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Guarding Your Dreams

Who do you share your dreams with? Most would say they would share their dreams with family and close friends. It’s been my experience that you should be very wary of whom you choose to disclose such personal information. 716 more words


Or at least that’s what I was yelling at the sewing machine 3 days before Kitacon.

But it was all worth it to finally finish Queen of Hearts! 172 more words


New Video Coming Up

I am currently rendering a new video for our YouTube channel which features my face…kind of. Jason decided to teach me how to air layer and we both thought it would be cool to make a video out of me learning. 90 more words


New Words 8/4/2015

Certain words I do not know. This has become easier for me to admit and change because of the New Words posts. However, there are some words that would increase the accuracy of the messages I am trying to convey. 291 more words


Pointers are the powerful feature of C++ programming which differs it from other popular programming languages like: Java, Visual Basic etc.To understand pointers, you should have the knowledge of address in computer memory. 245 more words


Opinion: Bring back the lazy days of summer

When I visit my sister in the country, I have to watch my step. That’s because fairies live nearby in homes built of twigs, moss and pebbles. 604 more words


Full Disclosure

I try my best to be as positive as I can be. I know that the more negative I am, the more negative things become in my life.   601 more words