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Words I wish my friends and family take the time to understand ........AUTISM "SPECTRUM" DISORDER!

There’s not one person in the world that would want there child to have anything going on with there child’s brain. THIS IS MY CHILD NOT MY TEDDY BEAR! 772 more words

Autism Mom With Answers

Learn React js Best Links

Site 1: 


Here We shall see video and text tutorial both from zero to Advance level.


Making my first game: changing a game's music through ball collision

I made a simple game where you control a ball, and try to hit the various red capsules in the field. At first, there’s background music playing from every single capsule, but as you hit more and more capsules, the music becomes more and more jumbled and disordered — this is because I used a simple function that makes the pitch of the music coming from  290 more words

Music Composition

The Differences Between Male and Female Brains

Source: NYMag, Apr 2017

… three of the key findings from the paper Ritchie and his colleagues just posted:

(1) Yes, there do appear to be many differences between male and female brains, but there’s also tons of overlap. 225 more words


A Crash Course in Linux

Having worked in the Microsoft/C#/.NET space for almost ten years prior to my current job, I didn’t work with Linux and Bash all that much. I worked with Linux primarily as a hobby back in college. 165 more words

ES6 Node New Things

3 Parts of this article and he will tell us full use of javascript es6.

Part 1:  Link

This article will cover three of the more popular ES2015 features available in Node: 92 more words


The World's Hardest Language

Which language is the hardest?

I think this is just a required question when talking to a polyglot. Everyone is interested in it. It’s just a fun question to ask. 973 more words