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The K Word, or: Knitting Is Hard

Last year, my mother brought me a bunch of things from her abode that she was ridding herself of; a large bag she gave to me yielded a bunch of knitting needles in all sizes and textures, some magazines from the 70s and 80s, and some really old yarn that I ended up pitching. 1,207 more words


Easter Weekend

I hope you all had a happy Easter. Here in Switzerland we get 4 days off, celebrating  Good Friday and Easter Monday, so I am still enjoying my long weekend. 981 more words

Wool And The Gang's Foxy Roxy Scarf

Do you remember when Wool and The Gang asked me to review their new Take Care Mohair and I thought they’d made a mistake? Well, it can’t have been much of a mistake because they got in touch again to ask if I wanted to try out one of their other products! 832 more words


A Little Girl's Imitation

Recently I took a friend’s dog for a walk in a nearby park.  It was a beautiful day, and though cool and windy, people were out and about enjoying the  welcome sunshine and blue skies.   341 more words

Monday Musings: How I Learned to Knit by Jumping Into the Fire

There are some knitters who have learned how to knit from their grandmothers or their mothers:


Grandmother (Lola)

I am no exception to this time-honored tradition. 854 more words


Someday I Will Cast On

I once knew an older woman, named Sarah Ettenheim, who knitted while presiding over loud, contentious, racially divided community meetings. She would recognize people to speak, insist on proper decorum, and quote Robert’s Rules of Order, chapter and verse, all while clicking her wooden needles and adjusting the ball of yarn on her lap. 574 more words


The Stereotypical Knitter

If I, as a 20 year old college student, happen to be caught knitting in public (which does happen quite often), people’s first reactions often are: 534 more words