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How big is that paddock? What am I leasing?

Land leasing for market gardening is a tricky proposition.  You are leasing someone elses land, endeavouring to improve it beyond the condition you took it over in by adding fertiliser and treating it with sprays to drive out pests and disease.   493 more words

Campbell Tyson

We're Moving to Colorado - Again

Our first month in our first Colorado apartment had a 1-month lease with our landlord, Stephanie. She’d indicated upon our first meeting that she wasn’t sure about her overall status, the fate of her relationship with the boyfriend with whom she’d recently moved in, or what would become of the place we were renting from her. 288 more words


Summer Fun in Nakusp

This past weekend was spent in Nakusp, BC upon my two wheels and enjoying stories from folks who have traveled the world on their own two wheels. 199 more words


Leaseholder consents: understanding your lease terms

When completing the purchase of your new home, particularly where a property is held on a long lease instead of freehold, it is often easy to let the finer details pass by unnoticed as you focus your attentions on getting the keys and moving in. 880 more words


Of Nuggets, Details, Creativity and Sharing 

This summer has been hot, dry and pretty predictable. Good time for some pondering. We certainly get a wake up call when work picks up in late August after vacations burn off and folks head back into their routines.   1,263 more words

Commercial Real Estate

Escaping bad contracts - mission impossible?

The decision of the Supreme Court in a recent case [1] was nothing short of a financial disaster for the defendants. The dispute concerned leases of holiday chalets and the service charge provisions contained in them. 380 more words


A Partial List of Voices I Stole

The “Concerning Craft” series introduces Little Patuxent Review contributors, showcases their work and draws back the curtain to reveal a little of what went into producing it.

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Concerning Craft