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College or University?

A few weeks ago, my stepsister asked me if college or university was better. I relayed a long winded explanation that I’ve decided to cut down and simplify here. 488 more words


Learning Culture and Traveling: How do we do both? (Part 1)

Learning other culture is an important part of ecotourism. But what is culture? How do we know there are cultural differences? And most of all how do we overcome it?  13 more words

How To Ecotourism

Wal-Mart Puts Up Cash to Close Skills Gap #learning #development #skillsgap #Walmart

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. announced late last week it will donate $16 million in grants to seven nonprofit groups in an effort to close the skills gap for more than 12,000 American, entry-level workers in retail and related industries such as transportation and distribution. 200 more words


Information & Communication in Applied Sports Science (Weeks 1-6)

Hello and thanks for your interest in my blog! This post is all about my thoughts & experiences of the first 6 weeks of my investigation and communication module of my taught MSc Sports Science. 1,081 more words


Selenium IDE: Clicking and Switching to a New Window

Hey folks, I’m back with a new Selenium IDE tip. Today we’re covering how to have Selenium IDE click on a link that opens a new tab or browser window, continue the test, and then close that window and continue the test on the original window. 294 more words


Personifying A Change

I’ve never shied away from change in my life. Whether it was something small, like the start of a new high school semester, or a big change like starting a new job in a brand new field, I’m always excited for a fresh start. 368 more words


Empowerment for women - Creating my life

Creativity is the most powerful quality we women have as human beings. To create something is an action of building something new using the power of our determination, will and wish. 354 more words

Grinberg Method