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smacks head, walks away muttering...

It has been suggested that I would benefit from adult supervision. Less a life coach and more a babysitter. For instance, I walked around the house in circles this morning looking for my phone then realised I had set out to find a book. 181 more words

The Useful Man

We have scientific writers of several kinds, and their number is continually increasing; there is no harm in that, but their studies are mainly directed to form theorists capable of ordering workmen, but unable to put their own hands to the work. 1,182 more words

Historical Images

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Some thoughts on a "useful man" from 1852. Possibly the best thing I've read this year.

"The useful man would be the necessary link in the chain that ought connect the man of science and the daily workman, for he would lay one hand on the theory and the other on the practice, and would often take the place of the two."

Friday Shopping: Off to the Faire!

Faire season has started, and I’m excited! If you’ve never been to a faire, I highly encourage checking one out. Whether it’s a fantasy faire filled with fairies and wizards, or a medieval faire highlighting a historic period, they take you for a time to a different world. 222 more words


Make a Shop Apron

Shop aprons are not as widely used as in the past.  I believe this is related to our modern view on clothing and how it has changed over the past century.  158 more words


DIY Leather Masquerade Mask

Last weekend my 12-year-old daughter was invited to a masquerade dance with a few friends. She’s the kind of girl who lives in soccer gear, so we wanted to make sure she was actually excited to go. 946 more words


Do people still buy books?

For a long time now I have been working on a book about leather craft, and have been slowly gathering content. Over the same time I have made a number of videos, posted them on you tube, which if I say so myself have been well received, some better than others but I now have a couple over 100’000 views, so above average. 179 more words