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La differenza fra la lingua e il linguaggio

When standing at the edge of a shore, the water you see immediately before you presents a sort of tantalizing innocence. The water reaches for you, playfully offering an invitation into its mysteries. 1,007 more words

High Expectations vs Negative Expectations

Living up to high expectations is hard. We have them for ourselves, people who love us the most have them for us, and even people who seem to have only the most basic interest or understanding of us do too. 1,235 more words


Reading Student Writing

I’ve read three essays on how to read and correct student writing. The most helpful, in terms of learning how to teach: Rather than “correct” mistakes, … 721 more words


The story of how you can make it

Today I want to tell you the story of an amazing woman.

Her name is Leonella Lucas, she is 16 years old, she graduated from High School yesterday. 330 more words


The Exhibition Space

Hello again,

Before I start talking exhibition, I need to announce that Antia, one of our colleagues has had to withdraw. I would like to thank Antia for the insights and excellent research she has provided, and I hope she visits us when we go live! 383 more words

Second Year Anniversary: Reflections

How have I already been married for two years, one month, and twenty-two days? It usually seems like just yesterday when we said our vows, but when I recently watched our wedding video for the millionth time, I felt more removed from the characters on the screen–like how did those two people dancing in a ball gown and a tuxedo turn into these two cuddle bugs on the couch? 301 more words


48th year of Summer Sonatina International Piano Camp

Full disclosure here. Summer Sonatina International Piano Camp is turning 48 this summer. This will be our Opus 48. Piano Camp started by my parents Rein and Rosamond van der Linde when I was 10 so now you know my age. 810 more words