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Why Sales Will Make You Question Everything

Is it possible? Has all of the planets aligned in perfect harmony for your business we close the week?

Let’s see:

  • Did all of your prospects return your call, (which is a feet to begin with,) and actually suggested that they even need more services than first anticipated?
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Where's My Peace?

I’m struggling. No other words for it. Somewhere in between overemotional and a mess is where I’ve been at today…and yesterday…and the last month. Most nights I find myself lying awake waiting for peace, for comfort, for stilling of emotions, for a change of my feelings. 1,120 more words


But . . . do you ever feel like a Fake?

Life presents us with such beautiful challenges.

We start out young. Eager.

“You can do it! You can do ANYTHING!”

(Hopefully we are encouraged by our elders . 800 more words

Self-Reflection. . .

28.07.2017 matlab differential equations

  1.  dsolve===>> to solve linear differential equation, just write the equation in inverted comma and initial condition also in inverted comma. to assign value of answer you can use variable name in big bracket in left hand side.
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Face, finger, eye, voice and movement reflect working mechanism of brain 

Modular design of mushroom fruiting is remarkable to describe the modular development of brainpage in learning process – Plant Biology

Development of learning pathways takes place in brainpage making process. 518 more words


Why Social Media is the Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of champions – cereal and social media? A scrumptious blend, but why?

Cereal Nirvana

Almost every single week, I schlep to the grocery store and shop for the items that I know are both nutritionally tasty and substantial for my body (which the latter is very hard indeed.) As I am wondering the aisle, looking at special discounts and deals that await me, I am always fascinated by the cereal department. 274 more words


7 Steps to Start Becoming a Church People Want to Commit To – Part 2 of 2

This is part two of the article published in the previous post.

4. Discover Your Calling – Then Be Good at It

Every leader and church needs to discover who you are and what you’re called to do. 601 more words