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A Tale and a Tune

When I was growing up, my parents LOVED folk singers. This makes sense, of course, considering that they grew up in the 70s, when folk music was popular music and singer-songwriters were the celebrated troubadours of the day. 75 more words

Song A Day

I Like My Lipstick as Dark as My Soul

I am an “anti-social dreamer” as one of my long lost friend once told me. At 24, I hate crowded places and obnoxious people. My idea of real fun is some chili cheese fries, black leggings with a big ass shirt and some good old fashioned REALITY TV. 839 more words


Our Kids Have Cell Phone Radar

Why is that whenever you want to have a moment to yourself..I.E., check your Facebook, they know.  They know whenever I pick up the phone, it’s like a strange radar or something.   283 more words


boy i love you,

but i don’t miss you

Matters Of The Heart

Leave Me Alone!

Each month, the Chancellor selects a children’s book that she feels is inspirational and informative for the students, parents, and staff members who make up the City’s public schools. 387 more words


Getting rid of myself!

So, I have changed the name of the blog, the address, the theme, even my author name. Guess I am running away from my own self. 194 more words

Life ~ As It Happens

I want to be cuddled, yet I want to be left alone. Being crazy really is hard.