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It was the first time I hear about Kanater Annaya restaurant when my friend The Coach Chicho told me that I am invited alongside a group of foodies to try their exceptional wide variety of Lebanese oriental cuisine. 1,018 more words

Lebanese Cuisine

FLAVOURS OF THE GLOBE: 10 Cuisines You Must Try

By Subah Bhatia.

Food, in today’s world, is the depiction of the culture of its origin, the flair of its chefs and the passion of its consumers. 1,013 more words


Genuine Lebanese food by Nazih's mom

I am feeling fantastic right now! Truly and blessfully happy! Why? Because I have been to Lebanon today. You would probably think that I am completely crazy as I do actually live in Lebanon. 596 more words


10 reasons why you should not visit Lebanon

1. You will be forced to speak to people all the time 

There’s one thing Arabs are really good at. Talking. Talk is cheap, and the Lebanese have taken it the next level. 789 more words


Weekend Eat Out: Zaroob

Zaroob is an award-winning restaurant that offers Lebanese street food and they have very recently opened up a new branch in Buhierah Corniche, Sharjah. On your drive into Sharjah, it’s very difficult to miss out this particular eat out. 276 more words


Ka'ak Al Manara-Mercato Mall

Thanks to Ka’ak Al Manara I was recently introduced to the popular ring shaped, sesame bread from Lebanon known as Ka’ak. They are as common in Beirut as bagels in New York. 554 more words


Abd El Wahab: A Ravishing Voice of Satisfaction

Abd El Wahab has truly lived up to its NAME!!!

it scored a 9/10 on the MUFT.

Yesterday, I was part of Zomato’s foodie meetup and I must say that this Lebanese Cuisine Restaurant is amazing on so many levels!! 505 more words

Lebanese Cuisine