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#21.5 Starting from Paumanok, verse 7

We are still reading Book II of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. Today I am reading Verse 8 of Starting from Paumanok. If you’re just joining me, start from Verse 1… 529 more words

Things To Read

In Defense of Collecting and Rereading

Written by John Calvin Pierce

I’m a book collector, and like many collectors, I don’t always read the books I end up with. At least a third of the books stacked on my shelf exist unturned and untouched. 542 more words



I was reading an article in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago, and came across a mention of a Walt Whitman quote, “I contain multitudes”.  1,218 more words



The nights are so long they seem to last several days. All along the streets, the trees have been strung with fairy-lights, golden and white. In the longdark, the streets pulse with light. 334 more words


This is What You Shall Do

I try to keep politics off these pages but, increasingly, I feel as if I live in an alternate reality.
The daily news confounds me. 301 more words


Ground In Love

Took a journey.

Heart blew wide open – disintegration.

Then, feet firmly on the ground, walking through a meadow in the woods, cream-colored grasses pigmented briefly by the setting sun, quarter moon on the horizon. 33 more words