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I’m signing a year lease renewal on my apartment. It feels weird to do that, every time.  But I have no plans of moving anywhere in the next year, and fiscally, it makes the most sense with my goals.  363 more words

Rental Property In A College Town

So you’re in need of housing

And you’re the budget-concious type, right?

Well I’ve got an arrangement

That will surely have you swipe right!

Now, first impressions matter… 127 more words


Do You Know the Real Cost of Renting vs. Buying?

Some Highlights:

  • Historically, the choice between renting or buying a home has been a close decision.
  • Looking at the percentage of income needed to rent a median-priced home today (30%), vs.
  • 38 more words
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What Owning Your First Car Teaches You

There are lots of things in life that we can put down as learning experiences, some of them are almost rites that we have to pass through in order to reach or potential as adults. 469 more words

Finance lease or hire purchase?

For many businesses, choosing between a hire purchase and a finance lease comes down to financials and accounting. With hire purchase, you normally have to pay the VAT up front, whereas with a finance lease you can spread the cost of VAT over the monthly payments. 36 more words

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Mariah Carey Spends HOW MUCH Per Month To Lease Her 90210 Mansion?!?!

By: Eric Donnelly

Mariah Carey is the ultimate diva so obviously she lives like a queen.

According to TMZ, she spends an INSANE amount of money each month to live in a palatial estate — $100K to be exact! 80 more words


Ways to Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

Cars – for many of us it is our best pal or first love and for others it is simply a matter obsession. Even a simple scratch in your buddy’s body would increase the tempo of your heart beat and would upset you too much. 551 more words