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To Be or Not To Be...Traditional

Did you all have a nice Easter?  We did.  I’m hoping that we all were able to share in the joy of the resurrection of Jesus.  332 more words


It's not Me vs The World. It's Me vs Fear.

I think I like many people have often felt the encapsulating feeling of FEAR. The word that is nothing more than a self-made concept. The limitations of others that they impose unto us.The idea that is taught not learnt. 456 more words


New Life

A New Week

I am sure we have all overindulged this weekend, it is normal. However like most festivities it is a few days of overindulgence. 85 more words



As you might guess, my drive for perfection makes it difficult to be a beginner.  Recently I started taking ceramics classes, though — and when you start something new, you have no choice but to start at the beginning.  452 more words


Speak with your heart.

We are all curious beings. We want to connect, to learn, to exchange, and to share at the fastest speed. We have not placed much importance on how we derive to information as long as they flow quickly to fulfill our curiosity needs. 192 more words


Try something new

While you go through your day to day tasks, it can eventually get monotonous and uneventful. Doing the same thing everyday, can also lessen your flow of creativity. 115 more words