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The " SWEET " Break - Up !!

It was just another usual day for Aisha . She came home , made her dinner and almost dozed off when her phone rang and an unknown number flashed  . 2,198 more words


The Benefits of a Farm Program, From the Perspective of Our Students

Taking care of and raising bunnies, using fiber from animals to spin yarn that is used to craft original projects, and learning how farms function and their benefits to society were just some of the ideas a colleague at my school and I discussed this past summer as we created a Farm Program for the sixth grade.   732 more words


Types of Poetry #6: My Experience Thus Far

Starting my blog, I thought writing a poem a day would be easy. For the most part, I can whip out an average poem in about 5 minutes with no revisions. 244 more words



I feel overwhelmed whenever I realize how much there is in this world that I know nothing about.

When I think about astronomy and geometry, and I realize that libraries are full of books that people have been collectively working on for thousands of years; how books on astronomy have built on books that were written in the Renaissance; how books written in the Renaissance built upon things that humans discovered in Ancient Egypt and even earlier than that. 42 more words


Lectures on Justice, Police, Revenue, and Arms (Adam Smith)

Widely acclaimed as the father of economics and author of the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith was a professor by trade– a professor of moral philosophy. 240 more words


A Mind For Number - Learning How To Learn Book Review

Acquiring knowledge and learning became a passion of mine a couple of years ago. I would go around reading anything that I could lay my hands on, from Books and Articles to Signs and Boards in the streets. 355 more words

Book Review

Psychology is really fucking hard.

I tried to think of another title but that’s all I’ve got. It’s fucking hard and right now I really really don’t like it.

Let me explain, I’ve just started a Psychology degree because back in January it seemed like a solid decision. 805 more words