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Come Tethered, Lizard


Adorably chill in a life of pamperdom The event of being leashed like brother Dog is an unusual happening for Murph. 565 more words

2 things you shouldn't buy for a guinea pig

When we got Archy, the previous owner also donated everything he had for him. Food, pen, wood house… But also two objects that Ms M asked Little M to throw to the bin as soon as they arrived home. 219 more words

Guinea Pig

Mika and Her Kong Products

When my boyfriend and I got Mika, she came with a huge cage, leash and collar. That was all that she really needed when coming to be with us. 621 more words

American Bulldog

Leash Courtesy

My boyfriend and I were hanging out on a patio at a brewery when a guy let his dog off-leash in the sitting area.

Which would be fine.. 552 more words


If a dog runs in the woods, and doesn't post it on Facebook...

We woke up this morning to a very unpleasant surprise: my Facebook fan page had disappeared without a trace! Mom searched frantically for it, but it was as if it had never existed. 1,554 more words


The Miami Pack

Sedge and Shakes

The Book and the Traveler arrived at our house with their Miami pack in tow.  “Sedge” and “Shakes” surveyed us suspiciously, but the Book assured us that they’d be no problem at all.  695 more words

Out for a Walk

Walking my mind in the park
I whisper to her to behave
not to stray too far…or people will stare
She sniffs inspiration in a hedge…

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