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Bad moods (I want it to stop, it's not me!)

In the worst mood. The fact that other people exist is fucking me off. I just want to scream and shout and throw things and hit out. 89 more words

Mental Health

when you hate the world..

..medicine helps. various kinds, the ones OTC or the ones UTT.  you pay the same price.

OTC medicines are those that you could gain over the counter, to solve a simple headache or the one with prescription from your psychologist. 527 more words


Hard Working Americans, Hinds, and Mourn - Reviews

HARD WORKING AMERICANS – Rest in Chaos (Melvin): I guess the decision to muscle up the production stems from the realization that Todd Snider’s throat is on its way out. 285 more words


Hinds- Leave Me Alone (Album Review)

Slightly obsessed with the incredibly refreshing and captivating debut album from this quirky Spanish band!

The girl group, originally from Madrid, started off in 2011 as The Deers but annoyingly had to change their name after the Canadian group (The Dears) threatened to sue. 394 more words


Can you please let it go? 😢

Just let it go please. I’m so freaking scared and nervous. I don’t wanna feel this nervousness it’s like I wanna hide my existence from you for the rest of my life 😢 53 more words

Dear Diary

New Sam's Club Stores Let Customers Scan Purchases With Phone, Avoid Cashiers

New Sam’s Club stores have a useful feature for people who are in a hurry, or who dislike human interaction. Instead of taking your cart to a cashier at the end of your shopping trip, you can scan items with your mobile phone before putting them in your cart, then check out on your phone as well. 163 more words

Don't talk to me

It’s a rainy day in Pizzaville and I guess it’s got everyone down in the dumps. A perfectly good reason to ignore your colleagues on the platform! 273 more words