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How does a knitter begin? False starts and true beginnings.

This post is my interpretation of the theme for week two of the A Playful Day Love Your Blog Challenge, which is “Beginnings”.  You can find out more about the challenge… 691 more words

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

A stitch in time saves nine: A timely effort will prevent more work later.

Time is something that I do not have a lot of lately. 569 more words

Woolly Workshop at Ginger Twist Studio

A few weeks ago I had a couple of sessions learning to knit at the lovely Ginger Twist Studios in Edinburgh. I have tried to learn to knit a few times before, my mum has shown me the basics previously but she doesn’t like knitting and I have real issues with tension. 426 more words

Learning To Knit

A Sweater For Me - A Knitting Bucket List Post

I rarely knit for myself. Why is that?  Every single project I have made for me has ended up in a box, in my closet, where the bad knitting projects go. 511 more words


How I Learned to Knit

Recently a friend shared this with me when I shared the photo below

Debbi – FYI, my Mothers shares your talent for about 70+ yrs now (she is 90 in a few months) and her blankets are all over the world, her students have brought their children n grandchildren to her.

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Bottom Bitch: Learning to Cast On (Part II)

After your slip knot is in place, it’s time to start casting on the rest of your stitches.  You can practice by casting on 10 stitches to create a swatch, or if you are following a pattern, you can cast on however many stitches the project instructs. 294 more words

Casting On

Bottom Bitch: Learning to "Cast On" (Part I)

Learning to knit can feel overwhelming at first.  Most of the videos on the internet are either confusing, too advanced, or made in the 70’s.  I understand. 389 more words

Casting On