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My dear cat, Argentée, age 15, outside for a long time for the first time this year (22-04-2018)

My dear cat, Argentée, age 15, outside for a long time for the first time this year (22-04-2018):

Isn’t she cute?


When & How To Exercise Your Weimaraner

When and how much exercise for your puppy:  3 exercises to efficiently wear out your Weimaraner

Weimaraner’s are a high energy pure breed dog.  Weimaraner puppies need exercise to stay healthy and happy.   736 more words


Tricks and Tips: Training Your Weimaraner To Walk On A Leash

Leash Training

Most Weimaraner puppies are not used to walking on a leash.  Make sure your puppy is wearing puppy collar all of the time with her name tag on it.   558 more words


5 Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

It’s getting hotter out there, and you know what that means! More sunshine, more swimming, more sand, snowcones and surf. With the hotter temperatures, it’s inevitable that you and your pup will be spending more time outside.  360 more words

Pet Health

Keep your dogs on a leash outside

It makes me very angry when I see pet owners walking their dogs without a leash; I those people who have “trained their dogs” to respond to their voice commands. 270 more words


Why? Why Kid Leashes?

The world is always changing, and we have to change with it. Different products and trends will change, and sometimes we need to adapt to those changes. 410 more words


Your dog is an a**hole

Maybe not everyone…but some people definitely think so.

Newsflash, dog owners: Not everyone likes your dog.

Dog owners (or guardian, caregiver, parent – whichever term you use), probably struggle the most with this concept. 666 more words