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Build a bridge and get over it! 

LOL at some people… Get on with your life. Leave me the fuck alone stop stalking me and stop looking at my blog. “He told me that I misspelled a word” lmfao. 48 more words


A helpful infograph about telemarketers.

Comic created by www.meettheintroverts.com

And please, PLEASE. Do NOT call 888-383-1222. You will only get scammed, and more phone calls.
This was your warning. 10 more words

Cobwebs In My Head

I’ve been feeling numb for a long time now. Drifting is the right word to describe this state. I have no desire for anything. Nothing pleases me in my new state of restless drift. 60 more words

So tired! ( ̄へ ̄)

Have you guys ever been so tired that no matter what your family says, you just want them to mind their own business and leave you alone? 70 more words

Bitter Time out for Adults

I’m getting a little tired of telling my kids to get to bed.  Tired of telling them to eat their ice cream for dinner and tired of telling them to shower once a month, tired of telling them to bring me the remote control over and over again.   681 more words


Just don't talk about my body

My body is mine. I know that other people can see it, but seeing is not ownership. Seeing what I look like and knowing what I think and feel are not linked. 296 more words