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Books for knitters: Stitch'n bitch

One good thing about not having to write a dissertation any  more is that I can read non research-related things without remorse. Another good thing is that I can knit – almost – without remorse. 842 more words


The Birth of a Knitter

As I suspect is the way with many young girls in Scotland, I was originally taught to knit by my Granny around the age of five. 889 more words


Giving things a go

I get stuck in routines very easily and, to break out, I have to force myself to try new things.

I’ve suffered from depression & anxiety for far too long and sometimes, when my brain turns on me, routines can be comforting. 741 more words

Knit One, Purl One, Chase Puppy Around to Get Your Yarn Back

Two posts in one month – aren’t you all very lucky. I did one of those things that all bloggers recommend, I actually looked at what people seemed to like reading on this little corner of the internet. 996 more words


I have been knitting and I am inspired!

Inspired to continue on and not give up because learning to knit has not been as easy for me as I would like it to be. 554 more words

Beginner's Knitting at Tea and Crafting

As you may remember, one of my new year’s resolutions was to try my hand at new crafts, so I was really excited to attend a beginner’s knitting workshop with… 628 more words

Craft Events

First ten days of February.

It’s been a bit of a blah kind of week. I think it’s because I started knitting and haven’t been an instant expert. I see knitting everywhere at the moment and thought I should jump on the band wagon. 639 more words