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Monday Musings: How I Learned to Knit by Jumping Into the Fire

There are some knitters who have learned how to knit from their grandmothers or their mothers:


Grandmother (Lola)

I am no exception to this time-honored tradition. 854 more words


Someday I Will Cast On

I once knew an older woman, named Sarah Ettenheim, who knitted while presiding over loud, contentious, racially divided community meetings. She would recognize people to speak, insist on proper decorum, and quote Robert’s Rules of Order, chapter and verse, all while clicking her wooden needles and adjusting the ball of yarn on her lap. 574 more words


The Stereotypical Knitter

If I, as a 20 year old college student, happen to be caught knitting in public (which does happen quite often), people’s first reactions often are: 534 more words


Learning to knit beanies

After years of only being able to knit scarves in a plain knit or blankets of tiny squares I did decide that it had come time to learn to knit something different. 429 more words


Welcome to Sherwook's Nook

My name is Mary.  I am a fanatic knitter, librarian, lover of books (even before I became a librarian), cat whisperer (well, not really, but I do talk to my cat and she usually does what I want her to do – within reason), swimmer, and haphazard gardener.  437 more words

Doubt and Self-Compassion

“To be a better person, spend less time filling out your personal scorecard and more time being kind . . . to you.”
Philip Chard… 740 more words


The Little Swatch That Could

What you see here is the last 20 or 30 yards of the first skein of yarn I ever had, some Malabrigo worsted (in Pigeon, I think.) The friend who gave it to me has excellent taste in yarn that’s good for a first time knitter because this is tough stuff. 209 more words