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Learning to Knit

In my previous blog post “Why knitting is good for you“, I outlined the reasons why I knit and why I think you should knit. 712 more words


On Valentine’s Day, remember that knitting needles last longer than flowers!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone!

We were super stoked for this Valentine’s Day, it was our first MARRIED Valentine’s Day! :)

Naturally , as the day approached, we told each other “Don’t get me anything babe! 516 more words

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Who Taught You To Knit?

As I was working out (that means run/walk) on the treadmill last week I had a random thought. Who taught my mom to knit? I have never asked my mom who taught her to knit.   288 more words


How do you hold them?

You’ll be pleased to know that there are no definite rules here. You can, thankfully, do pretty much whatever feels most comfortable. The only important points are that you have one needle in each hand, the points of the needles are facing each other and you try to keep your hands relaxed. 107 more words

How To Knit


Thank you for taking the time to visit this website. I am working on creating content that will look at teaching people how to knit, sharing patterns and all things knitting related. 85 more words

How To Knit

November WIP Progress...

It’s getting very chilly here in Cheshire, and to keep myself warm, I’m surrounding myself by woolen bits and bobs! The last few months I have used lists as an exercise of productivity and motivation; and November is no different… In fact, I have a new notebook to tick off crochet goals. 1,158 more words


Mature Process

So often I’ve compared a given experience to learning to drive a standard. You know, with the clutch.

Today’s new drivers aren’t as likely to learn to drive this way, since most new cars today are automatic (and have been for a long time). 417 more words

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