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Canal - haiku

Rain and sea water

Is flowing but not flooding

Danke well, Canal.

Hollands – April 16, 2017 – 11:00


Vast Reaches

The time has come
to search beyond fears
and trepidations of
long instilled torments
and reach for pinnacles,
scary but alluring,
rather than remaining
sequestered behind walls… 85 more words

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Mini-golf memories when I just don't want to hear it

I wish you could have seen my daughter “playing” putt-putt when she was six or so, but you would have needed a helmet and safety goggles. 485 more words


Avoid them like the Plague

1) Never. And I mean, Never… Plan. Okay, I get that people have generally bought into this theory of ‘Oh, there are gardeners and there are architects’, but I’ve got to be honest, I think there are people with the bravery to be honest with themselves and to walk the beam required of writers, and […]

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Father Son and Holy Spirit – three essentials in one God

Uniquely among the great monotheistic faiths Christianity proclaims a Holy or Divine Trinity in the one God. For theologians and ordinary believers alike this has proved to be a difficult and even divisive teaching. 1,070 more words

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A complex concept that trips many people up. Well explained by https://havau22.com #PeaceMarshall

Father Son and Holy Spirit – three essentials in one God

And we're back to forgiveness... 

It’s so stinking hard!! I found it easier to forgive when it was my choice. Now I am in a place where I am given this free will of making the choice to do the right thing. 650 more words