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Mothers and Daughters

Before becoming a mother to my daughter, I envisioned the type of mother I would be. As a grown woman finally, I now realize that how I began this process was inherently flawed. 1,669 more words


Welcome to my dream land.

Okay, I admit it. It’s time.

I’m finally sick of running someone else’s kitchen. I’m ready for my own. I’ve been developing some recipes for the past few years and I am finally at the point where I think you might enjoy some of what I have to offer. 104 more words


Parenting Tip #4 - Watch, Listen and Learn

My fourth parenting tip is simple: Watch and learn. Your little person is one of God’s greatest gifts to you, so put less important things aside to become an expert on your child. 278 more words

Bible Study

Learning How This Parenting Thing Works

So you think you can blog? No, I’m actually not sure I can. As I’ve thought about blogging and starting a blog I’ve considered many things. 369 more words


Parents! How you raise your baby is who they become


Babies DO Know when they‘re Hungry

Babies DO Know when they Need a Diaper change.

But; there’s a lot that they can’t tell you


Babies… 83 more words

Learning To Parent

Yes! You can raise a great kid in 2014

Once a baby is born, the parent must assure that his or her child grows up to be a decent individual and a contributing member of society. 80 more words

Parents Lead- Children Follow

Learning to Parent

About four months before my husband and I welcomed our son, Colter, into the world, we attended a 4-week parenting class on base. One of the classes played videos of techniques and tricks used by Dr. 810 more words