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What is Web Server?

Web server

web server is a computer containing software for, and connected to infrastructure for, hosting, or serving, web sites written in HTML… 510 more words

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In our last class of the semester, Professor Flinkman entertained the idea of using a different theme for our final project.  Initially, I thought I would jump all over this idea because when I initially started this site, I didn’t see much charm to the Twenty Twelve theme.   57 more words

Learning WordPress

Widgets Galore!

For those who may be unfamiliar with widgets, they are a godsend!  I have added an archive widget to my main sidebar making it even easier to navigate my blog posts. 81 more words

Learning WordPress

Header Images

Wow!  This was too easy!  I’ve added a header image to my WordPress site giving it a more personalized and complete look for my final project. 79 more words

Learning WordPress

Differences between InDesign and WordPress

InDesign and WordPress are very different in that they serve different purposes for many of the same projects.

On the first day of class, Professor Flinkman mentioned that the College of Arts and Sciences at University of Baltimore strongly encourages its writers to be designers and vice versa.   90 more words

Learning WordPress

Wordpress Setup

Last night in class we began working on our final project – showcasing our publication portfolio for the semester on our very own website!

Although my web experience has mostly been from the user standpoint, WordPress makes developing a site very easy!  112 more words

Learning WordPress

Second Post Already!

That first post was pretty easy.  If I can just get the hang of going back and forth between the front end and the back end, I think I’ll be well on my way to figuring this out.

Learning WordPress