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On the Workbench...1940's Sewing Doll Mannequin, Part 4

Choices, choices…despite being limited in the colors & types of fabrics one would use to clothe this precious Mannequin, it is frankly difficult to make the final choice since the practical side says just three dresses – one outfit for each pattern in the set while the fashion conscious side says let’s make three outfits of each style pattern. 185 more words

On the Workbench...1940's Sewing Doll Mannequin, Part 3

It seems like the restoration is jumping all over the place but since these posts are written step by step to give you all overall idea of how this goes, we will have to jump around a bit.  290 more words

On the Workbench...1940's Sewing Doll Mannequin, Part 2

Junior Miss, the Butterick Mannequin has had a mild cleaning & has dried.  The next step is to determine what to do about the box she originally came in. 255 more words

From Beginner to Intermediate

My project is currently at a stand still until I can get to Regina next weekend for some fabric.  I could have had someone run to Fabricland for me, but I wanted the experience of picking my own fabric and making sure I liked the colour or if there were more colours to choose from.  616 more words

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Just Keep Cutting

Picture a rainy Saturday afternoon; most people would like to be curled up on the couch, watching movies, relaxing, reading a book, but not I!  I spent the entirety of my Saturday  cutting t-shirts and interfacing, … 419 more words

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It's All Fun and Games Until You Start Cutting...

This week was not what I anticipated.  I was going to FINALLY start my real project- the blanket.  However, things did not go how I planned and this is the first time I questioned both my sanity and ambition for starting this HUGE project!  565 more words

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