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ANGER AND VIOLENCE In Our Communities : I AM…..

In the 20 years of conducting Anger Management Workshops, I am amazed at the levels of unforgiveness, mistrust, self-hatred, hurt, disrespect, racism and all the other “isms” that are still alive and well going into 2015. 483 more words

Coffea News

Cancer Research UK Digital Internship Days 22-25

Hey guys! So this week I went into work at my internship for four days to try and get as far with my project as possible. 270 more words


A Reminiscence of Ipoh 2

I like this video :-

It reminds me of one of Master Leong’s fist strikes which he taught. At that time I wasn’t a fan of curving punches due to my training in Wing Chun. 200 more words


Animal instinct and Ego

Last night, the group joined with another group and I had a shamanic experience.

The first part was OK as that was about your journey and your power animals.. 203 more words

Spirtual Development Workshop

Listening Practice: Podcasts

In addition to my active speaking/writing skills, I want to improve my listening skills, too. My husband and I speak a little bit together, but I don’t want to subject him to even more of me asking, “Can you repeat that?” and “Can you say that a little more slowly?” and “What was that last word you said?” So I started looking for other ways to practice listening to Farsi. 302 more words


TW: Intellectual Discourse

Original post here.
There’s a special skill involved in academic discourse. To grow from intellectual discussion requires all involved parties to suspend judgment, to maintain open minds, to search for the value in every perspective… 273 more words

For Students

Talk at home about...new beginnings

This picture really captures our first week of school! It’s a proud “look what we found” moment at the end of one of our first library classes. 288 more words