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Women Fighting For Equality

It has been a week since the Notorious RBG (Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) passed away and as the world celebrates all her accomplishments I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the great women in history who have changed the world’s landscape. 613 more words

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I have been taking an entrepreneurship class in college, and it has been a fun experience. Throughout the class, I have been tasked with coming up with potential business ideas and how to best turn them into reality. 227 more words


The Deutschland

By Thomas Flynn, Work Experience Student

The British naval blockade of Germany lasted from 1914-1919. Its aim was to prevent Germany from resupplying food and other resources through its already limited access points to a port through the North Sea. 393 more words


Rain Tonight - haiku

Rain, don’t go away.
Bless me every other day.
and hold Him to stay.


It is raining now. Heavily. I love it. Rain has been washing all negativity from me. 29 more words


Cramming is Real (EDS103 #3)

So I wasn’t able to plan my whole week to allocate time for all my school tasks accordingly. And now, I am still working on this e-Journal at 11 pm to ensure that I can submit it before midnight tonight. 475 more words

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Is Being Happy a Privilege?

There is no question this country is in unrest. It feels like we are the the edge of something great but there are still a few too many people who want to live life in the past. 647 more words


Mini McManus Creates Focus

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Scotland, the Creative Learning Team were asked to work from home like many of us in the country. We had to radically re-think and respond how we could engage our audiences, especially, families, many of whom were in lockdown at home and were unable to visit the museum. 196 more words

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