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Marianne Williamson

In the last six months, there has been one name that is mentioned over and over again…that name is Marianne Williamson. Marianne is a teacher of “A course in Miracles, this book has discussed by a large number of people I listen to for example Gabrielle Bernstein. 580 more words


I’ve spent my day looking over the site’s features, and learning about what I can and cannot do with the theme I have chosen. I thought it would be easier, but I’m getting the hang of it. 76 more words

Summer Means Personalized PD

The tweet above stirred some thoughts in me tonight.

This summer has provided me with many personal learning opportunities. This is the first summer in several years where I have had little vacation, because of all the “learning and working” I get to do. 946 more words


Changing lives for the better

He was unprepossessing: short, slightly overweight and middle-aged. And while not particularly attractive, there was nothing particularly unattractive about him.

He was neither flamboyant nor charismatic; he usually spoke in an even manner, without much variance. 1,444 more words


Research Paper

So, I’ve posted a lot on the places I’ve been, the food I’ve tried, the strange quirks I’ve noticed, and the touristy things I’ve done. But I am not here to just travel, I am here to also learn. 264 more words

Studying The Globe

On Rear Views

Dear Holly,

Your Nana told me one time,

“Things are always smaller in the rear view mirror.”

She wasn’t talking about driving, but rather how our hindsight is much different than reality. 348 more words