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Best Time Management Apps - Top 5 Choices For Planning Your Time

Best Time Management Apps – Top 5 Choices For Planning Your Time
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September Issue

Learning Nature

As I am taking these Florida Master Naturalist courses, I am developing new ways to learn, and nothing is better when your online courses get you out in nature. 383 more words


Things He Says | The Covid Comparison Edition

“I’m a good spreader now* … just like the coronavirus!”

*Alongside autism, The Boy Child has moderate learning difficulties. These difficulties are most noticeable when an activity requires fine motor skills – like holding and using a knife to spread butter and/or jam.


Osteopenia and Osteporosis

We spend a lot of time discussing the consequences of physical inactivity, particularly with respect to cardiometabolic health, sarcopenia, and physical independence. Another important consideration is preventing or managing osteopenia and osteoporosis, which are conditions of low bone mass that can confer significant health risks. 308 more words

Poem 224 For 2020

Poem 224

Innovation is realizing
That many things
Can go inside a burrito
That a thing
Created for one purpose
Can be used for others not imagined… 47 more words


The Name Letter Effect Makes You Prefer The Letters In Your Own Name (Psychology)

You like yourself. You like yourself so much that you may unconsciously seek out partners, places to live, and other things that share the letters in your name. 656 more words


😁A Fellow Blogger's Post On Autism Spectrum Disorder 🙏

I read this the other day and I am still processing it. This is a MUST for anyone who has a child or family member that even just fits the Autism Spectrum Spectrum area or if you know of someone in your community that does. 53 more words