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Watling Court bombard

Watling Court Bombard in the MoL (Photo: MoL Blog)

The Watling Court Bombard was found, oddly enough, in a dig at Wattling Court. The London Archaeological Archive… 214 more words

Early Modern

A Great Bottle - Chorley's - 10 to 11 October (lot 786)

Holly pointed this one out tonight and I had to embloggen. It’s the leather bottle that Baker talks about on p182 as possibly one of the bottles used to collect the wine tax on the Thames. 259 more words

Early Modern

Shouting at the Internet (again)

A friend pointed this one out on the Internet and I had to share it and my musings.

Lot 479

A Late 16th/Early 17th Century Leather Black Jack/Water Carrier.

304 more words
Early Modern

Three leather fire buckets at Cawdor Castle

Three leather firebuckets at the top of the main stairs in Cawdor Castle, dating to the eighteenth century, later emblazoned with the lst Earl Cawdor’s coronet and monogram. 68 more words

Leather Vessels

Cotehele House Leather Vessel Gallery

I give in. I’m only about 2/3 of the way through the Scottish National Museum photos and I just can’t face them at the moment. So working backwards from the end of the trip instead, here’s a gallery of leather objects from Cotehele House in Cornwall. 177 more words

Early Modern

Punch decorated Jack

I saw this one the other day and thought it made a great alternative for those who don’t want to muck about with paint. Obviously the punch work could have been done any time in the past 350 years but the letter forms and abbreviation are consistent with the restoration period through to the early 18th century. 73 more words

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81A5749 finished at last

Those that have been reading since April will no doubt be pleased to hear that I finally finished the Mary Rose Costrel 81A5749, and that is has been safely given to it’s intended owner. 109 more words

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