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Critical Thinking: Observation, Interpretation, Application

Colonel John Boyd (USAF) developed a theory around the decision cycle he called the OODA Loop. OODA stands for observe-orient-decide-act. The theory goes that in the constantly changing circumstances of air combat, the fighter pilot who makes the greater number of appropriate observation-based actions in a given period of time wins the aerial dogfight. 143 more words

Happy Kindergarten Day! What's the most important thing you learned there?

Because every day brings another weird celebration you’ve never heard of, we present you with an actual goody – National Kindergarten Day – commemorating the birth on this date in 1782 of Friedrich Froebe in Germany. 297 more words

Things To Do

PRONUNCIATION: Vowels: Short Vowels: /ʊ/

Today we are going on with short vowels.  In our pronunciation lesson for today we are going to learn how to pronounce   /ʊ/,  sound that we can find written as  “o” ,  ” oo”,  “ou”  and  “u”   in these words:   woman,  look,  could,   butcher. 29 more words


The Irony of Strength: Silence Screams Part 1

But I wanted to cry and weep very hard at that moment. I was trying to hold it altogether. I was being a fighter. But the thing is, I just wanted to let my guard down because I felt helpless. 614 more words


Fast and Furious

What comes into your mind (visual and thoughts) when you hear the words – Fast and Furious?

Fast cars?

The guy who is botak?

Cool cars? 162 more words