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Childhood love

Today moments of pain / coldness from my childhood floats up to me, when I start to feel or find love from my childhood, I realised I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by love from my friends, teachers, neighbours, grand parents, aunties and uncles. 135 more words


Happy with and without possessions

This morning I saw a professional looking woman sitting in a cafe. That’s the kind of person I would like to be. However, after reading the article “World’s Greatest Lover”, I realised even if I’m a professional woman but if I’m not happy, what’s the point of being one? 76 more words


Destiny is not always a gift 

During one of our MBA lectures, one of the professors asked us – how many of you believe in destiny/fate? I was one of those who replied in the negative. 368 more words



Not just in love neither out of romance

This soul has felt it from you

The strings once closely intact.

The wreck has made me stuck where i was… 18 more words


Voc 10 PechaKucha time

This time, we had a very special class. We enjoyed PechaKucha presentations about our development in EduLab course. Here are, from my opinion, the most interesting points and learnings of each presentation: 188 more words

Eeva Kiuru


We get so much involved with the daily buzz of life and it’s schedules that we forget to do the things we love,
we’re so much fatigued that we aren’t in any mood to devote some part of the day to ourselves or to the things we state as hobbies, they’re just on our Bio. 50 more words