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Here we are again

With this impossible feeling

And we know how this goes, how we get by

It’s not the end or the beginning… 74 more words


Time: The Memory of Past and Future Events

Predicting versus discovery of future events.

Imagining: the tool of para-communication.

When considering the truth of ideas which cannot truly be tested, it may still be possible to subject’ these ideas to known truths (beliefs). 379 more words


Shaky Resolve

Freezer where I hide the old manuscripts.

11.24.15 – Our other therapy

I wrote about everything other than what he said to. A cagey lecturer asking an inattentive class to not notice his hysteria; they didn’t anyhow. 385 more words

The Elusive

pretentious at best.

I had a conversational debate today, in regards to the nature of truth. It was a pretentious discourse at best, in which no conclusion was reached between the two of us, but I did come to realize a little thing between me and my self; that I am interested in the infinite subjective truths of the human species. 65 more words


Give Thanks Invitation

What is one of the most awesome, powerful and rewarding gifts you could give someone? Simple, gratitude.

That’s right, giving thanks is something that can turns someone’s day around, it can make brighten the spirit of someone, it can be an answer to a prayer, it can literally change a life. 409 more words


Human Development:      Early Childhood Cognitive Development

In this post, I analyze the cognitive development theories of Piaget and Vygotsky with a focus on areas of development including play, mental growth, and early childhood education. 1,890 more words

Child Development And Well-Being

Public School Problems

Public schools are degrading. They are so filled with problems, and yet you have to deal with all of them if you want to be successful in life. 364 more words