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A small, but Adorable Update

Hello everyone! I’m just popping in for a quick update on my kimono project. It’s almost done, and I’ll be making a full length posy about the entire experience this weekend, but something strange has happened to my fabric. 103 more words


Safran Jeans

I’ve wanted to sew trousers for a while now. I bought denim a few months ago and was waiting for the right time (reunited with my machine!) before I got cracking on the Ginger Jeans pattern. 750 more words


The Problem with Patterns

Okay, so I was originally planning for my first project to be hemming and redesigning some sleeves on a dress I own. I was, however, talked out of that and told I should get more practice first before I potentially destroy something I love. 241 more words


The First Few Stitches

After spending months fantasizing about everything I could make, and watching countless videos on YouTube, I finally got my own sewing machine for my birthday, this past week. 340 more words


Starting to Sew

After a rather drawn out saga with my sewing machine I finally got around to using it.

Rewind over a year to the last time I tried to use it and it didn’t work: My aunt ‘fixed’ it. 523 more words


Afropunk 2016 Day 2

Hey folks,

I’m so happy to say I made it back to commodore park once again for Afropunk day 2!

Today’s blog comes written literally from the floor of the red stage. 241 more words

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Afropunk 2016 Day 1

Greetings from Afropunk!

No seriously, I’m writing this blog post as I wait in line for fried mac n cheese.[*note: the fried mac bites were everything.] As I look around, I just can’t help but think DAMN I made it down to Brooklyn, New York to be amongst my people. 263 more words

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