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Hinds – I Don’t Run

Proving their worth with frenetic energy, integrity and honesty.

Hinds arrived in Britain from Spain, a country where, to hear them tell it, they were all but ignored. 1,123 more words


I should make a sign.

I knew as soon as my eyes opened Saturday morning that it would be a low weekend. By low I mean my mood. Lethargic, grumpy, achy, and miserable. 700 more words

Unplugged Headphones: Leave Me Alone (Michael Jackson)

“Leave Me Alone”

We humans are by design “social creatures”. We thrive off of social interaction.

No man is an island. Each one teach one. No conversation can take place without a speaker and a listener.

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Once Again

It’s been a couple years since my stalker has tried to contact me. The other morning I received a request on Instagram from a fake account that just so happened to have his now girlfriends name. 28 more words


Illogical Opinions, Fanworks and Copyright Law

I have to say it: just face it, your unpopular opinion might be unpopular because it’s dumb and not based on logics and facts, not because it’s differing from the majority of people’s. 1,077 more words


The Joys Of Working With Idiots


And some foul language, since I’m pretty pissed off right now.

OK, I’ve been harbouring this resentment since pretty much….months ago.

And it all sort of reached a peak yesterday evening. 578 more words