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Make a Shop Apron

Shop aprons are not as widely used as in the past.  I believe this is related to our modern view on clothing and how it has changed over the past century.  158 more words


Do people still buy books?

For a long time now I have been working on a book about leather craft, and have been slowly gathering content. Over the same time I have made a number of videos, posted them on you tube, which if I say so myself have been well received, some better than others but I now have a couple over 100’000 views, so above average. 179 more words


Boots and Spurs

No this is not the second hit by Brennan Huff and Dale Doback (warning explicit lyrics) from Prestige Worldwide, but a little update on some of the crafts we have been up to in preparation for the first proper weekends at the village in Murton. 842 more words


Makkin Belt

In the Shetland Islands, knitting is known as ‘makkin.’  Hence the name for my belt.  You see, most production knitting used ergonomic methods that allowed women (and men, and children) to knit quite quickly, with even tension, and allow knitting while walking or caring for family tasks.  669 more words


How to make a 'medieval style' possible pouch

During the Middle Age was common carrying small items like coins, keys, inside pouches or purses attached to the belt.
There are many archaeological and iconographical documents, you can search for your favorite patterns, but there is a model that in my opinion, is one of the best for a bushcrafter. 318 more words

Bushcraft Equipment

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Here is a great little instruction set on how to make a European Medieval-style belt bag. You see these in paintings and illustrations on just about every traveler. Not only will you come out with a nice bag but it is a fine and simple introduction into leather working and sewing. All makers need to start somewhere and this might be the right project.

Meet the Makers: Two Fairies and a Dwarf

We’ve got some great hand crafters at Gulf Coast MakerCon this year, among them, Two Fairies and a Dwarf, specializing in handmade leather and yarn goods.   183 more words

Gulf Coast MakerCon