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You All Talk Too Damn Much

Don’t assume that I
haven’t found love. Assume that
it’s not your business.

Original Poetry

leave me the Namesta alone

There are times in this journey it’s a challenge to express and describe exactly what’s happening within you and what you’re experiencing.  And often, even to those who are in your spiritual circle, closest friends and family members.  509 more words

Spiritual Writing

Interview: Hinds

Spanish livewires Hinds teach The Skinny about the effort, energy and attitude it takes to tour their debut album, Leave Me Alone

Some people struggle with first impressions. 1,532 more words


G-Poppers ... June 16th, 2017

 Jonathots Daily Blog


G-Pop welcomes all his children to the jungle called “today.”

It is possible to negotiate the experience as long as you avoid over-optimism or a nasty streak of pessimism. 445 more words


"Leave me alone" by NOW (FULL PV)

NOW released their single “Leave me alone” on December 24th. Here is the full PV!
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Debut: October 14th 2016… 51 more words



I wrote a poem once

and it didn’t rhyme

but instead kept time

like a rhythmic beat

and those who read it

and did not get it… 120 more words

Be Your Own Girl