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All the Glamour!

Oh what a week! This was by far my favorite assignment. We went as a class to the Goss Opera House here in Watertown. What a magnificent old building. 76 more words

Always A Way Forward

By Dan Kivett

So here I was minding my own business (this makes me laugh for some reason), listening to a sermon by my friend and mentor and all of a sudden God gives me the urge to start writing. 1,358 more words

Walking With Faith


Erwin D. Maramat

If you want to see how much a man values something, ask him what he is willing to lose.

Look through the eyes of sacrifice and you will come to understand the value of something. 364 more words


Resident Heart

By Erwin D Maramat

Leave your work at the doorstep and bring your heart at home.

As humans, we have to work to survive. In retrospect, life was not only difficult in the past, but it was also short. 562 more words


Technology Thursdays #26 – Understanding Storm Prediction Center Products

Today we will begin a series on understanding the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) products. If you are a severe weather enthusiast you may have heard terms like “Storm Prediction Center”, “Thunderstorm Outlook”, “Severe Weather Outlook”, etc., etc. 261 more words


Well, that was unexpected...

You know how you go through something and the effects of it create an idea in your mind to help you cope?  You resign yourself to a way of thinking or a view of how that event was and how you assume it will always be.  1,286 more words


Accept life as it is, in it’s naturalness, and live it in its totality.


I’ve often begun tasks or set goals with impressive enthusiasm only to end up losing motivation and never finishing.

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