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Trying to get use to WordPress after using blogger has been extremely hard.  So therefor I don’t even want to blog on here.  But in order to overcome this scared feeling here I am.  116 more words

The End

It has been a wonderful semester and I am already looking forward to the Imaging class next semester! I also look forward to exploring the Adobe suite over the summer and putting more of what I learned this semester to use. 50 more words

Learning WordPress

DigiComm Resource Link

I have recently placed a link to the University of Baltimore’s Digital Communications program home page. Anything you need to learn about the program and what it offers can be accessed through that page. 25 more words

Learning WordPress

CMAT 211 - Semester Wrap Up

Journaling my progress in CMAT 211 with a WordPress blog was interesting. I thought I was more advanced user of WP before we started. I learned a few things. 65 more words

Learning WordPress

Adding Widgets

So many useful widgets Widgets can provide a host of useful information and open up increased interaction opportunities to visitors of your site. I don’t have a lot of experience with widgets so this was a truly new set of information that I have gained. 15 more words

Learning WordPress

Creating A Header Image

Straight forward process. WordPress has done a good job of making the dashboard backend incredibly easy to navigate. That aside, we had access to a database of photographs in class so finding a nice quality image to use for a header was nice and easy and making the header in InDesign was practically a breeze. 17 more words

Learning WordPress