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Post Of The Week - Sunday 19th November 2017

1) All In The Mind – Attachment

You need to wind about ten minutes into this programme to find a discussion on attachment with Elizabeth Meins. 484 more words


Expand your knowledge.

Raise your hand if you like(d) school? No? Neither did I. Now, my parents might beg to differ because I excelled but I did not in fact enjoy school, what I did enjoy, was learning new things… 588 more words

Figuring it out

It’s strange when everyone has an idea of how your life should be – and I’m here, 21, still wondering if tomorrow will be the day I summon up the energy to empty the bins. 279 more words

Dream, Believe 'n Receive

Balmy Sunday
Lollygagging underway
What to write about today
Different than any previous day

Thing disparaging thought toll
Write naught fail personal goal
Post-a-day refreshing ideas
Aimlessly click thru social media

Search around
Humorous topic found
Overflowing writer's wastebasket
Atop clean trash inspirational find fantastic

Topic delight
Potential chore fright
Empty water bottles 'n torn notes
Await owner's time dumpster trash fate

There's much to be said
Several words amidst book cover read
Hope, believe 'n you shall receive
Never give up 'n eventually you'll succeed

Sunshine thru window seeps as closing post
Thankful attempt any topic possible host
Unshakeable faith surrounds me
Dollar store inspirational helper glee shout Whoopee! 

Desperate Verb Tenses

So I had this exercise to do in a textbook. It was one of these choose-the-right-verb-tense exercises.

“É uma experiência que eu gostava que os meus filhos, um dia, quando ________ (ser) maiores, ______ (poder) experimentar”

330 more words


i want to blind you

make your eyes burn

retinas cry

become a light source so

that the sun would cease

for it’s job had been done 6 more words