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The Beseeching Muse

The muse is preaching (begging, pleading, imploring) patience.

Yes, the four-legged, furry highness who sits on my hip as I toil away over “Oklahoma” is beseeching me not to sprint blindly to the now-in-sight finish. 55 more words


How to Train Your Dog Not to Bite the Leash | Stop Dog from Biting Leash

Strolling outside is habitually a high vitality, high boost for a puppy. In this manner, they will probably lose control and carry on, than when they are at home. 23 more words

Black Collar and Leash Review 

Are you looking to bring some bondage play into your sex life? Not sure where to begin? Bondara’s Black Collar and Leash would be a suitable place to begin this adventure. 254 more words


Sinful Sunday 322: Collar and Leash

This weeks Sinful Sunday image has been inspired by our newest bondage item. As the collar is secured around my neck, as I’m firmly kept in my place by the leash.



[her leash, my fist]

her leash, my fist
held in her tiny palm
my heart, forever


How to teach your dog to CALMLY walk on a LOOSE LEASH (part II)

This is the second part of my tutorial on walking your dog on a loose leash. In addition to teaching your dog that staying next to you is rewarding, you can take some measures to ensure that your dog remains calm and relaxed as you walk them.