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You Are In Control

I headed to the ice rink yesterday and with each visit I get more and more convinced that it was such a waste I did not take figure skating lessons. 777 more words


Most people don’t believe in the word Destiny. But all I know is that our lives and God’s grace for each one of us differs, you cannot judge mine based on yours, or pursue yours based on mine. 542 more words

Yes, I Can!

At the age of 79, I went back to college. I was not serious in my studies at first, but I just wanted to get out of the house and get dressed up. 359 more words


Episode 77 - Housing,Children's Parties and Working Out

This episode is in the van again. I speak about my housing purchasing and my adventures in the world of children’s parties. I also speak about health and working out. 29 more words

Interview Q11

What is your writing process? When I have an idea: I’ll research it, think about it, write down an overview of what I want to happen and the character’s involved. 187 more words

Episode 76 - Hot Air Balloons, Van Lyfe and Rain

This episode is the first episode of the podcast in the van! I’m on the road getting after it! There is also a dope hot air balloon and I give all my knowledge on hot air balloons. 25 more words

When Stress Became A Good Thing

I know the title seems weird, but trust me, this is going to be good.

So the past two months has been a hella rollercoaster for me. 1,142 more words