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Introducing Your Pets To The Leash

Introducing Your Pets To The Leash

It’s a known fact that pets hate being held most of the time, except when food is in the equation. 682 more words


Managing your child's fear of dogs

There are plenty of people – kids and adults – that have a fear of dogs. Whether it’s a bad experience or just an innate phobia, having a fear of dogs can really impact life, especially as a child. 938 more words

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The Most Effective Puppy Leash Training Strategy

Don’t get mad at your puppy when he tries to pull in the direction he wants to go the first time you start puppy leash training. 34 more words


here's to the dog

Here’s to the dog who transformed from a scared, skinny, reserved mess into a brave, athletic, playful son. When we first met you at the pound, we took you into the yard to see how you’d interact with us. 944 more words


Pet Treat & Leash Holder

“Shhhh, it’s time for a w-a-l-k.” Sound familiar? Whether you are the best friend to a dog or a cat, your buddy will love this leash and treat organizer! 35 more words