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I’ve finally finished Georgia! Yay!

The Georgia dress pattern from By Hand London has been a pattern I’ve been coveting since I first bought my sewing machine about a year ago! 710 more words

Cheers Mum!

Happy mothers’ day! I thought today I might post a wee blog post kind of about my mother (she would hate me if I did a full post actually about her). 404 more words


Shortening a Simple Jacket Sleeve

This method will work for most women’s and kid’s styles, but men’s jackets usually have a fold of fabric under the buttons and have to be done a different way! 606 more words

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Using a Seamripper

There isn’t a “right way” and a “wrong way” to use a seamripper, but here’s the method I always use. If you pull seams out this way, you won’t end up with a bunch of loose little threads to tidy up:

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Selvedge, Grain, and Bias

Let’s start with selvedge:

Selvedges are the lengthwise, finished edges on your piece of fabric (as opposed to the widthwise edge, which was cut at the shop). 404 more words

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Pants, we made PANTS!

One of the things on my list of projects for the first part of the year was a pair of sleep pants for my loving husband to wear on our Norway cruise this summer.  496 more words


"I Made That!" Monday - Wonderful Pattern Weights

I’m finally back home, so this weekend I got cracking on the pattern weights that I mentioned last week! Issue 10 of Love Sewing  525 more words