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The Little Swatch That Could

What you see here is the last 20 or 30 yards of the first skein of yarn I ever had, some Malabrigo worsted (in Pigeon, I think.) The friend who gave it to me has excellent taste in yarn that’s good for a first time knitter because this is tough stuff. 209 more words


Knitting and a fortune

Yes I am STILL knitting the same scarf I started last week. I added a few rows of another color and I think it looks so much better. 180 more words


What shall I Knit?

Now that I learned how to knit and am obsessed with it what shall my first project be? On my only pair of needles now is a scarf or maybe a headband. 91 more words


Knitting in Public

Unfortunately, I did not participate in World Wide Knit in Public Day on Saturday. Why? Yeah I didn’t go anywhere. But hey, I typically always have knitting with me. 252 more words


1, 2, skip a few, 99

Dear Mum, Youngest Aunt and I arrived at the answer by different methods – neither straightforward; you know we’re like that with arithmetic – but we agreed that, had you been still alive, this June we would have celebrated your 99th birthday. 662 more words


On My Knitting Needles

I thought I would start a new wee series on the blog trying to document my learning to knit. I’m also going to do one on sewing. 312 more words


The Evolution of a First Project

Back in August 2010 I picked up the needles and began to knit. I had no idea at the time that I would never, ever stop, or that my life would be changing so much in the next few years. 630 more words