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Early Stopping

The science of algorithms mirror many of the issues we encounter in the learning and training of Tai Chi.

Learning Tai Chi is like making a double boiled soup. 875 more words


278. Helping 

I recently helped a blind boy cross a busy city centre road. As we waited for the traffic to pass and the lights to change we hurried introductions and talked about our lives. 80 more words

Eli Woodbine

Training Scars

You got your training partner in a lock, tightened it and dropped him to the ground. What do you do next?

Most of us would then extend a hand to help our training partner stand up. 479 more words


How To Use 'Kahoot!' To Gamify Learning.

Kahoot! is a really fun and motivating app for learning.  Games and quizzes which incorporate videos, images and diagrams can be created by the teacher and then students can compete against each other.   357 more words


I'm New Here

You know that upsetting feeling you get when you are in the cafeteria on the first day trying to find somewhere to sit? You hold your lunch try tightly as you aimlessly look around to find someone you might know. 224 more words


Have you read, "Peak--Secrets from the New Science of Expertise"?

By: Tina Davidson

Did you ever dream of becoming great at something? Maybe it was singing or playing piano?

Well, with enough deliberate practice you might just make your dreams come true. 128 more words