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Courage to act upon feelings 

How was your day today?

Are there times when you wonder how come things suddenly fall into place in the occasions you didn’t expect them to be? 225 more words


The depth​ of thoughts.

Like there’s no trace to where these clouds go, our thoughts have no path or direction. They can flow like a free bird and explore all the places of our mind without getting fatigued. 44 more words

The unplugged moment

I have a habit of plugging in to my music when I’m on the move. To kill boredom, maybe.

One day, I decided not to plug in (maybe that day I wasn’t so bored) and I was in a cabin of the MRT. 435 more words


Longevity rich 

I was watching a local show just now. It features the reasons why the people in Bama and Okinawa have been enjoying longevity.

The main reasons were the unprocessed natural food that the locals grow and eat, the active life of the people working in the farms, producing wine, playing floor ball etc and lastly, the fresh air undisturbed by the outside world. 164 more words


Struggles or blessings?

I had a conversation with my manicurist just now about how kids nowadays were so pampered and unappreciative at the same time. They were the lucky generation as compared to the time when I was young. 559 more words