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Learning English and Deutsch

Hi, today I’m going to share my ambition with you guys.
The first thing I want you to know is that I’m gonna tell you something that all people would be and would can, it’s amazing. 394 more words

Real Life

Paper Effect in 5 Easy Steps Photoshop

The Power of Paper

Many of you, including myself had to or wanted to use some sort of paper background. These type of backgrounds can be really useful sometimes, not just for their looks, but also for other things such as sketching. 280 more words


When Godly Relationship Fails....

Every relationship starts amazingly sweet- a man meets a lady of his dream, they both fall in love with each other….butterflies in their belly, humming of favourite romantic songs,tickling etc…. 962 more words


Metacognition Series: 1 of 6

In my recently-appointed role as a Lead Learner, I have been charged with delivering a series of six enquiry sessions for teachers on the theme of Metacognition*. 1,077 more words

Long Lost Learning Grace (Last night I went to a seminar on van Gogh and Gauguin)

Last night I had a two-hour reunion with a long lost aquintance. Without her, my life goes on, but I don’t function optimally. Who is she? 775 more words

Everyday Epiphany

To Start To Read

Sophie sat at the kitchen table and stared at the novel in front of her. She didn’t want to read it. She wanted to sit and watch television with her younger brother, but her father had said that she had to finish her homework first. 493 more words


A thought on narrative

For as long as we have had language, it’s likely we have had stories. Narrative is a powerful part of what makes us human, playing on our consciousness, memory and foresight, as well as our social and linguistic skills and our ability to empathise.   620 more words