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Lights off, shut the door!

Whatever I did in the last few days just did not work out the way I planned. Hiding the nicely wrapped birthday present for days in the office, writing card with emotional message, drawing my little new family under. 317 more words


Staring into oblivion 

Today, someone decided to tell me not to be angry. Now, most New Yorkers I know who have grown up there have had this resting bitch face before it had a name. 252 more words

Personal Issues

WTF is wrong here?!?

Ok, I usually rush through Walmart with my head lowered hurrying through grabbing what’s on my list to hurry the hell out of there and find comfort and safety in my car which I have parked to the very back of the parking lot to assure some jerk face asshole doesn’t bang his door into mine. 115 more words

Random Thoughts