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Walt Whitman - American Poet

Walter Whitman (he shortened his name to Walt in 1855) was born on the 31st May 1819, on a farm called West Hills, deep in the lush countryside of Long Island, New York State. 1,746 more words


Walt Whitman Lives!

A literary figure came to life in downtown Duluth a few days ago. Walt Whitman made an appearance at the Zeitgeist Teatro Zuccone on September 12 in the form of a one-man show by… 359 more words

Northern Minnesota

Blurb’s the Word

In July of 1855, American essayist, poet, and all-around deep thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson picked up a book that some young upstart found the courage to send him unsolicited. 700 more words


The dissatisfied soul

The dissatisfied soul

Ever undiscouraged
the soul struggles
          grapples with the mystery
of all earth’s ages
          old and new
eyes and ears
but the soul ever dissatisfied… 22 more words


The way home

The way home is hard, narrow and treacherous; there are switchbacks, loose rock and steep inclines. “Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you. 6 more words

Keith Ashford

Leaves of Grass - A Special Edition

While looking for something to read next, I came across a signed copy of “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman published by David McKay (Copyright 1900). 784 more words

Long Island