such a profound sadness this weekend to learn that a dear friend of mine is terminal with liver cancer. 482 more words

Learning To Cope

Lunch time vent

Life has been a challenge the past few days. Tears from both daughters, crankiness in all, and choices made that I struggle to support. How does one let people fail and find their own journey? 535 more words

Learning To Cope

no title comes to mind

As a matter of fact, not much at all comes to mind today. I spent the vast majority of the past 72 hours working toward a Monday morning goal, only to have said goal flip-flopped this morning. 309 more words

Learning To Cope