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Listening loudly, a lost art?

Listening loudly is one of my favourite concepts, it implies you are actively listening, paying attention and hearing what is being said. We all know someone who people just open their hearts to, they’re that person who you’ve told your story to without even realising it, that friend who everyone confides in.   1,139 more words

Personal Reflections

The Sound Room

Haven’t you ever wondered what a sound room looks like? We all see it from a distance at concerts and other audio-dependent events. It’s this elusive box off to the back, usually too dark and far away for us to catch a glimpse of what’s actually taking place in there. 445 more words


The first fifteen minutes

Learning something new is frustrating. It involves being dumb on the way to being smart.

Once we get good enough (at our tools, at our work) it’s easier and easier to skip learning how to do the next thing, because, hey, those fifteen minutes are a hassle. 144 more words


It's All Just a Bowl of Soup

When I think about teaching I can’t help but think of a bowl of soup. As a preservice teacher you hear of all the tasks and traits and dispositions that are required of teachers. 285 more words


My Daughter's Writing

My daughter likes typing on computers. She just types random letters and numbers. She has a lot of fun doing it. But one day, she did something unusual. 35 more words


Freewrite, Trace or Type... Which is Better?

Maria Konnikova wrote, “Not every expert is persuaded that the long-term benefits of handwriting are as significant as all that.” I personally believe that handwriting has more benefit to a person than typing. 516 more words

The Best of Times, and The Worst of Times

When learning about what it will be like to be a teacher, pre-service teachers are taught to always continue their learning. This thought gives me a chance to think about some of the best lessons I have learned from my time in school.   635 more words