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Mostly I get pretty resistant and challenged when I’m asked to speak on “growing up Leary.” Over the years, I’ve learned to make friends with it and can probably let go any future attitudes around it. 56 more words


Mysteriously, our genetic code stopped evolving 3 billion years ago | Ancient Code

Source: Mysteriously, our genetic code stopped evolving 3 billion years ago | Ancient Code

An interesting article.  Does such a cessation in DNA evolution imply a teleological origin for our DNA and perhaps suggest that Timothy Leary was correct in the notion that our future possible evolution, both as physical forms and as a consciousness, are already present and awaiting an activation within our DNA?

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Rose from Leary

Rose from Leary is communication model. After loads of research the American psygologist Timothy Leary found a way to predict people’s reaction. The method gives you insight to make conscious choice’s in your conversations and actions. 248 more words
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The Beat Writers and the Psychedelic Movement | Musings of the Mad Artist

I really enjoyed this talk.I eat up anything I find on the Beat Generation. I grew up reading these guys and the speakers delivery is excellent…Enjoy…. 15 more words

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Jeff O’Leary: Breaking through a Competitive Market

The road to success isn’t always paved for you, but that’s not something you’ll have to tell Better Homes and Gardens Signature Service top producer and agent Jeff O’Leary.  35 more words

Timothy Leary Meme #01

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Raising issues. If its out there. & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect?
Not intending to hurt feelings. 19 more words