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What's on your mind?


Yup that’s what’s on my mind right now.

This confusion is a confusing feeling. You know you are feeling confused, yet you don’t know what you feel. 311 more words


Furry Tales

I had always considered myself to be a “dog” person. For me being an animal lover meant that you have to be in love with dogs! 876 more words


The Subject of Mediocrity

What is mediocrity to you? How would you recognize a person that settles for mediocrity?

To me it is a person that chooses to live a life that is not containing what he/she would like it to contain, and at the same time, does nothing to change it. 1,460 more words


Non Accidental

As I was reading in my quiet time this morning, a new pondering came to mind. Right now, I’m going through Beth Moore’s book, “Whispers of Hope”. 545 more words




“oppressively constant; incessant”

Persistent. Constant. Never-ending. Endless. That’s what the Father’s love for me is. This morning, as I was spending time in the Word, the verses I was studying were Ephesians 2:4-5, which say,

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As I think back on this past year, and maybe even a little bit further, there is a consistency that I can’t help but take notice of. 467 more words


How to stay young forever

Late last year (December 2013), as we crisscrossed across Costa Rica, we found ourselvesĀ atĀ Casa Batsu (in Monteverde), a beautiful place run by Carlos and Paula. 500 more words